Pro Tips: How To Hire A Great House Cleaning Service

April 11

It’s that time again, folks. It’s time for Spring Cleaning. Here’s your opportunity to throw open the windows, haul out the cleaning equipment, and scrub, scrub, scrub at those areas that have been neglected up to now.

Are you one of those rare individuals who love cleaning? I must admit that I love the result of cleaning. That sparkling, fresh house is really something to behold. The elbow grease … well, not so much.

If you’re celebrating Passover, cleaning at this time of year takes on special meaning. Scrubbing down the kitchen, in particular, is a necessary first step to celebrating the season. Although traditionally it was all about sweeping out every last trace of yeast, now, many people take the opportunity to wash away all the dust, dirt, and grime that has built up over the winter.

The fact is that many of us just don’t have the time to really do a deep cleaning. So, here’s the perfect opportunity to hire in some help. Check out our tips below.

You charge how much? Cleaning services typically charge an hourly rate. Some will visit your home to determine how many hours and how many employees they will need to properly clean your home. My advice to you is don’t skimp. Hiring a cleaning service may seem like a crazy way to spend a few hundred dollars. But, you can split the cost in different ways if you need to. For instance, have a cleaning service come in for just one hour. While the cleaner is working on one part of your home, you can clean the other part.

Let the company know if you have any materials in your home that require special treatment, like stucco range hoods or cork flooring.

Have you come up with ways to save when you hire cleaning help? Share your tips!

Safety and security first. Always, always, always ask the cleaning service 3 very important questions.

First, ask them if they conduct background checks on their employees. The lion’s share of cleaning service workers are extremely trustworthy. But, it always pays to check.

Second, ask them if their employees are bonded and insured. That little legal bit ensures that if anything is broken or damaged, the cleaning service company will cover the cost.

Third, ask them if they offer worker’s compensation. Cleaning can be strenuous, and our homes are definitely places where accidents can happen. A cleaning service company that carries worker’s compensation will be able to cover their employees needs in case they are injured. Otherwise, you (the homeowner) will be liable.

Gather the right cleaning equipment. Ask the cleaning service if their employees will bring their own cleaning solutions and equipment or if you need to provide all of that for them.

Feedback. Afterwards, remember to contact the company to give suggestions or feedback on how the cleaning went. The company should be open to receiving any comments from you – good or bad – and building on that information.

Got a pet? Most of us are very protective when it comes to our pets. We worry about our pets getting into toxic cleaning supplies or escaping if a door is inadvertently left open. We should also be thinking about how our pets react to strangers in our homes. If possible, keep your pet contained during the cleaning.

What do you get for your money? Perhaps most importantly is the question of what services are included in the fee. Will the cleaners focus on one or more floors? Will they mop and vacuum? Make sure you ask about these details so that you won’t be disappointed.

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