How to Install a Range Hood

First, ensure you measure your kitchen for the installation of your new range hood. You do not want to order the wrong size and slow down your remodel or upgrade. You want to make sure that everything will work together and harmonize and avoid mix-ups and having to reorder. Also, you may need to fit the range hood between two cabinets and will have to buy the right size for this.

Note, you should follow the installation manual that came with your specific range hood. The following article includes general instructions and an overview of range hood installation. Each kitchen hood from different manufacturers may be different and require different steps.

Additionally, before you start drilling holes in your walls, it is important to be aware of the existing electrical wiring and gas lines in your personal kitchen. These are most likely already present, and you do not want to drill or make a cut through a gas line or electrical wiring for your kitchen and have to replace them.

If you are replacing an older range hood, remove it first. Don’t forget to disconnect the wiring. If you are replacing an older hood, you may be able to reuse the previous wiring. The first step in installation of a range hood is to install the vent. Some hoods vent air through the wall and some vent air from a cabinet. You can temporarily mount your hood with small screws so you can mark the space you need to cut out for the vent. You will also cut a hole for the wiring.

Take down the temporarily mounted range hood. If you are sure that nothing is blocking you from cutting through the wall to the outside, drill holes to create guidelines. Make your cuts with a handsaw for cutting drywall, and you will have a hole for the vent and a hole for the wiring. Place the duct through the hole. You may need to seal it using caulk.

Turn off the electricity before installing electrical wiring. You can now mount the new range hood with the help of one other person. Depending upon the model, you may need mounting brackets and drywall anchors. One person can hold the range hood on the wall while the other person places the screws and/or other mounting hardware. Install the light bulbs and range hood filters.

You are ready to test out your new range hood after double checking nothing is blocking the vent. Turn the electricity back on and test the hood. Turn on the fan and the lights to see how they work.

Have fun cooking with your new range hood. Remember that the range hood is essential to the proper ventilation of the kitchen, which is important in reducing indoor air pollution. You don’t want nasty smells, grease or smoke invading your home and damaging the interior of your kitchen. You can now cook easier and breathe easier in your home with a working range hood.

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