Monthly Pick – DIY – Unexpected Uses For Coffee In The Kitchen

coffee grounds

Happy National Coffee Day!

I am a coffee aficionado. I own no fewer than five different types of coffee makers. You can well imagine that I end up with a fair bit of leftover coffee, either in liquid form or as used grounds. The area I live in has a composting program, so waste isn’t a huge concern for me. Those grounds will get composted into garden material that residents can buy back from the city.

But, I do like to find other uses for things, if possible. Coffee, in liquid or grounds, is perfect for that. I’ve seen recipes where potatoes and whatnot can be cooked in a coffee maker! That’s sure helpful on those nights when you just don’t feel like turning on the range hood.

Here are a few more ways to make use of whatever leftover coffee or grounds you might have:

Fridge Deodorizer. Place unused coffee grounds in a bowl. Then place the bowl in your fridge. The grounds will soak up all the odors swirling around the inside of your fridge. Toss the grounds out after a couple of days, and replace with fresh grounds.

Skin Cleanser. Mix a few tablespoons of coffee grounds with a few drops of coconut oil until a smooth paste forms. Rub the mixture gently on your skin then rinse.

Hand Deodorizer. Keep a cupful of used coffee grounds near the kitchen sink. The next time your hands smell of the onion or garlic you’ve just chopped, rub a bit of grounds over your hands then rinse.

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