How To Host The Perfect New Year’s Party


Of all sound, of all bells … most solemn and touching is the peal which rings out the Old Year. Charles Lamb

Planning on hosting a New Year’s Eve bash this year? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you make it a dress-up or dress-down affair, a kitchen party or a whole house do, hosting a party doesn’t have to be stressful at all. In fact, after a year that brought you both good and bad, you deserve to have fun at your own party. Follow these tips, and I have no doubt that both you and your guests will have a wonderful time.

Pick a theme. If you and your guests can afford it, go for an old-fashioned masquerade ball. Just as fun as Hallowe’en minus the ghosts and ghouls. Guests can have fun creating costumes from budget materials, like craft store boas, or from stores that sell ready-made family costumes.

Consider doing a gift donation or exchange theme party. If you and many of your guests received gifts that no one wants or can’t use, ask them to bring them along to the party. Anyone can take the gift they want, and any remaining gifts can be donated.

Keep food and decorations to a minimum. After a holiday season bursting to the brim with Christmas and Hanukkah decor, it’s nice to simplify for a New Year’s Eve party. String up some white lights and place a few well-chosen plants around the house. Other than that, keep the focus on friends.

To save on stress and cost, invite friends to drop in later in the evening … after they’ve eaten. It will be your task to provide light snacks, drinks, and lots of fun.

Plan a group activity. Rather than relying on friends to mingle, why not organize a board game even or plan to head out together to a local New Year’s Eve count down in your city? Even better, you can make your party a pot-luck. Ask everyone to bring their best dish, and you’re bound to have an amazing meal.

Make alcohol secondary. Yes, we all like to clink the glasses when the clock strikes midnight. But, the cost of that alcohol might have you second-guessing your desire to host a party in the first place. There are, luckily, a few different ways of handling that situation.

Consider a BYOB situation. Everyone can bring along whatever they would like to drink. This idea not only saves you money, but it ensures that everyone is happy.

If you really want to provide drinks for your guests, consider stocking your bar with some basics. Have a few bottles of sparkling wine, a bottle of rum, vodka, and gin. Stock your fridge with juice, water, and soda pop.

Remember above all that paying attention to how much your guests drink is your responsibility. Make sure you’re prepared to invite (or insist!) your guests to stay over if they’ve consumed too much to drink. Have a taxi company’s phone number readily available, too.

Have a wonderful and very happy New Year!


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