Covering the Range Hood

To each their own; not everyone has the same taste when it comes to kitchen décor. That’s why there are infinite options for designing and decorating your kitchen range hood. Some people prefer a simple, traditional look and will simply buy a wall mount range hood, under cabinet range hood or an island range hood and install it in their kitchen. These range hoods look great and are constructed of brushed stainless steel. Alternatively, some people like to spice things up and personalize their space. That’s why some people choose to install a range hood and cover it with an exterior or an apron.

You may choose to do-it-yourself and create your own range hood exterior. Others choose to purchase a custom built one. Either way, you will still need to purchase the actual range hood. There are different mounting styles to choose from in order to accomplish this task. An insert liner range hood is an excellent choice and the most common if you know you are going to cover the range hood with an apron. These models are typically smaller in size, come in a flush shape, two tiers or pyramid shape and cannot be seen at eye level. Also, the controls for these range hoods are underneath the model and cannot be seen. Wall mount range hoods, under cabinet range hoods and island range hoods can all be hidden as well with the right decorating, use of wooden panels or cabinetry.

If you were just to cut a hole in the wall for duct work, install the range hood and everything was visible after mounting your range hood, it just wouldn’t be appealing and the kitchen would look unfinished as a result. Some home owners will prefer the range hood to become a focal point in the kitchen or the focal point of a wall. Hiding the range hood in unique cabinetry or an apron that stands out with the use of design and color can accomplish this. Range hoods can also be covered using wood and molding. Molding, similar to a mantle, will also create a ledge where more decoration can be placed, such as recipes, photos or decorative plants and plates.

Trends in covering range hoods include aprons made of copper, range hoods covered in wooden panels with decorative trim and range hoods covered in wood and flanked on each side by pop-out cabinets for storing spices, cooking sprays, etc. These pop-out cabinets can run all the way down to the counter beside the range.

Covering the range hood yourself or hiring someone to do it can give you a lot of freedom and options. You can cover the range hood in wood and paint and stain it to your liking for a custom look. This is even possible with an island range hood. Make sure to use materials that are resistant to heat, grease and steam. A range hood exterior will be a personal addition to your kitchen that stands out, and you’re kitchen will be one of a kind.

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