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Mother’s Day Recipes

Mother’s Day comes on Sunday this year and it’s almost here. Make plans ahead of time to give your mom the best day possible. This week’s recipes are dedicated to moms. Last week we went over 3 Slow Cooker Recipes to try out at home. If any of those recipes sound good to mom, go for it! Or, you can surprise her with the following food:

French Toast Kebabs from Martha Stewart

This Mother’s Day breakfast looks delicious and fun to make. It’s from the Martha Stewart website and was posted in BuzzFeed’s 21 Fun Foods to Make with Kids for Mother’s Day.

To make this breakfast treat, you will need vanilla extract, eight eggs, buttermilk, white bread, unsalted butter, salt, blueberries, bananas, raspberries and maple syrup. Don’t forget to add the powdered sugar and the skewers for constructing the kebobs. .

French Toast Kebabs

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Chocolate Strawberries from The Yummy Life

Chocolate-covered strawberries are some of the most satisfying desserts imaginable. They’re super easy to make as well. Monica from The Yummy Life goes through a very thorough step-by-step guide on how she creates these little bites of heaven.

You will need strawberries, chocolate chips (use a variety if you like), vegetable oil and oil-based food coloring. The food coloring has to be oil-based or it will mess with the consistency of the chocolate. Monica’s post also contains some excellent links to guides on how to melt the chocolate and how to melt chocolate in a slow cooker. She decorates her strawberries in chocolate, colored chocolate, colored sugar, mini chocolate chips, nuts, Oreos and more.

Make sure to store these in the fridge.

strawberry in choc

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Antipasto Salad from

On a warm day in May, an antipasto salad may be the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day brunch or a lunch. These salads can also be customized to mom’s taste in cheese and meats. posted this recipe in their 10 Mother’s Day Menus post.

Antipasto salad is colorful and kids can have fun stirring and tossing ingredients with dad. This salad includes Italian vinaigrette dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, celery, plum tomatoes, artichoke hearts, arugula, black olives, provolone cheese and salami. This can be served on its own or with a French bread or dinner rolls.

Antipasto Salad. Photo by Bayhill

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Oreo Red Velvet Cupcakes Your Cup of Cake

The last Mother’s Day recipe on our list is, of course, a dessert. Perhaps your mom prefers cake, or you can impress mom and make her both this and the chocolate strawberries.

This cupcake recipe from Your Cup of Cake uses a red velvet cake mix box, buttermilk, sour cream, eggs, oil, vanilla extract and lots of Oreos. The frosting is made of Oreo cookies, butter, vanilla extract, cream cheese and powdered sugar. You will also need to cover each cupcake liner with one Oreo cookie before scooping the cake mix.

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We hope your mothers enjoy; celebrate your mom and all she has done.

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Kitchen Tech Wednesday: Brieftons Spiral Peeler

This week’s kitchen gadget has a function that looks fun and visually interesting; it turns vegetables into swirly spaghetti. The Brieftons Spiral Peeler is for those who would like to add more vegetables to their diet while removing carbohydrates, like those in regular pasta.

Last week we talked about the Food Cycler in Kitchen Tech Wednesday: Food Cycler. The Food Cycler is a tabletop composter, which makes use of food scraps. The Spiral Peeler turns vegetables like zucchini, carrots and cucumbers into stringy pasta. The julienned vegetables can be used as pasta, salad or stir fry.

Brieftons advertises its peeler as stainless steel with Japanese blades that offer two different sizes for different cuts of vegetables. This handy tool can be purchased on Amazon for $19.95 with Amazon Prime free shipping. Most of the reviews on the product are positive. A few people had problems with vegetables being too soft for the blades. Overall, customers seemed satisfied.

This kitchen gadget comes with a brush for cleaning. It looks easy to clean and its small size makes it easy to store away. Brieftons says using the Spiral Peeler is as easy as sharpening a pencil. This fact, coupled with its small size, make it more appealing than other spiral peelers on the market, which are bulky and are turned with a hand crank. Also, the Spiral Peeler is not electric.

This little tool definitely appeals to those on the paleo and/or gluten-free diet. The paleo diet consists of proteins, produce, nuts and oils. The goal is to eat more like our Paleolithic ancestors, which includes cutting out processed and refined foods. The Spiral Peeler will definitely be helpful in pursuing this diet. You can use it to create pastas made entirely out of vegetables, versus using store bought pasta. According to Brieftons, the peeler also works on potatoes and apples.

Do you really need a spiral peeler to eat gluten-free, homemade pasta? Angela on Oh She Glows decided to go with a julienne peeler, which looks effective but also looks like it may take more time to cut through the vegetables. You can always go to the store and purchase gluten-free pasta, but this has more calories than vegetable pasta and requires a trip to the store.

Regardless of which spiral peeling method you choose, spiral peeling creates a fun way to eat vegetables. Even if you’re not on the paleo diet, it’s a great opportunity to reduce the processed foods you eat and to eat lighter meals without much effort. You don’t have to forgo that delicious pasta sauce to save calories! Spiral peeling vegetables also makes eating more fun for kids who don’t look forward to eating vegetables.

Have fun in your cooking adventures. If you’ve tried the Brieftons Spiral Peeler, let us know what you think.

Music for the Grill: Katy Perry

Every week we will be posting playlists to enjoy while grilling or while cooking in your home kitchen. Last week we brought you Music for the Grill: Lorde. This week’s pick is a playlist from the pop star Katy Perry.

Enjoy, and remember to turn on the kitchen range hood while cooking.

3 Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cooker recipes are some of the most popular because they’re convenient. You can leave the crock pot running and come home to a dinner that’s ready to eat! These are set it and forget it recipes that cook delicious sauces into your favorite cuts of meat.

Last week, we went over Light Recipes for Post Easter Feasting. This week we’re looking at some protein filled meals made in your trusted crock pot. Crock pot meals are great for creating on a Sunday afternoon, because you can pack the leftovers into lunch sized portions for the rest of the week. Or, start a crock pot meal in the morning and enjoy it when you get home from your busy day. Crock pot meals also deliver large portions, which is perfect for a family or someone who doesn’t like to cook every day.

Slow Cooker French Dip Sammies

This delicious looking sandwich comes from Shugary Sweets, written by Aimee. This recipe includes five pounds of beef rump roast, grill seasoning, garlic, onion powder, minced onion, beef stock, beef bouillon, garlic, pepper and 12 ounces of dark beer.

Throw these ingredients in the crock pot for eight hours. When done, slice or shred the meat and strain the au jus. Enjoy on French bread with your favorite cheese.

Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches. Perfect weeknight dinner recipe!

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Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

This fun and creative recipe comes from, written by Jen. This is a great food blog for those looking for affordable recipes. For this recipe, you will need to cook three to four pounds of pork loin roast, barbeque sauce, pork rub, and of course, Dr. Pepper for ten to 12 hours. Sodas and beer add an interesting flavor to meat. Try this recipe while drinking a bottle of cold Dr. Pepper. You can add a side of fries, vegetables, coleslaw, or whatever you’re in the mood for.


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Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken

This amazing looking chicken recipe is from Gimme Some Oven, created by Bet, Liz, Sarah and Ali. This chicken is cooked for four to five hours in a homemade teriyaki sauce. The ingredients include rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, honey, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, water, cornstarch and boneless chicken breasts.

When the chicken is done, remove the sauce and add corn starch. You can then pour it back on the chicken. Gimme Some Oven has some great recommendations for creating sliders with red cabbage and green onion. You can also make sandwiches or eat it on rice or quinoa.

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken + Crock-Pot #Giveaway |

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Crock pots are great tools to have in the kitchen. You can use them for endless ideas, including desserts. Try using it to roast a whole chicken or to create vegetarian soups. Have fun!

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