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How to Plan the Perfect Pantry

It’s no secret that modern homes are placing an increasing emphasis on the kitchen.  Dining rooms are fading into history, and the kitchen is taking over, serving the dual purpose that both rooms once held. Kitchens are becoming enlarged and there is a greater importance placed on their sense of luxury and sophistication. The kitchen is now being examined as a multi-purposeful space where families and guests can spend their time. Some features of this new emphasis on the kitchen include carefully constructed designs and kitchen appliances that are made to accentuate the rest of the kitchen. Kitchens are being made larger because there is no longer the need for a dining room, and now that space can be designated to the kitchen. One aspect of these enlarged kitchens is the walk-in pantry.  Walk-in pantries are somewhat common for luxury kitchens and are not necessarily a new phenomenon, but what’s new is that they are now becoming commonplace in contemporary homes and even in some apartment buildings.

If you’re doing a kitchen remodel, or perhaps designing your first kitchen, we have provided some examples of the hottest kitchen pantries we’ve found. Some of these pantries require more room to work with, but we’ve also included a few smaller pantry designs for those kitchens that weren’t gifted with space and may not be looking to do a full remodel.

Decide on Your Pantry
It may sound simple, but deciding on the outline for your pantry is definitely the most important place to start. While kitchen pantries may sound relatively simple and similar, they can actually be quite different from kitchen to kitchen. What will be stored in your pantry? Do you want the pantry to enclose the fridge? What is the desired height for your pantry? What will the dimensions be? Will there be countertops or cabinets? These are just a few of the things to be considered when planning for your pantry. It’s important that you make the decisions before you start building, and with consideration to the rest of your kitchen in mind. What is the function of your pantry and how will it accentuate the rest of your kitchen? Let’s get planning!
RHI                                                 Photo Credit: Design Manifest

Try to Blend the Pantry
The best walk-in pantries don’t make a huge fuss, and they aren’t immediately obvious, either. While walk-in pantries certainly feel luxurious, and you might be tempted to show it off, it’s one of those things that can start to feel like its in the way after some time. The best way to indulge a walk-in pantry is to blend it with existing cabinetry, so that you have the additional space without feeling like there’s a small room within your kitchen that is just taking up space and making the kitchen feel smaller. Guests will marvel at the spacious room behind what they assumed was just a simple cabinet, when the pantry is blended the right way.

RHI1                                                            Photo Credit: Houzz

Create Accessibility
One thing that can dampen the aesthetic and organizational value of a walk-in pantry is difficult accessibility. If you have to squeeze between the island and the countertop to get to the pantry, the pantry door doesn’t open all the way because something is in its way, or the pantry is simply inconveniently located from the area in which the food will actually be prepped or cooked, the pantry may become more of a hassle than a convenience. If you are (re)modeling your kitchen area, make sure the pantry will be in a place that is convenient to store food and walk back and forth to put away groceries or gather the needed items for dinner. Just as regular kitchen cabinets are disbursed throughout the kitchen, so the pantry should feel like an extension of the kitchen rather than its own separate space.

RHI2                                                          Photo Credit: activerain

When You Don’t Have Space to Walk-In
So, what do you if you don’t have space to build out the kitchen for a walk-in pantry or you simply can’t afford to do a full remodel at this time? Pantries can still be inverted to provide more space than the typical cabinet, and you can also purchase stand-alone pantries for additional food storage. However, if you can invert the pantry even by a few inches, it could add to your overall sense of space and provide a quaint little storage area.

RHI3                                                 Photo Credit: livingdogtalkmusic

Otherwise, you can find some large, practical, and elegant stand-alone pantries that will do the trick, and create an ultimately more affordable solution for additional storage room in the kitchen. Stand-alone pantries will house a big majority of your household staples and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and layouts to fit your home’s needs with just the right touch.

RHI4                                                           Photo Credit: Ghar Expert

These are some ideas to get you started in planning the perfect pantry. Large, spacious kitchens will have more wiggle room when it comes to planning the perfect pantry. Choosing to remodel, or planning your first kitchen from scratch can be an exciting way to make sure you get the perfect pantry for your kitchen. However, if you don’t have the time or money to remodel, or you simply don’t care to go to the trouble, but you need the extra space, purchasing a stand-alone pantry can be a great way to get some additional storage room you need without the hassle or cost of remodeling.