Home Remodeling Discussion with Rhino Design Build

Range Hoods Inc spoke with Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build, on home remodeling topics, such as making a home more energy efficient and room additions.

Rhino Design Build is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and specializes in general contracting, including kitchen and bathroom remodels, energy-efficiency, room addition and home remodeling. The company is described as a “one stop shop” for construction needs.

Rhino Design Build

Continue reading for insights into the company and the home remodeling industry:


Range Hoods Inc: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Danny: I like the creative process and seeing the completed project. I also enjoy receiving creative input and feedback from our clients. I’ve also enjoyed working on homes in order to increase functionality; for example, I’ve worked on making homes wheelchair accessible and it’s very rewarding. I enjoy seeing the quality of life of my clients improve with the increased functionality of the home.


Range Hoods Inc: What is the benefit of tankless water heaters and why do you install them?

Danny: We install tankless water heaters for two reasons. First, they are more energy efficient, and secondly, they take up less room. Clients who want more space generally ask us to install them.


Range Hoods Inc: What does your company offer your clients?

Danny: We are a general contractor company. We do everything in the realm of construction, including custom homes, second story additions, residential kitchen and bathroom remodels, garages, commercial construction and federal work.


Range Hoods Inc: What does Rhino Design Build offer in terms of energy efficiency for the home?

Danny: Again, a tankless water heater is more energy efficient than others on the market. To save energy, we also recommend installing two by six walls in place of two by four. This allows us to increase the amount of insulation in the walls and make the space more energy efficient for heating and cooling. I also recommend installing more insulation in the attic of the home. Lastly, I recommend low flow toilets to my clients to save on water.


Range Hoods Inc: For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, can you explain what a mother in law suite is?

Danny: A mother in law suite is an addition to a home for a mother and/or father when they move back in with the family. It can be attached to or detached from the rest of the home. When the economy crashed, we started seeing more demand for these additions as families began to move back in with each other. It’s a way to add more space to accommodate the additional family members. Mothers and fathers may move in with the family due to old age or injury as well.


Range Hoods Inc: How does your company stand out from the competition?

Danny: We pride ourselves on our customer service. Many contractors out there conduct their business outside of their truck. We’re very professional and presentable. We place value on doing what we say and saying what we do.

Rhino Design Build has been in business for 10 years and prides itself on dedication to customer service, integrity, honesty, dependability and reliability. For more information, visit http://www.remodeling-sanantonio.com/.

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