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The Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends

april  18

Inspiration springs eternal, especially when it comes to our kitchens. Far from being the room where we cook our meals, the kitchen is the space where we can express our creative ideas.

Check out these hot kitchen trends

april 18a

As more of us choose to live in condos and smaller homes, our kitchens are shrinking, too. The problem is that most of us still spend a whole lot of time there, and we entertain there, too. In response, designers are leaning toward monochromatic color schemes and sleek cabinet design. It’s all in the interest of making the space look much larger than it actually is.

april 18b

Kitchen islands now come equipped with a stovetop, dishwasher, work space, sink, and eating area. Talk about multitasking!

april 18f

Forget about wood cabinets set against white walls. More people are opting for vibrant color.

What kitchen design trend would you love to see in your kitchen?

Color Your Kitchen Beautiful

june 8

Some of us love white. Some of us love color. But, there’s no reason all of us can’t have the kitchens we really want.

Painting is one of the quickest, economical, and easiest ways to update and upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen. The questions isn’t whether or not you should paint. The question is what color you should choose.

So, I thought I’d put together some fun color combinations that typically work very well. Let me know which ones you think are the best.

Blue and orange work really well together. If you’re not sure you can handle that much color early in the morning, you can choose a muted blue and orange.

Photo: bhg.com

Purple and gray give a kitchen that elegant look with a touch of wild abandon. Remember you can alter the amount of each color. Make the room mostly purple with some gray accents, or vice versa. Don’t you think that’s a gorgeous range hood?

Photo: Designing Idea

Brown and green might not be the combination that comes readily to mind. The beauty is that you can lighten or darken the colors as much as you’d like.

Photo: lushome

What are your favorite kitchen color combinations? Let us know! Read more about how to choose the right kitchen color.

Monthly Pick – Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry

May 23

I’ve flipped through so many kitchen design magazines lately that feature kitchens with minimal cabinetry. Sometimes, the entire top row of cabinets is gone in favor of a large window, an art-filled wall, or a professional-grade range hood. Sometimes, open shelving has replaced the cabinets.

That’s all well and fine, except for one thing. I like cabinets. I like upper and lower cabinets, and I like cabinets with doors that close. I’ll be the first to admit that dust settling on the items stacked artfully on those shelves is unappetizing. The thought of having to regularly dust those shelves … and the stuff stacked on them … makes me turn and run in the other direction.

As for no cabinets at all … well, that’s never going to happen in my kitchen. I like to have a lot of stuff hidden away behind those doors. I can’t imagine getting rid of the plates, glasses, mugs, and servingware that I use on a fairly regularly basis (and that are stored in those upper cabinets) just to clear a wall.

I know that the idea behind removing cabinets is to make a small kitchen seem larger and airier. But, I’ll take small and stuffy if it means keeping my storage areas.

There are lots of ways to achieve a modern, fresh, and spacious look without ripping out have the cabinetry. Getting that look relies entirely on properly designed cabinets. So, to that end, let’s take a look at the top kitchen cabinet trends!

Light. Bright. Minimal.

Paint cabinets with light or bright colors and keep the ornamental fill to a minimum.

Photo: House Beautiful

Dark works, too!

Use light colored accents on walls, and a light colored countertop to counteract the heavy feeling of the dark cabinets.

Photo: hgtv.com

Mixed designs.

Don’t feel you have to go all traditional or all modern. The most stunning kitchens are often those that deftly melt diverse elements into a workable whole.

Photo: superiorcabinets.ca

What style of cabinets do you love?

2017 Kitchen Trends

Thurs - 2017 trends

Before we know it, 2017 will have made an entrance. With it comes all kinds of new kitchen inspirations. So, let’s take a look at where kitchen design trends are heading.

One trend that’s true globally is that our living spaces are shrinking. With the cost of land, building materials, taxes of any sort, and volatile money markets, the dream of owning or living in a large home is fading for many people.

If that’s your reality, you’re not alone … nor should you feel bad about it. Who wants to clean a large home, anyway?!

So, kitchen design trends throughout 2017 are all about living and working in small spaces. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Integrated stations. Using every bit of space without making the kitchen look overstuffed will become popular. Most of us love our appliances, so making room for them will be paramount. We’ll start to see tables that slide in (and out of sight) under the countertop. Extendable countertops are great for when you’re preparing for a party. But, they can fold away for easy storage every other day. Cutting into, and finishing, the space in between the wall frames can give you a little bit of added shelving.
  • Neutral colors. Soft neutral colors will continue to dominate. Look for greys, especially. Accent colors can lend personality without making the space seem smaller.
  • Pared down everything. Remember those appliances that we all love? Coffee makers, waffle makers, blenders, mixers, even range hoods and refrigerators … there are so many appliances that just sit on our counters because they’re too cumbersome to move or we just don’t have the space to store them anywhere else. Those appliances are getting a make-over, too. Small kitchens can’t possibly house large appliances. Manufacturers and appliance designers will begin to create more streamlined products that take up a minimum of kitchen real estate.

What kitchen trends have you loved from the past, and which would you love to see again?

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, one of the last things you probably want to think about is the kitchen lighting. With the fridge, range hood, appliances, counters, flooring, etc. to consider, the lighting probably seems like a miniscule aspect of your remodeling process. However, proper lighting in your kitchen can save you a lot of pain and hassle later down the road. If you have a kitchen with windows, you may want to optimize the room’s ability for natural lighting and save on your electricity bill in the future. Conversely, you may want to install colored lighting or dimmers so that you’ll be able to create a certain ambiance within your kitchen whenever the occasion arises. Fortunately, the choices for lighting in kitchens are extensive.

The first thing to consider in trying to decide what type of lighting you want in your renovated kitchen space is to determine the style and setting of your kitchen, and what type of lighting would be most effective for that specific design. Do you want to make a statement with your kitchen lighting, or do you prefer to have your lights working anonymously in the background so that you almost forget their presence? Lighting can serve a variety of purposes, and it’s all about choosing the perfect option for your specific kitchen needs.

If you’re hoping to make a bold statement with your kitchen lighting, consider lights that hang relatively low, just above eye level, so that they catch attention and are nearly impossible to miss. For contemporary kitchen designs, a popular trend has been to group hanging bulbs together, as depicted in the picture below. This lighting fixture is attractive because it is unique and innovative.  For a kitchen built for ambiance, you might want to consider light dimmers as an addition to your hanging bulbs. These will allow you to set the tone for the room and become an interesting addition to your décor when not in use.


Photo Credit: bluetea.com

If you like the idea of hanging bulbs as the perfect lighting solution for your kitchen space, consider a fixture with similar characteristics. This dining table light is made to represent bubbles floating down from the ceiling, and certainly makes for an interesting conversation piece when having guests over for dinner. Furthermore, the mirror at the top of the fixture helps reflect the light throughout the room, which can be a bonus in kitchens where lighting is poor. The reflection of the bubbles in the glass almost makes the them seem like they are falling through the ceiling, which is definitely a unique experience.


Photo Credit: room-decorating-ideas.com

If you’re going for a more antique and sophisticated kitchen design, you may want to consider an old-style chandelier. Chandeliers can even be customized to fit into your contemporary kitchen design, and often provide a level of elegance and class. This brown chandelier completes this modern kitchen design, and blends in perfectly with the wood floors and dark wooded cabinets.


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

For a more vintage look, check out something like this small rounded chandelier. We normally think of chandeliers as a singular design, but the styles are as wide spread as just about any other lighting design. Depending on your kitchen’s unique voice, a chandelier might be the perfect addition to your kitchen renovation.


If your kitchen already has plenty of natural lighting and you don’t feel the need to break the bank on additional high-tech lighting, you may consider an individual light or two above the areas in the kitchen that will be used the most after the sun sets, such as the table and kitchen sink.  This specific design may look best in minimalist kitchens in which the design is kept simple and clean.


Photo Credit: danthesparkyman.com.au

Conversely, some kitchens make big statements with their lighting. If your kitchen has a specific color pattern or is a neutral tone on which any color might seem more vibrant and lively, consider colored lighting, preferably something that can be dimmed or exchanged for natural lighting colors when the need arises.


Photo Credit: kitchencabinetkings.com

Whether used simply as a nightlight for midnight snacking or for setting the tone for a romantic evening in, the addition of some color toned lighting in your kitchen can make it seem much more sophisticated and luxurious.


Photo Credit: superbrightleds.com

Finally, if you would like to be discreet with your lighting, consider installing under-cabinet lighting. This can be another great option for those who already have well-lit kitchens and don’t need a lot of additional lighting in the area. Additionally, if you’re proud of your newly installed cabinets and would like to draw more attention to their beauty, under-cabinet lighting can be a great way of turning the cabinets into a spot-lighted focal point in the kitchen without being obnoxiously obvious.


Photo Credit: medinaexteriors.com

Under cabinet lighting is normally thought of as residing under wall-mounted cabinets, however, under cabinet lighting can also be installed under the countertop cabinets as an additional lighting source. If you like the idea of blue tinted lights, consider this example of a kitchen with natural colored lighting above the countertops and blue lighting running against the bottom cabinets. If you decide to wire your lighting so that it can be managed on different switches, you’ll have the chance to use both lights in conjunction with each other, or to use one or the other as occasion permits.


Photo Credit: bestactionheroines.com

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas for how you might arrange the lighting in your new kitchen, but don’t just take our word for it! There are tons of lighting options and you’re sure to find something special and unique for your specific kitchen design and setup, you just need to do a little research.  Lighting fixtures can be a focal point of your kitchen, having your guests complimenting the unique design every time they step into your home; but if you’d rather attention be directed somewhere else, such as your stainless steel range hood or your custom import marble countertops, there are plenty of discreet lighting options available, as well.

Do you know of any fun or unique lighting designs that we missed? Have one of these designs yourself? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to get your feedback and see what kinds of awesome lighting designs are working for people in their home improvement projects.

Kitchen Cabinet and Wall Color Combinations

The cabinets and the walls are aspects of kitchen design that stand out the most. The colors of these areas give personality to the room and will communicate your taste to visitors. Selecting the colors of the kitchen cabinets and walls is one of the most fun steps in designing a kitchen.

While planning your kitchen upgrade or remodel, be sure to also check out our blog post How to Layout an Efficient Kitchen for tips on designing a kitchen that works for you.

Two Tone Kitchens – In two tone kitchens, the top and bottom kitchen cabinets are different colors. This simplistic design breaks up the room and is pleasing to the eye. In this kitchen, the top cabinets are a light color while the bottom cabinets are a dark color. The backsplash matches the top color, creating a smooth transition. The hardware is minimalistic, which allows the color to stand out.

@proyectildesign via Instagram

Below, the top cabinets are white and the bottom cabinets are a dark color. In between, there’s a simple and metallic backsplash. These colors create the perfect backdrop for the rustic kitchen furniture in the room.

@trenderior via Instagram


The colors in this kitchen set the stage for a luxurious experience. The cabinets and the kitchen island are white with a gold trim that complements the marble counter top and backsplash. The result is a very elegant room with the combination of the marble and the white kitchen cabinets.

@styleathome via Instagram


These kitchens feature more daring and playful colors. Here, the top cabinets feature a blue/green color while the bottom cabinets feature a simple finished wood. The brick backsplash is subtle and allows the green to pop without distraction. The task lighting underneath the top cabinets also help open up the room.

@damaluu via Instagram

In this second colorful kitchen, the cabinets, wall and tile flooring are all a relaxing shade of blue that creates a peaceful color scheme. This is perfect for a family kitchen where meals are prepared and memories are made.

@qcadeiras via Instagram

This example shows how color can be used to make certain areas pop. In this case, the trim at the bottom of the cabinets is yellow and so is the kitchen backsplash. However, the doors of the cabinets are actually white.

@design.is.life via Instagram

In our last example of a colorful kitchen, you can see how different shades of the same color can be used to create depth. Here, the blue cabinets are a lighter shade of blue than the kitchen island. As a result, the island pops.

@kitchendesignnetwork via Instagram


In this design, you can see how color works in an industrial kitchen style. The wooden cabinets are accented with rivets while the backsplash is a simple white color. The cabinet doors and the range hood exterior are the focal points of this kitchen design.

@bakesandkropp via Instagram

Other areas of color to pay attention to in the kitchen include the appliances, backsplash, counter top, island, flooring and hardware. All of these will coordinate together with the cabinets and the walls.

July Blog Hop Post #2: Budget Outdoor Décor Hacks… By Snazzy Little Things

For those of you following the Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop event, we’re excited to announce that the second post of the campaign is live on the Snazzy Little Things blog. You can follow the blog hop and past blog hop posts here on the Range Hoods Inc blog. (If you haven’t been following, don’t worry. You can still go back and read the previous posts and you still have time to enter the giveaway.)

July Blog Hop Instagram2_1

The Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop is celebrating Summer DIY & Home Improvement through a collaboration of blog posts with other bloggers, as well as a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. We hope this blog hop inspires you in your DIY and home décor projects as the summer goes on.

We’re excited to read Jeanette’s contribution to the blog hop, which you can find here: Budget Outdoor Décor Hacks on the Snazzy Little Things blog. Jeanette is an experienced DIY-er, lover of vintage décor and the host of the #30DayFlip on Hometalk.

Snazzy Little Things Logo

Don’t forget to check back to the Blog Hop this month as more people post their blogs, including a contribution from Tile Talk.

Also, throughout the Blog Hop, you can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card up until midnight on July 31st, 2015. Enter here; you can get multiple chances to enter by visiting the Facebook pages of the Blog Hop participants. Just follow the instructions in the link. Please let us know if you have any questions. Good luck and happy reading!

How to Make a Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

You love cooking, and you never feel more comfortable or at home as you do in the kitchen. Increasingly, however, you’re becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of room in your kitchen, and your beginning to feel that it’s putting limitations on your creative genius.  While you may not have the time, finances, or physical space to expand and renovate the whole kitchen, there are a few simple tips and tricks that work wonders in helping to give off the sensation of space in the lack thereof. Follow these guidelines for ideas on how to give yourself a larger kitchen on a low-budget, low-maintenance plan.

Lighter and Brighter
White is an open and airy color that often gives off the impression of space. White that flows seamlessly from the floors, to the counter tops, up to the cabinets and through the ceiling will give your kitchen a light and spacious appearance. Contrasting colors that stop and start and bounce from one section of your kitchen to another make your kitchen seem cramped and cluttered, forcing the eyes to wander back and forth between all of the varying colors. Natural lighting accentuates the bright and flowing color schemes, giving the kitchen the impression of space.

Small White Kitchen - CerMG

Through the Looking Glass
Obtaining more space in your small kitchen is all about tricking the eye. Making small changes to your kitchen, especially when you have looked at it one way for some time, can open up the space and make a world of difference. One way to achieve this is by exchanging solid cabinet doors for see-through glass.  Cabinets that bulge out from the wall and stand as solid blocks of space often make a kitchen seem smaller. Replacing your old cabinet doors with solid glass can trick the eye and give off an appearance of greater space than actually exists.


Shiny is Better
Remember when you were a child, and you automatically assumed that something shiny was valuable and worth picking up? Well, in a cramped kitchen, this rule still applies!  If your kitchen has under-cabinet space, fill up that space with a mirrored wall – even though you know your kitchen hasn’t changed sizes, your eyes will see the space through the mirror and automatically signal a wider space to your brain. The same goes for the rest of the surfaces in your kitchen. A dishwasher with a stainless steel finish, see-through cabinets, shiny tile floors, and glossy paint, can all have a mirror effect on your kitchen, making it seem like you just gained a few extra feet of space.


Miniaturize the Furniture
Does your kitchen have a large dining table that fits your own family, plus a few guests? Exchanging large furniture for slim, bare-minimum furnishing can add a lot of space to your kitchen. Unless you host a party full of guests every other week, consider a sleeker table set, a rolling island, or a multi-functional bar. The additional space from cutting back on furnishings will be a renovation in itself.


Consider a Wall-Mounted Vent Hood
Depending on the placement of your stove, one way to increase space in a small kitchen is to divide cabinet space with the use of a slender wall-mounted range hood. The break in bulky cabinetry can give the appearance of more space, and the chimney of a slender range hood can make a small wall space feel much larger.


Invert Your Storage
A big problem with small kitchens can often be that there is not enough cabinet space to satisfy basic cooking and food preparation needs. Kitchen utensils and dishware left out in the open take up counter space and make an already small kitchen look cluttered and chaotic. If you’ve stuffed your cabinets full of items, and still find yourself in need of more space, try inverting the walls to add additional space. This will not only give you more storage room, but add to the spaciousness of your kitchen.

Simpson Strong my house my home com


Whether your kitchen is hardly big enough for standing room, or you simply want to make some room, these simple measures can give your kitchen a makeover that will leave you feeling like you just received a brand new kitchen. Tell us which option you think will work best with your kitchen’s design!


Additional Tips for Small Kitchens

There are many pros to living in small homes; small homes generally require less upkeep and maintenance. However, when it comes to storage and clutter, many of us struggle with day-to-day life in small spaces. Using some ingenuity and know-how, you can help make your small kitchen feel larger. Manipulate design elements, add more storage and dive into some DIY projects to make using your small kitchen more pleasant and easier.

For additional advice for life in a small kitchen, check out our previous blog posts here: Small Kitchen Ideas and Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen.

DESIGN ELEMENTS: Use some design tips to make your kitchen feel bigger, even though it’s exactly the same dimensions it’s always been.

Mirrors: Place mirrors throughout the room to make the space feel larger. Surfaces and objects are reflected back in the mirror, which creates the illusion of a bigger space to the viewers.

Wallpaper: Use a fun, bold wallpaper to add texture to the room. Also, putting wallpaper on one accent wall in a dark or a bold color will help make the room feel wider.

Glass: Glass makes spaces feel bigger because you can see through it to other rooms and areas. Great glass options for small kitchens include glass walls, glass doors that lead to other rooms or the yard, glass tile, glass cabinets and glass counters.

In Mark Egerstrom's 1,200-square-foot West Hollywood home, the wood floors of the kitchen extend out to a coordinated deck through glass shower doors, creating the illusion of a much bigger space. The walnut cabinetry was designed by Egerstrom: "It's my take on old farmhouse kitchens, updated to the 21st century." It was fabricated by Gary Ferguson of Case and Grain with Glacier White Corian counters and custom inset handles.<br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo Credit: http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g394/small-kitchens/?slide=4

Pot Rack: Replace a kitchen cabinet with a pot rack to make the space feel open and airy.

Lighting: A small space with no light feels much duller and smaller than a space with great task lighting. Remember to install task lighting and pendant lighting in your kitchen.

Colors: Don’t be afraid to let your style shine by using daring colors. Colors make the space more interesting and draw attention away from the dimensions of the room.

Photo Credit: http://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/kitchens/small-kitchens-8-design-ideas-to-try-pictures

DIY PROJECTS & STORAGE: Use your creativity and DIY skills to create more storage in your kitchen. These projects will help cut down on clutter in small kitchen.

Magnetic Spice Bottles: Free up space by creating a magnetic spice rack that will keep your spices off of the kitchen counter. The magnetic spice bottles pictured below come from the blog Amy Bites. In this project, the bottles attach to a wall-mounted, metal base. However, you can also use magnets to attach the bottles to the side of your fridge.

Photo Credit: http://www.amybites.com/?p=2775

Rolling Shelves under the Sink: Make the most you can out of the existing storage space in the kitchen. This DIY project allows you to pull out shelves in the cabinets. This way you can fit more items in the same space and they’re easier to reach.

Curtain Rod: Place an extendable curtain rod in the kitchen cabinet to hold the lids to your cooking pots. Now they won’t scatter all over the place.

File Holder: Store your baking sheets and cutting boards in a file holder. This keeps things neat and easy to find.

DIY Murphy Desk by Shanty2Chic

Photo Credit: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2014/08/diy-murphy-desk.html

Murphy Table: Don’t have space for a dining room? Try your hand at creating a Murphy table in your small kitchen. Now you can sit down to enjoy breakfast and put the table back up when it’s not in use. The example below comes from the blog Shanty 2 Chic.

We hope these tips and tricks help you become more comfortable in your small kitchen. If you have more ideas for small kitchens, feel free to share them with us.

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

You may be thinking, what in the world is feng shui in the kitchen? Feng shui is a philosophy originating in China, which dictates the orientation of rooms and objects in the home. This orientation affects the flow of energy. Feng shui aims to balance this energy, known as qi (“chi”), and to bring wealth, happiness and health into a family.

There are a few basic principles that should help you improve the feng shui in your kitchen. (For additional design inspiration, check out our blog post Dwell on Design 2014 in Los Angeles.) In feng shui, the kitchen is a critical space. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen in our everyday lives and the food we eat is prepared in the kitchen.

The kitchen should not be placed in the middle of the house. Believers in feng shui sometimes renovate their home so the kitchen can be moved into a room away from the middle of the home or away from doors leading to the outside of the house. A balance has to be arrived at for energy to successfully flow through the kitchen.

Additionally, the best place for the cook to stand is in the middle of the room. Thus, ranges that sit against back walls are a problem in feng shui. The best feng shui for the kitchen would include a kitchen island with a stove top. In this manner, the cook can face the entire room while preparing food. Otherwise, you can improve feng shui by placing a small mirror above a cooking surface against a wall, so the cook can see the entire kitchen. (Make sure the mirror doesn’t cut off the person’s head when they look into it!)

If you install a kitchen island with a cooking surface on top of it, be sure to also install a kitchen range hood above the island. The kitchen range hood is crucial for ventilating air pollution created during cooking. Remember, an important aspect of feng shui is keeping the air in the room clean. Open windows every once in a while to air out the kitchen and place plants out of the way on counter tops for additional oxygen.

Next, make sure your kitchen is clean. Clutter will not help feng shui. Organize your kitchen and get rid of whatever you never use. Install some extra storage if necessary to make this happen. Also, make sure your kitchen has plenty of lighting. Install new lighting fixtures if you have been cooking in a dark kitchen. Your island range hood may also come with built-in lighting.

While decorating your kitchen, include some bright colors. Colors like gold and yellow work well for kitchen feng shui. Meanwhile, beware of over using the color black. Place art, colorful plants and bright accessories in the kitchen.

Lastly, make sure there’s no negative energy getting near your food before you eat it. Also, it’s advised not to watch television while eating. Good luck, and we wish you the best in applying the principles of feng shui to kitchen design.