Don’t Remove The Range Hood Chimney!

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Some range hoods make the decision easy. They just don’t come with a chimney. Of course, all range hoods must be attached to ductwork. Otherwise, they won’t do the work they’re supposed to.

The question we sometimes receive is whether the lower part of the range hood chimney can be used without the upper part.

Chimney-style range hoods are a popular choice. They are certainly the most powerful when compared to other styles of range hoods. They can absorb steam, grease and odors effortlessly. They also fit in with a number of different kitchen styles, whether it be modern or traditional. Depending on the finish – copper, stainless steel, glass or wood – a chimney-style range hood will look fabulous for a long time.

Occasionally though, homeowners may run into spacing issues. Trying to fit a larger chimney-style range hood into a small space isn’t always easy or possible. If you’re thinking that the upper chimney piece can be removed to better accommodate the space, the answer is no. The two chimney pieces are really meant to work together so that the fan can remove as many cooking fumes and odors as possible.

However, I recommend speaking with one of our Support Team or a general contractor to work out a way to have the range hood that you want or one that’s very similar.

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