3 Things Your Range Hood Is Trying To Tell You


What if I told you that your range hood could talk to you? Really. You just have to watch and listen. (And no, I’m not currently searching for those marbles I seem to have lost!)

Here at Range Hoods Inc, we spend a lot of time talking about why range hoods are vital to every kitchen. We’ve talked about how they improve indoor air quality and keep your kitchen just a little bit cleaner by collecting and exhausting grease and steam. But, here’s a question for you. Would you know if your range hood wasn’t working at its best?

That’s a really important question because, unless it stops working completely, you’d never know if it needs a tune-up or adjustment.

So, here are 3 signs to watch for. They will tell you more about how well your range hood is doing its job than you ever thought possible.

Getting smoky? If your eyes have started to water every time you stand over the hot stove, well… let’s just say that they’re not tears of joy over the fantastic meals you’ve been cooking up. It’s because your range hood fan isn’t sucking up and exhausting as much smoke, grease, and odors as it should. Do this:

  • Check your ducts. Once, I actually found that a bird had actually managed to build a nest where the ductwork met the outside wall!
  • Clean the tray and fan blades. Grease build-up can impair how well the motor works.

Too loud? You know your range hood. Has the sound of the motor suddenly become louder lately? Or maybe the sound level has increased gradually over a longer period of time. Do this:

  • Clean the motor.
  • Replace the motor if cleaning doesn’t help the situation.

Who turned out the lights? You push the buttons and nothing seems to light up or turn on. If the fan is still working, the problem could be the built-in circuit board. Do this:

  • Call in a professional. If your range hood is still under warranty, call the manufacturer. If not, contact a trusted appliance repair professional.

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