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How To Install A Range Hood Chimney

april 24

Many of the range hoods we sell come with the option of a chimney extension. Newer homes tend to be built with 9 foot, 10 foot, or taller ceilings. If you’re purchasing a range hood that is mounted under the cabinets, then the height of the ceiling really doesn’t matter. All that changes when you are trying to fit a range hood over an island or you plan to wall mount it. In that case, you’ll need to add a chimney extension onto the range hood’s existing ductwork.

Take these steps first.

  1. Before choosing your perfect range hood, make sure you measure the ceiling height accurately.
  2. Measure the height of your stove. Most stoves are standard height. Some though, are taller or shorter. You’ll need to know how tall it is in order to get the next step right.
  3. Measure your range hood. This step sounds unnecessary. But, a range hood needs to be installed at a particular height above the stove (check the manufacturer’s suggestion). That measurement will help determine how many chimney pieces you’ll need.

Need more help? Give us a call! We’ll help you do the math for your own kitchen.

Q&A: Can A Range Hood Be Installed Without A Chimney?

august 17

Range hoods come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Those without chimneys tend to be mounted under cabinets. So, they do tend to take up less room. But, they also feature a less powerful blower motor. Range hoods with chimneys are certainly the best at removing particles and odors effectively. But, sometimes, the chimneys can pose a challenge in terms of the space available in a kitchen.

The short answer is yes, a range hood can be installed without a chimney. However, it’s important to understand that if it is installed without a chimney, some of the parts, like the ductwork at the top of the hood for the exhaust, will be visible. It really depends on the look you’re after. Ductwork can be hidden behind cabinets, if kitchen space is at a premium. Make sure you hire a qualified general contractor to install the range hood for you. He or she will not only install it, but will be ready to answer any of your installation questions and solve any issues that come up.

You can also give our Support Team a call at any time to answer any questions you may have.

Range Hoods And The Sloped Ceiling Dilemma

Photo: DecorPad.com

Some of our customers own older homes in which the kitchen walls may not be exactly straight and tall. We find that many older homes built before the 1970s were designed in ways that were meant to economize space. So, you might find that a kitchen is not only small in square footage, but also that one wall or ceiling is actually sloped! So, the question is how might the homeowner possibly install a range hood in that kind of situation.

Believe it or not, installing one of our range hoods under a sloped ceiling is entirely possible. Like any older home, though, certain challenges are bound to arise. But, with any challenge, we can also find a solution. The most common method of dealing with a sloped ceiling is to build a soffit box. The box need only be large enough to allow the range hood to be securely mounted. Or it can be built into the kitchen’s overall design. Some people will install a large soffit over a stove set into an island to provide a visual divider separating the cooking area from the dining area. The best advice I can give you is to check with a professional contractor before you begin installing your range hood.

You can also call our fantastic Support Team if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help you out!

If your kitchen sports a sloped ceiling, let us know how you dealt with it.

Don’t Remove The Range Hood Chimney!

august 1

Some range hoods make the decision easy. They just don’t come with a chimney. Of course, all range hoods must be attached to ductwork. Otherwise, they won’t do the work they’re supposed to.

The question we sometimes receive is whether the lower part of the range hood chimney can be used without the upper part.

Chimney-style range hoods are a popular choice. They are certainly the most powerful when compared to other styles of range hoods. They can absorb steam, grease and odors effortlessly. They also fit in with a number of different kitchen styles, whether it be modern or traditional. Depending on the finish – copper, stainless steel, glass or wood – a chimney-style range hood will look fabulous for a long time.

Occasionally though, homeowners may run into spacing issues. Trying to fit a larger chimney-style range hood into a small space isn’t always easy or possible. If you’re thinking that the upper chimney piece can be removed to better accommodate the space, the answer is no. The two chimney pieces are really meant to work together so that the fan can remove as many cooking fumes and odors as possible.

However, I recommend speaking with one of our Support Team or a general contractor to work out a way to have the range hood that you want or one that’s very similar.

What’s Your Range Hood Style

june 30

If you’ve ever been in the kitchen of an older home, you’ll notice that either there is no range hood or the range hood that is there is an under-the-cabinet type. In other words, range hoods from years past (if they were there at all) weren’t much to look at.

Now, however, kitchen designers and other artists have begun to see this necessary kitchen appliance as an open canvas. That’s a great development on the one hand. On the other hand, it can present a bit of a dilemma. You suddenly have tremendous choice when it comes time to pick out a range hood for your kitchen.

Here’s what our experts suggest:

Choosing the right range hood can be like selecting the right outfit; it’s a matter of personal preference and style. Your kitchen ventilation range hood will likely be one of the focal points in your kitchen, making it one of the important design elements. When deciding on a design, take several things into consideration, including whether the rest of your home is traditional, contemporary or even rustic. The best shape for the hood’s performance is the pyramid shape hood, as it helps with the suction.

Here’s where you can get even more tips:

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Which range hoods do you love?

Monthly Pick – Featured Range Hoods – Rangemaster

Mar. 14

Simple, stylish, expressive, classic … these are all words that customers have used to describe range hoods made by Rangemaster. In fact, if you’re looking for a range hood that’s eye catching and is a work of art, then you should browse through our selection here.

Rangemaster was founded in England in 1939. Since then, the company has been consistently at the top when it comes to quality range ovens, kitchen appliances, and so much more. It’s showing no signs of slowing down 78 years later.

Range Hoods Inc is proud to carry Rangemaster range hoods. We’ve chosen to feature this company because of its solid reputation. We’re currently offering some of these for sale. So, don’t wait! Buy one now.

Read: How To Buy An Exposed Chimney-Style Range Hood.

The Rangemaster RM503601 Series 36 (pictured above) is regularly priced $1200.25. It’s on sale now for $750. You save $450.25!

The gorgeous Rangemaster Wall Mount Mirage 62000 Series features hand-blown glass, advanced electronics, halogen lighting, and much more. Regularly $2499.95. It’s on sale for $2399. You save $100.95!

I love this stylish Rangemaster RM51000 Wall Mount Hood regularly priced at $1425.95. It’s now for sale for $990. You save $435.95!

Any questions? Give us a call. We love talking with you!


How To Buy An Exposed Chimney-Style Range Hood

Tues. 28

Modern homes sport all kinds of design elements that our parents and grandparents would never have thought of showing off in their own homes. Now, we can find exposed brick, concrete countertops, and chimney-style range hoods.

The chimney-style is exactly that. The ductwork is exposed as it climbs up toward the ceiling. Is this the right style for you?

Installing a chimney-style range hood means that your kitchen will be short at least one double cupboard. If you really need the storage, then you should probably look at other styles of range hoods. If the loss of extra storage isn’t a big deal, then you’ll find a whole variety of chimney-style range hoods. They come in different colors, metals, and glass, even combinations of those.

Here’s what you need to know:


There are a number of different kinds of filters available today. The one you end up with will depend on the range hood model you choose.

Tues.28-cassette filter

Cassette filter: The aluminum mesh allows air to flow through it, but will collect grease.

Tues. 28 baffle filter

Baffle filter: Air and grease is pulled through the opening. The air continues out through the ductwork while the grease settles on the plates.

Tues. 28 carbon filter

Carbon filter: Sometimes referred to as a charcoal filter, it absorbs odor and grease while exhausting air through the ductwork and out of the home.


Chimney-style range hoods offer you a few different style options. Work with a designer to figure out which one would work best in your own home.

Wall mounted chimneys are popular in both modern and traditional kitchens:

Photo: KitchenSource.com

Island chimneys are perfect for open concept kitchens:

Photo: Kitchen Design Ideas Blog

Photo: Kitchen Design Ideas Blog

Corner chimney-style range hoods free you up to design your kitchen in any way you’d like:

Photo: GardenWeb

Photo: GardenWeb

Read more about chimney-style range hoods here.




Stylish Kitchens – Chimney-Style Range Hoods

Wed. 8

Have you ever wondered whether a chimney-style range hood is right for your kitchen? Or even if you’re wondering if they’re the best option. I thought I’d take a closer look at this style of range hood to help you answer any questions you might have about it.

We’ve all seen chimney-style range hoods in those glossy magazine images of beautiful kitchens. And these hoods are nothing if not beautiful. They hang gracefully from the ceiling and add function and design to any kitchen with almost no effort. Chimney-style hoods are minimal in style. So, they look great in modern kitchens. But, because they’re not flashy, they fit nicely into traditional kitchen design, too.

The fact is that chimney-style kitchens don’t need to have their chimneys exposed. You can put cabinets around the chimney if you want. You can even mount the chimney-style range hood against the wall. They draw the eye and create a break between cabinets when mounted that way. So, this style looks great even in small kitchens. Remember that the size of your kitchen really doesn’t factor into the kind of range hood you choose. Otherwise, they’re most commonly seen suspended over an island cooktop.

Chimney-style range hoods are perfect for condos or any home that features tall ceilings. Say your ceilings are 15 or 20 feet high. I can’t think of anyone who would want to stare at standard ductwork shooting all the way up from the range hood to the ceiling. Cabinets can’t cover that much ductwork, so what’s the solution? The answer is to choose a chimney-style range hood that fits with the design of your kitchen. Something sleek and with clean lines looks great in any kitchen.

Chimney-style  range hoods work just as well as any other kind of range hood. The difference really comes down to personal preference and your kitchen design style.

Still not sure which type of range hood is best for you? Give us a call today!

What kind of range hood do you have in your kitchen?