Art of Board Energizes Interiors with Vibrant Artisan Tile

This guest post is by Art of Board.

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The best stories always begin the same way. They begin with where you were. But, what if it was the other way around? What if the place could tell the story? Art of Board’s one-of-a-kind artisan tile surfaces, textiles, and wall coverings do just that. Inspired by board sports and culture, they’ve redefined the interplay between the spaces we inhabit, and how they inhabit us.

Art of Board’s humble roots began in (founder) Rich Moorhead’s Pennsylvania basement. His “waste nothing” mentality led him to create a uniquely innovative product. It wasn’t long before Art of Board’s repurposed skateboard tiles began turning heads in the design community. Growing rapidly, Art of Board expanded to the West Coast.

Now, Art of Board is an international design brand that specializes in the design and collaboration of artisan tile surfaces, textiles and wall coverings for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential environments. They’ve transformed interiors for California Pizza Kitchen, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Google, Macy’s, Monster Energy and many other high profile clients.

Each tile is a one-of-a-kind
Art of Board surfaces tell a story. They embody the vibe and true soul of board culture. Discarded and broken skate decks are recycled to become one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artisan tile. Each tile comes alive with every scratch, gouge and worn graphic telling it’s own dynamic narrative. Art of Board mosaic tile surfaces are a riot of color and texture that are hard to forget.

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Their installations are infectiously rebellious and playful. They add a splash of hip informality in a world persuaded to accept dull, static environments as “good enough.” Their surfaces have the presence of a “center piece” even from the corner of a room.  They have this special ability to transform any space from an environment, into an experience. And, it’s that unique experience that stays with you.

Grinded and cherished by real skaters until the day they are retired. Art of Board’s Original skate tiles are the real deal. But, not all surfaces are created equal. They also offer stunning photo-realistic ceramic and porcelain tile with imagery of actual used and recycled skateboard decks. Allowing you to lock in the unique “Art of Board” experience, regardless of your specific vision or needs. And, true to cause, each earth friendly porcelain and ceramic tile is made entirely from pre-consumer waste. They truly are guilt free.

The I Ride I Recycle movement is it’s eco-friendly backbone
Its own grassroots skateboard recycling movement fuels Art of Board. I Ride I Recycle saves wood waste from landfills and empowers the community that gives Art of Board life. Used and discarded skate decks are donated rather than trashed. In return, Art of Board supports skate and surf-related charities, local shops and parks. 

And the cycle continues.

Even though they have designs all over the globe, Art of Board does not let their international status cloud their principles. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They are honesty, integrity and proof that AUTHENTICITY IS NOT DEAD.

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