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How To: Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

This guest post is by Chelsey Wynn, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist, at Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Kitchens are often a room that the whole family visits several times throughout the entire day, so it only makes sense that it is a room that needs a little TLC to keep it looking great. Kitchen cabinets store all kinds of items such as cookware, dishes, cleaning supplies, and food, just to name a few. Avoiding everyday messes are nearly impossible, especially with small children.

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Below are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to keeping your cabinetry looking beautiful on the outside!

On the Outside


  • Clean spills and standing water immediately to keep from damaging the cabinetry. Pay special attention to areas around your sink, range, dishwasher, toe spaces, and baseboards. Use a blotting action rather than a wiping action.
  • Avoid extreme changes in room temperature.
  • Avoid extremes in room humidity. Too high or too low can cause the wood to warp or the glue used in applying veneers to loosen.


  • When cleaning your cabinets, never spray cleaner directly on the cabinet surface. Instead, spray cleaner onto a clean cloth.
  • Do not apply a damp cloth to your cabinetry.
  • Do not wipe cabinetry with a used dishcloth since it could contain traces of grease or detergents.

The outside is what everyone sees, right? Wrong! The inside is just as important to keep clean because it is used daily! Who wants to see beautiful cabinetry only to find a disaster inside?

On the Inside


  • Organize. Take the time to organize your cabinets/pantry in a way that makes sense (separate grains, can goods, snacks, etc.)
  • Use items such as baskets and other storage containers to separate items and organize.
  • Mark your calendar for a weekly quick cleanout of the pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator.
  • Use some type of shelf liner to protect the insides from moisture and other damage.


  • Don’t put away wet dishes. Make sure they are completely dry.
  • Don’t leave food items such as flour and sugar left open when storing. (Unless you want a few uninvited visitors!)

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While these cabinet cleaning tips sound simple, they are easy to over look and put off. By taking the time to keep the insides organized and the outsides mess free, your kitchen will be looking and functioning at its best!

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Chelsey Wynn, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist