How Range Hoods Work Part Two

In How Range Hoods Work Part One, we introduced the varying features of range hoods and covered CFM, sones, speed, size and height. To review, CFM (or cubic feet per minute) describes the power of the range hood and sones describe the noise level. Different range hoods work at different numbers of speed levels and come in different sizes and heights to fit your needs. All of these features vary between models. In this article we will cover chimneys, filter types and lighting.


The chimney in a wall mount range hood or an island range hood serves the purpose of covering up the ductwork and giving the range hood a streamlined look. Additionally, your range hood may need a chimney extension on a wall mount range hood or an island range hood if the range hood’s chimney does not fit your ceiling height. For example, you may purchase a wall mount range hood with a chimney that fits a nine foot ceiling, but your home may have a 10 or 11 foot ceiling. This is a simple compromise.

Chimneys make it possible to hang an island range hood from the ceiling and over the stove top. As a result, the island range hood becomes a major focal point in the kitchen.


There are three different types of range hood filters, including aluminum, baffle and charcoal. The type of filer used depends on how the range hood ventilates or circulates air in the kitchen. A ductless range hood functions with the use of charcoal filters. These range hoods filter air and re-circulate it back into the kitchen. Alternatively, other range hoods with ductwork use aluminum and baffle filters to filter air outside of the home.

-Aluminum mesh filters are used in range hoods with ductwork. They are easy to clean and most are dishwasher-friendly. Be sure to clean your filters on a regular basis, or they will become clogged with grease, to ensure that your range hood works effectively.

-Baffle filters are used in range hoods with ductwork and need to be cleaned periodically in the dishwasher or the range hood won’t be able to filter air as effectively. Baffle filters trap grease created from cooking.

-Charcoal filters are used in range hoods that are ductless and filter air and re-circulate it back into the cooking space. Unlike aluminum filters and baffle filters, charcoal filters need to be replaced from time to time.


Most range hoods come with cooking lighting installed. You simply need to use the right type of light bulb with the light socket. This makes cooking easier because you are able to see the stove top better. Most range hoods use halogen light bulbs that will need to be replaced when they go out, just like any other light.

Range hoods may sound complicated at first, but it’s simply a matter of learning what all the different features and functions do. Range hoods are the reason we are able to use a kitchen that is attached to the rest of the home in modern times. They are an excellent form of ventilation to protect our health and our environment and they come in various forms and styles so you can add some creativity to your kitchen space. Check out for more information.

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