Monthly Pick – The Island Range Hood

April 19

Honestly, whoever designed the first island range hood deserves a medal. I love them. I love the freedom they allow. If you’ve got one, then you know the advantages they allow. You can cook and face your friends and family. You can prep and cook in the same area without having to cart those chopped onions across a distance.

Island range hoods, if you haven’t already guessed, provide a huge amount of flexibility in today’s kitchens. It can create a hub of activity around one area where everyone gathers to talk, cook, and eat. This style of hoods works as well as any other ducted hood. The key (again like all hoods) is to install it properly.

If there’s any potential drawback to an island range hood, it’s that your contractor may have to install more ductwork along the ceiling to ensure that fumes, odors, and grease are ducted to the outdoors. Adding more ductwork and cutting into more ceiling can end up costing you more. Make sure you talk with your contractor about all the details involved in installation before you begin.

Give us a call if you have more specific questions about island range hoods. We love talking to you!


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