Kitchen Lights Make An Impact

kitchen lights

If there’s any room in the home that needs special lighting, it would be the kitchen. That one room fulfills so many different functions. Office space, family space, eating space, cooking space – there’s no way that one overhead ceiling light fixture is going to provide enough light for all of those different activities. Spot lights are the way to go. Like the lights on a range hood (that I always turn on when I’m cooking), lighting that’s aimed directly toward the space in which you happen to be working is best.

Pot lights are now a common and obvious choice for kitchens. Usually, they’re on different switches and dimmers which allows you to operate just those lights that shine solely on the space you’re working in.

But, there are other options, too.

chandelierCombine ceiling pot lights with an accent chandelier over the eating area. This is an especially great idea if your kitchen features a little breakfast nook. The whole nook can be designed in a different way – with its own color scheme and style – and a unique light fixture accents the special area.

pendantAs I mentioned, ceiling pot lights are all the rage. But, if you’re not quite into that look, pendant fixtures are the way to go. They’re super functional because they direct light exactly where you need it, and they come in a nearly infinite variety of styles and colors to suit your taste and decor.

track lights

Believe it or not, track lighting did not disappear with the 1980s. It’s back, and better than ever before. Stylish and modern, track lighting has the advantage of allowing you to literally direct the light in the direction you want it to go. The fact that it’s installed into the ceiling doesn’t limit its ability to move.

Over to you: What’s your favorite type of kitchen lighting?

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