How To Find Replacement Parts For Your Range Hood

august 9

Oh no! You’re fabulous range hood is in need of a little TLC. No problem. You’re not going to have any problems bringing your range hood back to top working condition.

Our range hoods are made of top quality materials. You shouldn’t have any problems with any of the parts for a very long time indeed. Like most appliances, eventually some of the parts may need to be replaced. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Replacement parts are easily available. You just need to call our Parts department with your model number, and we’ll help you out.

Typical parts that you might need to replace after years of use might be the grease filter, charcoal filter, or halogen bulbs. Any of these can be obtained from us. You just need to give us a call. You might even find them at your local hardware store as well. If you find you need any other parts, we have those, too, and we can also help with the installation.

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