2015 Best Range Hoods

Kitchens exist to provide a level of functionality, but they can also be more than that. The best kitchens are not only supremely functional, but they are also decorative and aesthetically pleasing. They should be a place where friends and family can gather to talk, laugh and enjoy a meal together. A place that is comfortable, attractive, and promotes relaxation rather than stress. Range hoods can be one way to step up the style of your kitchen, and today we are going to discuss some of the best range hoods available in 2015, what makes them ideal, and what specific functions they serve.

One of our favorites is the Cavaliere B02CL-30″ Wall Mount Range Hood, displayed below:

Cavaliere B02CL 30 Wall Mount Range Hood

Features Include:
– 860 CFM centrifugal blower
– Dual four-speed electronic, touch sensitive control panel with LCD display
– Two 35W halogen lights
– Baffle Filter (dishwasher-safe!)
– 430 Stainless steel brushed finish
– Telescopic decorative chimney of variable dimension
– 6” round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
– Venting Mode: Duct

This simple, yet sophisticated range hood promises to compliment any kitchen with its sheik, clean design.  While the affordability of this range hood won’t break the bank, the quality and superiority of this stylish range hood will give your kitchen a beautiful makeover.

Cavaliere also features a wide variety of under-cabinet range hoods, so if you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to your range hood, these can be a fantastic alternative. You may simply not have the space or ability to add a quality wall-mounted or island range hood to your kitchen, in which case, we suggest the Cavaliere  Euro AP238-PS13-30 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood with a Remote Control, as pictured below: Cavaliere Euro AP238 PS13 30 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood with Remote Control


Features Include:
– Dual squirrel cage ultra quiet monitors
– 900 CFM centrifugal blower
– Four-speed touch sensitive electronic LCD control panel with heat sensor and                           remote control
– Unique Heat Sensitive Auto Speed (HSAS) function controls fan speed automatically
– Credit card-size wireless remote control system, operates the range hood from                         more than 20ft away.
– Delayed power auto shut off (15 minute pre-set)
– Two 35W halogen lights (GU-10 bulbs)
– Stainless steel baffle filter (dishwasher friendly!)
– Heavy duty 10 gauge stainless steel brush finish
– 8″ round duct vent exhaust

This under-cabinet range hood may be small, but it is also powerful and jam-packed with exciting features. The petite design of this Cavaliere range hood means that it should fit above almost any stove top, and underneath the majority of kitchen cabinets.  The small remote control allows you to easily move around the kitchen without constantly having to stop what you are doing to change the fan speed.

Spagna Vetro also offers some very high quality range hoods that have a slightly different design than our top-pick Cavaliere range hoods. We particularly like the Spagna Vetro SV198D-36” Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Glass Range Hood.  The glass feature makes this range hood look a step above the rest and gives it an air of sophistication that would compliment any home.

SPAGNA VETRO 36 SV198D 36 Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Glass Range Hood

Features Include:
– 860 CFM centrifugal blower
– Three-speed mechanical, soft-touch push button control panel
– Two 25W halogen lights (GU-10 bulbs)
– Aluminum multi-layers micro-cell dishwasher-friendly grease filter(s)
– Machine crafted stainless steel brush finish)
– 6″ round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
– Convertible to duct-free operation
– Telescopic flue accommodates 8ft to 9ft ceilings
– Tempered glass canopy

For a more rounded, and less bulky or sturdy look, this Spagna Vetro Range hood can be the perfect tool to incorporate into any kitchen. Whether your remodeling, or simply upgrading, this range hood promises to bring some grace to your kitchen.

Finally, Imperial Hoods can has something to fit every kitchen design with their wide ranging selection of range hoods. From the 1920E 20” Under Cabinet Economy Range Hood (pictured) below, to the illustrious C2030BP-8 30” Range Hood (below), Imperial Hoods promises to have an enticing variety of ventilating systems from which to choose.

Imperial 1920E 20 Under Cabinet Economy Range Hood

Features Include:
– 7 inch vent size
– Height 6″ inch / Depth 18″ (front/back)
– Requires one 40 watt halogen light (PAR 20)
– 115 AC, 60 HZ, 9 Amps suggested use with 15 amp circuits the range hood from                     – Rocker controls ON/OFF Power and light
– 1.5 (low) – 4.6 (high) sones

Imperial C2030BP-8 30″ Range Hood

Imperial C2030BP 8 30 Range Hood

Features Include:
– 8 inch Vent Size
– 18 1/8” inch depth (front/back)
– Center panel requires two 50-watt halogen lights (PAR 20)
– 115 AC, 60 HZ, 9 Amps Suggested use with 15 Amp Circuit
– Dual blowers
– Independent control of variable fan speed and lighting intensity
– 880 (CFM)

The Imperial C2030BP-8 30” is more than just a range hood; it’s an accessory to the style and experience of your kitchen. Expect plenty of compliments and questions on your range hood when you add this beauty to your kitchen design.

These are just a few of our favorite 2015 range hoods, but you can visit Range Hoods Inc for even more choices when it comes to finding the right range hood for your kitchen. Comment below to let us know what type of range hood you think will look best in your kitchen!

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