Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can provide space and functionality to a kitchen area. It is also a palette for creativity and design because it can be extremely customizable. Kitchen islands with a cooking surface bring cooking to the center of the room and off of the wall.

Storage & Convenience. A kitchen island can provide the storage shelves, cabinets and space you need for those pots, pans and cooking utensils without a home. They are also a great spot for smaller kitchen appliances and mixing bowls for use during food preparation.

You can also use a cart in place of a kitchen island, unless you need an island with a cooking surface. Kitchen carts are convenient for this purpose because they are mobile, generally less costly than a custom kitchen island and can be moved from home to home. They are helpful in smaller kitchens and in apartments because they are compact. A larger kitchen space may call for a utility table, which will increase counter space and create more elbow room for food preparation.

Some kitchen islands go above and beyond with cool features and add-ons, such as sinks, cooking surfaces, and/or built-in wine refrigerators. Other custom kitchen islands include refrigerated drawers so you can pull out produce and put it straight on the cutting board.

Aesthetics. The kitchen island you choose can drastically change the aesthetics of your kitchen. There are countless features and styles for kitchen islands, including building material, countertop material, cabinet doors and amount of counter space. one popular trend is to recycle wood to create the counter top for the kitchen island; these counter tops are sturdy and have a lot of character and personality.

You can play around with aesthetics by adding bar stools to the side of your kitchen island to create another area for eating. Kitchen islands with stove tops and bar stools create a great space to socialize with your guests or your family whenever you’re cooking.

Let your imagination fly and consider tackling a do-it-yourself kitchen island project; you’ll be the one in control creating the kitchen island of your dreams.

Island Range Hood. Depending upon the kitchen island you go with, you may want to install an island range hood. If you have a cooking surface on your island, then you will definitely want an island range hood. These hang from the ceiling for kitchen ventilation and a chimney covers the ductwork. If you have taller ceilings, you can purchase a chimney extension. The island range hood will accomplish the important job of removing grease, smoke and undesirable smells from the kitchen while you’re cooking.

The island range hood should be the width of the cooking surface with additional space on each side. Island range hoods carried on include those from Spagna Vetro, Cavaliere and Imperial. Styles come in both more traditional looks and more modern designs. More traditional models have the classic hood look, while other models are curvier and come with tempered glass canopies. Call 1-800-914-9775 today if you have any questions about island range hoods on

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