3 Tips on Making a Small Kitchen Look Larger

small kitchen looks larger

Tall condo towers seem to be sprouting up everywhere now, aren’t they? The beauty of living in a towering building is the spectacular view. Density is also a boon to the environment because more people are living in a smaller area which, ideally, should leave more land for other uses, like agriculture.

The only drawback is that most condo units are equipped with very small kitchens, barely enough room for a range hood, in fact. You don’t have the option of renovating to increase your unit, unless you buy the one next door! So, how do you go about living large in a small kitchen?

Focus on function. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all in a small kitchen. You can, however, maximize the room’s functional space. Begin by paring down your appliance collection. Donate whatever you don’t typically use. Beyond that, look for a fridge, stove, microwave, and any other appliance that are designed specifically for small spaces. These will usually be less bulky while still functioning as they’re supposed to.

Knock it down. Even in a small condo, knocking down a wall is entirely possible. Sometimes, all you need to do is remove the visual block to increase the feel and function of the space. Hanging cupboards on a wall is traditional, but not necessarily the best type of storage for a small kitchen. Heavy-looking wood cabinets that stick out from the wall only serve to make the kitchen look smaller. Choose open shelving, then neatly stack your plates, cups, and everything else you have.

Choose the right colors. Keep color schemes to a solid monochromatic look. Large patterns will only make the space seem even smaller.

Over to you: What have you done to make your small kitchen look larger?

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