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Monthly Pick – Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry

May 23

I’ve flipped through so many kitchen design magazines lately that feature kitchens with minimal cabinetry. Sometimes, the entire top row of cabinets is gone in favor of a large window, an art-filled wall, or a professional-grade range hood. Sometimes, open shelving has replaced the cabinets.

That’s all well and fine, except for one thing. I like cabinets. I like upper and lower cabinets, and I like cabinets with doors that close. I’ll be the first to admit that dust settling on the items stacked artfully on those shelves is unappetizing. The thought of having to regularly dust those shelves … and the stuff stacked on them … makes me turn and run in the other direction.

As for no cabinets at all … well, that’s never going to happen in my kitchen. I like to have a lot of stuff hidden away behind those doors. I can’t imagine getting rid of the plates, glasses, mugs, and servingware that I use on a fairly regularly basis (and that are stored in those upper cabinets) just to clear a wall.

I know that the idea behind removing cabinets is to make a small kitchen seem larger and airier. But, I’ll take small and stuffy if it means keeping my storage areas.

There are lots of ways to achieve a modern, fresh, and spacious look without ripping out have the cabinetry. Getting that look relies entirely on properly designed cabinets. So, to that end, let’s take a look at the top kitchen cabinet trends!

Light. Bright. Minimal.

Paint cabinets with light or bright colors and keep the ornamental fill to a minimum.

Photo: House Beautiful

Dark works, too!

Use light colored accents on walls, and a light colored countertop to counteract the heavy feeling of the dark cabinets.

Photo: hgtv.com

Mixed designs.

Don’t feel you have to go all traditional or all modern. The most stunning kitchens are often those that deftly melt diverse elements into a workable whole.

Photo: superiorcabinets.ca

What style of cabinets do you love?

Extreme Kitchens

Extreme kitchens are interiors that make your jaw drop. They’re like nothing anyone has ever seen anywhere else. Why not take your kitchen to the extreme with these inspirational ideas and design choices?

Range Hoods with Style

In Top 5 Crazy Looking Range Hoods and Top 5 Crazy Looking Range Hoods Part 2, you’ll see range hoods that look like sculptures or lighting fixtures. These designs give a new meaning to the word “hood.” Bring creativity and elegance to the kitchen with designer range hoods like these that will make your kitchen design pop.

For example, in the photo below, you can see how the Sopresa Vertigo Double from Best Range Hoods looks like metal artwork, but it is in fact a working kitchen range hood.

Bring Nature Inside

It looks like someone built this kitchen around an existing tree. It would be relaxing to be so close to nature while cooking family meals and creating memories in the kitchen. Add some potted plants and this will feel like an outdoor kitchen.


Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45528646203974286/

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

This unique wine rack brings an industrial and “steam punk” look to the kitchen. This piece would look great in a bachelor pad. The style adds a custom look to the kitchen.

Whoever thought up this #wine rack #design is pretty creative! What an interesting way to #recycle old materials to create something new and #beautiful.

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/385620786816111940/

SkidawayPipeWorks on Etsy offers a similar feel with its one-of-a-kind kitchen pot and pan holder design. This “industrial modern décor” is outside of the box and handmade.

Kitchen Pot & Pan Holder Hanging Pots and Pans Industrial Modern Decor

The photo below is another example of an industrial, modern kitchen with one-of-a-kind pieces. It looks like the bar stools may have been created with reclaimed materials. The oversized lights fit well into the design and frame the kitchen island.

Open shelves, instead of upper cabinets, give a small kitchen in designer Ken Fulk's Napa Valley house an airy feel. The shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry is made from old fencing. Vintage truck springs, used as stools, were found at Artefact Design & Salvage. Fulk spotted the vintage industrial pendant lights at the Paris flea market.<br />

Photo Credit: http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g1493/unique-kitchen-designs/?slide=9

Fearless Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can create a “wow factor” in the space. Choose lighting with flair and style that complements your kitchen décor. Lighting designs share the impressive visuals of artwork and sculptures; these are visuals that will distinguish your kitchen from others like it.

Photo Credit: http://designindulgences.com/2011/03/27/glammed-out-modern-indulgences/

Go Extreme with Color

This designer made a daring move with a bright blue color for all of the cabinets but it pays off. The cabinet color matches well with the flooring. Meanwhile, the large range hood exterior makes a big, fabulous statement.

Photo Credit: http://www.houseofturquoise.com/2014/07/sawyer-berson.html?crlt.pid=camp.mTfSeCGbwX5k

Just Around the River Bend

A river sink takes kitchen sinks to a whole new level. One way to make use of a river sink is to fill it with ice to keep drinks and/or food items cold while entertaining. The look will also create a beautiful and impressive presentation. Perhaps a river sink can also be used to wash a lot of produce at once. The river sink design creates a curve that the eye wants to follow along the counter.

a river sink! can also be filled with ice for parties..cool for kitchen island. I want this in my dream home;)

 Photo Credit: https://homes.yahoo.com/news/creative-curved-river-sinks-flow-countertops-151652787.html

Draw on the Walls

Make your kitchen your own and write on the walls. Create a chalkboard wall using chalk paint. You can create shopping lists and notes. Let out your inner child! The kitchen below also has a chic black and white color scheme that allows the chalkboard wall to fit in subtly.

Parede decorativa, onde você pode anotar recados e ainda prática! Você pode colocar os utensílio mais usado no dia a dia para complementar a decoração.

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/372813675376196396/

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create fearless and extreme kitchen designs!

How To: Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

This guest post is by Chelsey Wynn, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist, at Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Kitchens are often a room that the whole family visits several times throughout the entire day, so it only makes sense that it is a room that needs a little TLC to keep it looking great. Kitchen cabinets store all kinds of items such as cookware, dishes, cleaning supplies, and food, just to name a few. Avoiding everyday messes are nearly impossible, especially with small children.

Well Born Photo 1

Below are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to keeping your cabinetry looking beautiful on the outside!

On the Outside


  • Clean spills and standing water immediately to keep from damaging the cabinetry. Pay special attention to areas around your sink, range, dishwasher, toe spaces, and baseboards. Use a blotting action rather than a wiping action.
  • Avoid extreme changes in room temperature.
  • Avoid extremes in room humidity. Too high or too low can cause the wood to warp or the glue used in applying veneers to loosen.


  • When cleaning your cabinets, never spray cleaner directly on the cabinet surface. Instead, spray cleaner onto a clean cloth.
  • Do not apply a damp cloth to your cabinetry.
  • Do not wipe cabinetry with a used dishcloth since it could contain traces of grease or detergents.

The outside is what everyone sees, right? Wrong! The inside is just as important to keep clean because it is used daily! Who wants to see beautiful cabinetry only to find a disaster inside?

On the Inside


  • Organize. Take the time to organize your cabinets/pantry in a way that makes sense (separate grains, can goods, snacks, etc.)
  • Use items such as baskets and other storage containers to separate items and organize.
  • Mark your calendar for a weekly quick cleanout of the pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator.
  • Use some type of shelf liner to protect the insides from moisture and other damage.


  • Don’t put away wet dishes. Make sure they are completely dry.
  • Don’t leave food items such as flour and sugar left open when storing. (Unless you want a few uninvited visitors!)

 Well Born Photo 2

While these cabinet cleaning tips sound simple, they are easy to over look and put off. By taking the time to keep the insides organized and the outsides mess free, your kitchen will be looking and functioning at its best!

To learn more about cabinetry, go to www.wellborn.com.

Chelsey Wynn, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist


What is an Insert Liner Range Hood?

An insert liner range hood performs the same functions as a normal range hood. Other types of range hoods include wall mount range hoods, under cabinet range hoods and island range hoods. The insert liner range hood is an option that can be hidden in decorative cabinetry. Furthermore, an insert liner range hood cannot be seen by someone at eye level. The cabinetry or exterior hides it from view.

Performs the Same Functions:

-The range hood vents smoke, grease, smells and harmful gases from the kitchen air and reduces indoor air pollution in the house. The air is vented to the outside of the home. Range hoods accomplish this with the use of a powerful fan.

-Range hoods provide light from halogen light bulbs to light the cooking surface for convenience. Some people also choose to use the lights as a night light for the kitchen at nighttime.

-They also reduce the chance of a kitchen fire occurring by removing grease and smoke from the air. If too much grease builds up, it can supply a fire with more fuel. A range hood also removes heat from the air.


-The controls for the insert liner range hood are located underneath the hood and cannot be seen. Like on other range hoods, the controls allow the user to choose fan speed, the brightness of the lights and the ON/OFF functions.

-An insert liner range hood is smaller in dimension in order to fit into unique cabinetry and exteriors. They come in a wide array of sizes and widths for different situations.

-Insert liner range hoods come in different shapes for fitting them into different styles of cabinetry and exteriors. Some of the shapes are flush and have a low profile; other shapes are more like a pyramid or are constructed of two tiers. The shape will determine what type of exterior it can be used with. For example, a decorative hood exterior could be placed on a pyramid shape hood, while a low profile range hood would fit flush against the underside of a cabinet.

-These types of range hoods give you more options while redecorating or designing a new kitchen. With an insert liner range hood, you can choose to completely hide the range hood and make the cabinets look more streamlined. Your kitchen will also look more modern and contemporary with a decorative exterior hiding the range hood. Additionally, some homeowners find their cabinetry does not allow them to install an under cabinet range hood and find the insert liner range hood to be a good option in place of one.

To learn more about insert liner range hoods, you can flip through the product pages on RangeHoodsInc.com and choose the range hood that best fits your needs. Features to consider include dimensions (width and depth), shape, style, CFM or airflow, lighting, dishwasher-friendly stainless steel baffle filters, noise level, speeds, dual blowers and the one-year limited factory warranty. You can browse Imperial and Cavaliere insert liner range hoods on the website.