Range Hoods And The Sloped Ceiling Dilemma

Photo: DecorPad.com

Some of our customers own older homes in which the kitchen walls may not be exactly straight and tall. We find that many older homes built before the 1970s were designed in ways that were meant to economize space. So, you might find that a kitchen is not only small in square footage, but also that one wall or ceiling is actually sloped! So, the question is how might the homeowner possibly install a range hood in that kind of situation.

Believe it or not, installing one of our range hoods under a sloped ceiling is entirely possible. Like any older home, though, certain challenges are bound to arise. But, with any challenge, we can also find a solution. The most common method of dealing with a sloped ceiling is to build a soffit box. The box need only be large enough to allow the range hood to be securely mounted. Or it can be built into the kitchen’s overall design. Some people will install a large soffit over a stove set into an island to provide a visual divider separating the cooking area from the dining area. The best advice I can give you is to check with a professional contractor before you begin installing your range hood.

You can also call our fantastic Support Team if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help you out!

If your kitchen sports a sloped ceiling, let us know how you dealt with it.

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