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Top BBQ Party Tips!

april 26

Even if you live in the coldest, snowiest part of the country, it’s grilling time!

Head outside to that outdoor kitchen and fire up the BBQ. We have some pro tips to help you get the most from your grill.

  1. Plan on noshing on some stellar appetizers while you’re grilling. Eating in the great outdoors is fun and a great way to connect with the natural environment.
  2. Invest in a range hood over your BBQ. Releasing all that smoke into the natural environment is not the problem. Breathing in a lungful of smoke, however, is something entirely different. An outdoor range hood will draw up all the grease, smoke, and fumes and direct it away from you and your guests.
  3. Turn up the volume on your favorite tunes… and maybe invite the neighbors so they don’t complain!

Most of all, relax and enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

Have questions about which range hood would be best in your outdoor space? Give us a call!

Music for the Grill: Kelly Clarkson

Congratulations, Kelly Clarkson, on being a new mom. Enjoy some music from the pop star and American Idol winner while cooking on the grill this summer. See the video below, and remember to turn on the range hood while grilling.

Music for the Grill: 50 Cent

50 Cent just released a new album, Animal Ambition, last week. He is also releasing a new album in September. In preparation, here are some songs from Animal Ambition to listen to while grilling your favorite summer foods.

Don’t forget to turn on the range hood while grilling. Keep it safe!



Music for the Grill: Katy Perry

Every week we will be posting playlists to enjoy while grilling or while cooking in your home kitchen. Last week we brought you Music for the Grill: Lorde. This week’s pick is a playlist from the pop star Katy Perry.

Enjoy, and remember to turn on the kitchen range hood while cooking.

Music for the Grill: Fire Songs

While you fire up the grill, listen to some classic songs with “fire” in the title. Don’t forget to use your outdoor range hood while grilling or your range hood kitchen vent while grilling on the stove top.

Fire Songs Playlist:

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

Light My Fire – The Doors

Firehouse – KISS

Fire – Arthur Brown

Fire & Ice – Pat Benatar

Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Fire – The Pointer Sisters

Jump Into the Fire – Harry Nilsson


These songs may take you back to another time. Enjoy!

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