Kitchen Tech Wednesday: Fun Kitchen Gadgets

Today we didn’t want to talk about just one kitchen gadget; today we’re talking about a whole smorgasbord of kitchen appliances that make cooking fun. If you haven’t, check out our last kitchen tech blog post: Kitchen Tech Tuesday: Selia Motion-Sensing Faucet from Pfister

First on the list is an appliance that doesn’t just cook food; it will leave a message on your food for you too. What can’t a toaster do nowadays? This toaster, designed by Sasha Tseng, will toast a piece of bread and transfer a message onto it. Just write your message on the top of the device like you would on a 90s magnetic drawing board. Best of all, leave someone a reminder to get something done in the morning.

Next we have a myriad of cute tea infusers. If you aren’t a tea drinker, you may not know that a tea infuser is like a re-usable tea bag for brewing loose leaf teas. They come in all sizes and shapes, including rubber duckies, sharks, whales, robots, submarines, Death Stars, dinosaurs, etc.; you name it. Make sure to check these out so you can add some style to your next cup of tea.

If a tea infuser isn’t your thing, try a mug with a tea infuser built-in. These are great for when you want tea on the go or when you don’t want to bother with washing the infuser. This has everything all-in-one for you.

Who wants to eat boring cookies? We sure don’t. That’s why we’ve searched the Internet for these fun cookie cutters. Take a bite out of a ninja, or ironically, out of a zombie. These 3D space cookie cutters from Think Geek make cookies that you put together into a space ship. Make a space ship right before dunking that cookie into a glass of cold milk.


Are you disappointed yet again and again by your pizza cutter? Don’t worry; pizza scissors are here to make the perfect cut in your pizza pie! Avoid mess and frustration with a pair of scissors with a connected, non-stick spatula. Pretty soon you’ll be a pizza cutting guru.



If you love cooking, but you’re sick of looking up measurements every time you break out a recipe, then a cheat sheet apron may be what you need. These have common cooking conversions, substitutions and tips and tricks printed on the apron. It doesn’t get more convenient than that. It’s also printed upside down so you can flip up your apron and read it while wearing it.

Next up is a Corn Kerneler from Amco. It’s not super humorous, but it just looks cool and funny to us. It sounds really useful though; just press it straight down the ear of corn to remove the kernels. The kernels go into the holder, and it’s dishwasher safe. Grill some corn and try it out.

Lastly, we have the Banana Handle! Whoever thought of this may be our favorite person. This silicone banana will keep your hands safe from hot pan handles. It’s made for both humans and chimpanzees.

At Range Hoods Inc, we believe cooking should be fun. Enjoy life in the kitchen.

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