Old-Style Kitchen Sink

There is a certain mystic beauty to all things classic, and this by no means excludes kitchens.   Rustic kitchens or cottage kitchens are popular for their reflection of old country homes, which are often seen as warm and friendly places.  One aspect of an old-fashioned kitchen that can really impact the overall kitchen is design is the sink.

Traditional or modern kitchen sinks can damage the style of your kitchen, yet old-style sinks can often be difficult to find, and even possibly hard to imagine unless you grew up with the type of sink you have in mind. If you want something to enhance the style of your kitchen, yet don’t want something truly ancient, it can be difficult to know where to look. Here are a few examples of old-style kitchen sinks that will give your kitchen modern comfort with all the undertones of the old fashion.

The farmhouse sink is one of the most popular styles for antique kitchen designs.  It does not have the usual divider that contemporary sinks utilize to separate the garbage disposal from the regular drain. Instead, try adding a strainer to the bottom of your sink and disposing all other waste with the other household trash.  Another option is to utilize the single drain as a dual garbage disposal and drain.

SinPhoto Credit: plumbingsupply.com

 The farmhouse sink can be either casual or highly sophisticated based on the specific needs of your kitchen. Materials can range from plastic to porcelain and hold an array of colors and designs.

Photo Credit: plumbingpartsplus.com

An alternative to the farmhouse sink is a trough-like service kitchen sink such as the one below. Made from a stainless steel finish, this design promises to provide a unique touch to your kitchen.  Sitting atop white cabinetry, this stainless steel sink is definitely a focal point in this classic rendition of an old-house kitchen.

Sink1Photo Credit: Jimnastikhareketleri.com

Finally, this 1920’s vintage sink is always a lovely addition to any old-style kitchen. While its design may not work in any kitchen, it will certainly give your kitchen that classic, old-style feel you’re attempting to recreate.

Sink3Photo Credit: cnbhomes.com

Did we miss your favorite classic kitchen sink model? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us about your own experience with old-style kitchens!

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