Range Hood Filters

Filters are used in range hoods to remove unwanted particles from the air in your kitchen and reduce indoor air pollution. Cooking without the range hood, or a range hood that is too dirty to function properly, can expose you to unnecessary and possibly harmful amounts of smoke, grease, odors and gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Also, filtering dirty air in your kitchen helps keep your cooking equipment and expensive cabinetry cleaner.

The type of filters your range hood runs off of will depend upon whether or not your range hood vents air to the outside of the home or if you have a ductless option. Additionally, the filters you choose by depend upon your concerns regarding how the filters look in your kitchen. For example, especially if you have an island range hood, which is more visible, you may worry about people at your home seeing the filters.

Aluminum filter – Aluminum grease filters for use in kitchen range hoods are sometimes composed of multiple layers. They look like a tray of mesh and need to be cleaned over time. It’s best to create a routine in which you clean your aluminum grease filters periodically. The aluminum filters from RangeHoodsInc.com are dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to clean. Make sure they are dry before putting them back in the range hood.

Baffle filter – A stainless steel baffle filter will provide a different look. The troughs make the filters look less obvious and help them blend in with the overall look of the range hood. This creates a professional and elegant aesthetic. Our baffle filters are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice that will last a long time.

Charcoal filter – Charcoal filters are used in ductless range hoods that do not vent the kitchen air to the outside of the home. As an alternative, ductless range hoods filter the kitchen air and let it back into the kitchen. This method is not as effective, but it’s a good option for those who cannot install ductwork in their residence. Perhaps you live in an apartment, or rent your home, or simply prefer the ductless option. Either way, charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and reused like aluminum grease filters and baffle filters. You will have to replace your charcoal filters after a certain period of time as they become full of grease. You may also want to clean the casing for the filter, which are often made of stainless steel.

RangeHoodsInc.com offers stainless steel baffle filters, aluminum filters and charcoal filters for your kitchen ventilation needs. Stainless steel is resistant to stains and rust, which gives the product a long life and keeps it looking great. Additionally, our products are ETL listed and certified by Interek for compliance with safety standards for electrical and gas products in North America to assure you that the products in your home are up to code. Contact us to order additional filters or if you have questions about your current filters.

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