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What’s Your Range Hood Style

june 30

If you’ve ever been in the kitchen of an older home, you’ll notice that either there is no range hood or the range hood that is there is an under-the-cabinet type. In other words, range hoods from years past (if they were there at all) weren’t much to look at.

Now, however, kitchen designers and other artists have begun to see this necessary kitchen appliance as an open canvas. That’s a great development on the one hand. On the other hand, it can present a bit of a dilemma. You suddenly have tremendous choice when it comes time to pick out a range hood for your kitchen.

Here’s what our experts suggest:

Choosing the right range hood can be like selecting the right outfit; it’s a matter of personal preference and style. Your kitchen ventilation range hood will likely be one of the focal points in your kitchen, making it one of the important design elements. When deciding on a design, take several things into consideration, including whether the rest of your home is traditional, contemporary or even rustic. The best shape for the hood’s performance is the pyramid shape hood, as it helps with the suction.

Here’s where you can get even more tips:

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Which range hoods do you love?

Monthly Pick – The Kitchen Remodel – Use The Whole Wall

kitchen wall storage solutions

Most of us don’t have those massive kitchens that magazines like to feature. You know, the ones where the island is 10 feet long and features a stylish glass and copper range hood a few feet away from a stunning, modern chandelier.

Most of us are dealing with what I like to call an economy of space. In other words, a small kitchen in which nearly everything we might need in the course of a day or week or year needs to be stored, in which practically every meal needs to be prepared, and in which family members need to sit, talk and enjoy each others’ company.

So, the challenge is how does one go about shoehorning all of that in a small space? The answer, I’m pretty sure, is, the walls. Any wall space that’s not already taken up by cabinets can be used for storage. Yes, art on the walls of a kitchen is vital. To look at something beautiful as you sip your morning cup of whatever-gets-you-going contributes to a general feeling of positivity and well-being. Ok, I have no scientific proof of that. But, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Whether you have a little wall space or a lot. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Storage Racks of any style or size make perfect holders. Try to find ones with shelving brackets if you’re worried about stuff falling off. It’s a great place for loose papers, pens, spice jars that don’t fit into those pre-sized spice racks, and any other odds and ends that require a home.

Photo: houzz.com

I love this Indoor Wall Garden concept. You really don’t need a lot of space for it, and garden centers typically sell everything you need to make your own. The one pictured can be found at Williams-Sonoma.

Photo: houzz.com

Check out Pottery Barn, Lowe’s, Staples or any other store that sells Heavy-Duty Shelving. Just because a product is sold as a tire holder for the garage or a file holder for an office, doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed to hold bowls, serving dishes, or tablecloths and placemats.

Photo: houzz.com

Photo: houzz.com

Over to you: What great buys have you found for your kitchen?


The Artsy Kitchen

kitchen art

Pity the poor kitchen. There was a time (and maybe that time still exists in some homes) when the kitchen was just a one-purpose room. It’s where we prepared our meals, ate our meals, and cleaned it all up. Then we’d leave. We’d go to the TV room, outside … anywhere but the kitchen.

There seemed to be no room (or use) for art in the kitchen. After all, once all the cabinetry and appliances are installed, there’s typically very little space left for art.

Luckily, that way of using the kitchen has changed in recent years. Now, homes are designed with large kitchen-family room combinations. Or, even if they’re small, the cabinetry, countertops and appliances point to an interest in color and innovative elements.

The kitchen is no longer a utilitarian space. It’s become a place of comfort, beauty and joy.

The latest trend is to load the walls and any other available surface with art. Sculpture adoring a corner floor space or a series of framed prints lining a small area on the wall by the fridge, take a good look at your kitchen (even if it’s very small). You may be surprised at how much art you can fit in.

The answer to what kind of art works in a kitchen is completely subjective. Family photos, abstract paintings, unique pieces of kitchen hardware, even recipe cards all make interesting visuals in a room that most of us tend to spend a lot of time occupying. Why not fill it with beautiful things?

Wall of Art

kitchen art 1Even a small area of wall space can function as a kind of a gallery. Make sure prints, paintings or textiles are placed in matching frames. Intersperse framed art with words painted directly on the wall and unique pieces of kitchen hardware, like a decorative spoon holder.

Utensil Art

kitchen art 2A lot of kitchen hardware manufacturers are creating items that are both useful and artful. The Alessi design house is particularly conscious of bringing art and fun into the kitchen, as is OTOTI.

Accent Art

kitchen art 3Sometimes you just don’t have the space to hang anything at all on the wall or stand a sculpture on the floor. Space is really at a premium in small kitchens. Despite that challenge, bringing art into that room is still entirely possible. Focus on purchasing a few accent pieces, like artfully-designed chairs or unique cabinet handles.

Tell us how you bring art into your kitchen!


These Kitchen Gadgets Are So Much Fun!


I’ve been through a few kitchen renovations and have actually managed to come through each one with sanity intact. Well, I guess some people would question that assertion, particularly those who know the reasons behind those renovations. You see, on one or two occasions, I’ve launched a renovation simply because I needed more space for my gadgets and appliances.


Photo: Dash

I suppose I could sit myself down and work out the difference between wants and needs. Do I really need that Dash single waffle maker? I mean, how long would it take to make a batch of waffles with a little gadget like this anyway? Hmm, but it’s so cute! In any case, my family of three absolutely loves it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I know that owning one does not qualify as a need. But, it does qualify as a very strong want. And that’s almost like a need, right?

Oh, I do love shopping for gadgets, and I know I’m not the only one with this particular fascination. Designers have been applying their skills to improving the way our gadgets and appliances look and work for decades. Alessi, OTOTO and Propaganda are among those design houses leading the trend. Now, we’re lucky in that we don’t have to hunt down exclusive shops in order to see some of these products. Many of them are sold at most kitchen stores.

“Don’t eat the cherry pits! Cherry trees will grow in your stomach.” Did your mother ever give you that dire warning? Well, now you can pit cherries the fun way. Check out this Cherry Chomper by Talisman. I so want one.

Photo: Talisman Designs

Photo: Talisman Designs

Talk about marrying form and function. Alessi designed this beautiful juicer. I have to say that I bought one a few years ago, and I still use it often. It doesn’t separate the seeds from the juice. But, if you don’t mind that, it really is a thing of beauty and a conversation starter, too.

Photo: Alessi Designs

Photo: Alessi Designs

Have you seen any new and fun gadgets? Tell me about them.