Q&A: Does The Duct Size Matter

july 14

Now, here’s one of those important questions that can get bog one down in numbers and measurements. The reason is because the ductwork that connect the range hood to the outdoors must be accurate.

If you pair ductwork that’s narrow in diameter with a big, industrial-sized range hood, you’ll immediately notice that your new range hood just doesn’t function like it’s supposed to.

Grease, odors, steam, and fumes will settle within on your kitchen’s walls and ceilings instead of being drawn up and out of your home. So, without getting too focused on numbers, let’s just say that the ductwork must match the size and power of the range hood.

Most range hoods require a 6” or 8″ opening to the outside. If you don’t have access to outside, you have to use our Ductless Recirculation Kit. Read the manufacturers recommendation before buying. If you choose a range hood that requires 8-inch ductwork, but your previous range hood only required 6-inch ductwork, you may find yourself embarking on a little, unexpected kitchen renovation.

Have questions about which size is right for your kitchen? Give us a call!

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