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How Range Hoods Changed Kitchens

You may have never realized how the advent of the range hood changed the way modern kitchens are designed and the ways in which people use them. Imagine having to cook in a fireplace, with a chimney, with an enclosed stove and/or with a hole in the ceiling for ventilation. Thanks to the range hood, we as a society no longer have to resort to these options. We can cook comfortably and easily in an open kitchen with a range hood that extracts odor, grease and smoke from the air in our homes.

Kitchens have come a long way since their beginnings. In older times, kitchens were often both an important source of heat for the home and the environment in which food was prepared. The kitchen was often placed near the bathroom as well so that water could be transported to both rooms before the modern plumbing system was invented.

Food used to be prepared using an open fire, such as in a fireplace or a hearth. The smoke from these fires also warmed small homes. A hole was made in the roof so that smoke from the fire would exit the room. It wasn’t until Ancient Greece that kitchens were housed in separate rooms. Other cultures, such as the Ancient Romans, had public kitchens for various families.  As society progressed, the kitchen was often housed in the basement or bottom floor of a house. Servants would prepare the food for a family and bring it upstairs at meal times.

It wasn’t until the end of the 18th century that iron stoves, powered by wood and coal, were produced and allowed the use of a closed fire in the kitchen. Gas stoves later appeared in the early 19th century. The 19th century was also when water was brought into homes through pipes and a plumbing system. Eventually, people could cook in their kitchen with water, gas, and when we reached the 20th century, electricity.

The modern range hood came to be in the 80’s, allowing the kitchen to be further integrated into the home. This made it possible for kitchens to be open to other rooms without the risk of grease, smoke and odor being transferred from the stove to the living room, bedrooms or bathrooms. This advancement brought kitchens to more buildings, including apartment living, where ventilation was not possible at that time.

Range hoods literally changed cooking as we know it. They make it possible for people to properly ventilate the air in a modern kitchen. Without troublesome smoke and smells, the modern cook can prepare meals while socializing with guests in the living room, and the modern parent can cook while keeping an eye on children in other rooms of the home.

With the technological advances available to us, range hoods have made cooking more comfortable and convenient. Choose a new range hood today, and give yourself the opportunity to cook in a clean environment without grease in the air. Range hoods come in various looks and styles, and range hoods can be mounted from the wall, from the ceiling or under a cabinet. The right range hoods are also aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the look and feel of the kitchen décor.

Why Every Kitchen Needs a Range Hood

A proper range hood is crucial to providing the ventilation needed in a modern kitchen. Devices like range hoods make it easy to reduce the amount of unwanted smoke, grease, odor and heat that are produced in the air within a kitchen during cooking. Furthermore, range hoods keep a kitchen cleaner by removing these unwanted byproducts from the air. An efficient range hood is an invaluable addition to any kitchen.  

Moisture, heat, gases & smoke are controlled through the use of a range hood. Removing these elements from the air in your kitchen will reduce indoor air pollution, reduce conditions that lead to the growth of mold and keep your kitchen cleaner by filtering out unwanted grease. Additionally, a range hood can help control the amount of smoke and prevent the smoke detectors in a home and kitchen from going off unnecessarily.

Range hoods also contribute to a healthy life style by removing toxic and poisonous gases produced in a kitchen during cooking, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These are dangerous gases and carbon monoxide poisoning may cause memory loss, confusion, headaches, depression, vertigo and more.

In addition to improving the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen, a range hood combats undesirable smells of food and smoke that are left over after you prepare your meals. Without containment, these smells and smoke would travel and spread into other rooms in the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.

Range hoods keep the air in the kitchen clean through a system composed of an extractor hood, a fan, a filter and a duct. Range hoods come in a variety of styles and with different accessories. offers different shapes, sizes and types of range hoods so that you can pick the correct model for your individual stove and the model that best compliments the décor of your kitchen. Models and types range between the sizes of 24” and 72” and brands sold on include Spagna Vetro, Cavaliere, Rangemaster, Imperial Hoods, Whitehaus and Zephyr units.

Range hoods can be mounted on a wall or under a cabinet, or may hang over an island. In order to function properly, they must be installed near the stove. This makes them a great location for stove-top lighting with halogen bulbs and/or a wall mount light wiring harness kit. A range hood can also hang from the ceiling with the use of a chimney extension to provide ventilation where it is not possible to mount it on a wall or a cabinet.

A kitchen remodel or home improvement in the kitchen is incomplete without the right range hood. Different looks are available to match the individuality of each kitchen, including stainless steel and tempered glass. Moreover, the use of a range hood will increase the life of kitchen décor, which will stay cleaner and last longer when air pollution is regularly removed from the kitchen.

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