How to Make a Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

You love cooking, and you never feel more comfortable or at home as you do in the kitchen. Increasingly, however, you’re becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of room in your kitchen, and your beginning to feel that it’s putting limitations on your creative genius.  While you may not have the time, finances, or physical space to expand and renovate the whole kitchen, there are a few simple tips and tricks that work wonders in helping to give off the sensation of space in the lack thereof. Follow these guidelines for ideas on how to give yourself a larger kitchen on a low-budget, low-maintenance plan.

Lighter and Brighter
White is an open and airy color that often gives off the impression of space. White that flows seamlessly from the floors, to the counter tops, up to the cabinets and through the ceiling will give your kitchen a light and spacious appearance. Contrasting colors that stop and start and bounce from one section of your kitchen to another make your kitchen seem cramped and cluttered, forcing the eyes to wander back and forth between all of the varying colors. Natural lighting accentuates the bright and flowing color schemes, giving the kitchen the impression of space.

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Through the Looking Glass
Obtaining more space in your small kitchen is all about tricking the eye. Making small changes to your kitchen, especially when you have looked at it one way for some time, can open up the space and make a world of difference. One way to achieve this is by exchanging solid cabinet doors for see-through glass.  Cabinets that bulge out from the wall and stand as solid blocks of space often make a kitchen seem smaller. Replacing your old cabinet doors with solid glass can trick the eye and give off an appearance of greater space than actually exists.


Shiny is Better
Remember when you were a child, and you automatically assumed that something shiny was valuable and worth picking up? Well, in a cramped kitchen, this rule still applies!  If your kitchen has under-cabinet space, fill up that space with a mirrored wall – even though you know your kitchen hasn’t changed sizes, your eyes will see the space through the mirror and automatically signal a wider space to your brain. The same goes for the rest of the surfaces in your kitchen. A dishwasher with a stainless steel finish, see-through cabinets, shiny tile floors, and glossy paint, can all have a mirror effect on your kitchen, making it seem like you just gained a few extra feet of space.


Miniaturize the Furniture
Does your kitchen have a large dining table that fits your own family, plus a few guests? Exchanging large furniture for slim, bare-minimum furnishing can add a lot of space to your kitchen. Unless you host a party full of guests every other week, consider a sleeker table set, a rolling island, or a multi-functional bar. The additional space from cutting back on furnishings will be a renovation in itself.


Consider a Wall-Mounted Vent Hood
Depending on the placement of your stove, one way to increase space in a small kitchen is to divide cabinet space with the use of a slender wall-mounted range hood. The break in bulky cabinetry can give the appearance of more space, and the chimney of a slender range hood can make a small wall space feel much larger.


Invert Your Storage
A big problem with small kitchens can often be that there is not enough cabinet space to satisfy basic cooking and food preparation needs. Kitchen utensils and dishware left out in the open take up counter space and make an already small kitchen look cluttered and chaotic. If you’ve stuffed your cabinets full of items, and still find yourself in need of more space, try inverting the walls to add additional space. This will not only give you more storage room, but add to the spaciousness of your kitchen.

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Whether your kitchen is hardly big enough for standing room, or you simply want to make some room, these simple measures can give your kitchen a makeover that will leave you feeling like you just received a brand new kitchen. Tell us which option you think will work best with your kitchen’s design!


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