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Benefits of Flush Mount Range Hoods

Photo: billielourd.org

Looking for a truly rare addition to your kitchen? How about a flush mount range hood?

Under-the-cabinet range hoods are typically installed flush against the bottom of the cabinet. But, there’s a new trend in range hood installation that might be perfect in a small kitchen. Island range hoods can be mounted flush against the ceiling. Talk about opening up sightlines!

Is a range hood mounted flush against the ceiling in your future?

Gorgeous Glass Range Hood Canopies

jan. 22

Range hoods come in a variety of shapes, styles, and installations. You can, for instance, opt for an under-the-cabinet range hood. This type is installed, as the name suggests, underneath the cabinets. The chimney portion of the range hood is hidden behind the cabinets.

Wall-mounted range hoods are just like under-the-cabinet hoods with one difference. The chimney isn’t hidden behind cabinets. It’s exposed and visible. For that reason, the chimney comes with a covering that matches the rest of the range hood, usually stainless steel.

Island range hoods hang from the ceiling directly over an island stovetop. They are typically positioned higher above the stove than either under-the-cabinet or wall-mounted range hoods.

It’s the island range hoods that feature the most variety in terms of style. One of those design features is the glass canopy.

Glass canopies are becoming very popular in kitchen design because they’re see-through. The smaller our kitchens become the more we want the illusion of space and grandeur. Glass range hoods don’t block sightlines. Sometimes steel, copper, or iron range hoods can seem heavy-looking. Glass solves that problem. Gorgeous and functional, give us a call to find out how a glass canopied range hood can work in your kitchen.

Monthly Pick – Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry

May 23

I’ve flipped through so many kitchen design magazines lately that feature kitchens with minimal cabinetry. Sometimes, the entire top row of cabinets is gone in favor of a large window, an art-filled wall, or a professional-grade range hood. Sometimes, open shelving has replaced the cabinets.

That’s all well and fine, except for one thing. I like cabinets. I like upper and lower cabinets, and I like cabinets with doors that close. I’ll be the first to admit that dust settling on the items stacked artfully on those shelves is unappetizing. The thought of having to regularly dust those shelves … and the stuff stacked on them … makes me turn and run in the other direction.

As for no cabinets at all … well, that’s never going to happen in my kitchen. I like to have a lot of stuff hidden away behind those doors. I can’t imagine getting rid of the plates, glasses, mugs, and servingware that I use on a fairly regularly basis (and that are stored in those upper cabinets) just to clear a wall.

I know that the idea behind removing cabinets is to make a small kitchen seem larger and airier. But, I’ll take small and stuffy if it means keeping my storage areas.

There are lots of ways to achieve a modern, fresh, and spacious look without ripping out have the cabinetry. Getting that look relies entirely on properly designed cabinets. So, to that end, let’s take a look at the top kitchen cabinet trends!

Light. Bright. Minimal.

Paint cabinets with light or bright colors and keep the ornamental fill to a minimum.

Photo: House Beautiful

Dark works, too!

Use light colored accents on walls, and a light colored countertop to counteract the heavy feeling of the dark cabinets.

Photo: hgtv.com

Mixed designs.

Don’t feel you have to go all traditional or all modern. The most stunning kitchens are often those that deftly melt diverse elements into a workable whole.

Photo: superiorcabinets.ca

What style of cabinets do you love?

Monthly Pick – The Island Range Hood

April 19

Honestly, whoever designed the first island range hood deserves a medal. I love them. I love the freedom they allow. If you’ve got one, then you know the advantages they allow. You can cook and face your friends and family. You can prep and cook in the same area without having to cart those chopped onions across a distance.

Island range hoods, if you haven’t already guessed, provide a huge amount of flexibility in today’s kitchens. It can create a hub of activity around one area where everyone gathers to talk, cook, and eat. This style of hoods works as well as any other ducted hood. The key (again like all hoods) is to install it properly.

If there’s any potential drawback to an island range hood, it’s that your contractor may have to install more ductwork along the ceiling to ensure that fumes, odors, and grease are ducted to the outdoors. Adding more ductwork and cutting into more ceiling can end up costing you more. Make sure you talk with your contractor about all the details involved in installation before you begin.

Give us a call if you have more specific questions about island range hoods. We love talking to you!


Monthly Pick – 2017 Kitchen Appliance Trends

Photo: hgtv.com

Photo: hgtv.com

2017 will bring us many of the same trends we’ve been seeing over the last few years. Stainless steel remains as popular as ever. Natural materials, like wood and stone, also maintain their top position.

We can look forward to some changes, though. That’s definitely good news. As beautiful as stainless steel appliances are, they do present owners (and prospective owners) with some challenges. The fact that stainless steel seems to attract finger prints is enough to drive the more meticulous among us around the bend. Any accidental nicks and scratches are also glaringly visible. There’s also the fact that stainless steel appliances are more expensive than those with regular finishes.

The good news is if you want your kitchen to be in style, but you don’t want the hassle or expense of stainless steel, you’re in luck.

Here’s what we’ll see in kitchen appliance design through 2017.

Go French. Say good-bye to ordinary, boring doors. This year, you’ll see more French doors on ovens. French doors are basically double doors (check out the picture above). You can open one side with one hand. But, if you want to open both doors at the same time, you’ll need both hands.

Digital magic. 

Photo: hgtv.com

Photo: hgtv.com

I’m not sure why it’s taken appliance manufacturers so long to design this feature into their products. We’ve been using it for ages on our various computer devices. I’m talking about touch-and-swipe controls. Instead of turning a knob or pressing a button, you’ll swipe over a designated area.

Cool and clean.

Photo: hgtv.com

Photo: hgtv.com

Stainless steel may not be on everyone’s wish list. So, designers and manufacturers have teamed to bring the best of the past and the present together. Welcome, white. This isn’t just any old white, though. This is a streamlined, glossy, easy-to-clean white that won’t show the finger prints or dents like stainless steel does.

High tech.

Photo: hgtv.com

Photo: hgtv.com

Bluetooth technology is just about everywhere … even in the kitchen. Welcome to the modern world where your oven can sync with the clock, the microwave, and any other appliance you might need to prepare a meal.

Which of these trends would you love to install in your own kitchen?


Creating a Luxury Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and as such, it’s becoming more like a living room than an enclosed space to prepare food. The kitchen is a seat of togetherness, where families talk during the day and during meals. It’s also a space for entertainment.

There’s a world of difference between a poorly designed kitchen and a well-designed kitchen. A luxury kitchen design is made up of many components that come together to create a unique and special space for an individual home. These components include appliances like range hoods, ovens and refrigerators, and interior décor like cabinetry, paint, countertops, lighting and back splashes.

Continue reading to learn more about each component that makes up a luxury residential kitchen.

Appliances for the Kitchen

Every modern kitchen needs up-to-date appliances that offer the latest technology, whether they are concealed in the kitchen or not. The following goes over some of the trends in modern kitchen appliances popping up in contemporary home kitchens.

Ideally, every new appliance should be easy to clean and have a long life. They should also be compatible with the person using them. Someone who does not cook often may not need the latest, state-of-the-art oven.

One trend is to have more than one oven on hand for clutter-free cooking and reheating. The latest ovens use convection steam, which allows for faster preheating; faster cooking; and capabilities for sautéing, simmering, boiling, baking and roasting in the oven.

MES301HP MasterpieceTM Steam and Convection Oven

MES301HP MasterpieceTM Steam and Convection Oven


The refrigerator emerges with a double-door and drawers that look like cabinetry. High-end models include smart features. A serious home cook may choose to install a walk-in fridge.

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with 8” Wi-Fi Enabled LCD

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with 8” Wi-Fi Enabled LCD


The range hood, which often becomes the focal point of a kitchen design, can vary in very simple and highly decorative styles. The mounting styles include wall mount range hoods, under cabinet range hoods or island range hoods.

Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30 30” Wall Mount Range Hood

Cavaliere-Euro SV218B2-30 30” Wall Mount Range Hood.


Dishwashers are becoming larger, and kitchens often feature more than one. Like cooling drawers, there are also dishwashers that look like drawers that blend in with the cabinetry and make the kitchen look seamless.

The kitchen range is becoming larger with multiple burners. Ranges that are 48” to 60” wide are becoming more common, and more ranges are being installed on the kitchen island. The range on the kitchen island takes the home cook away from the wall and allows him or her to socialize with the rest of the family. This is especially true if the kitchen has an open layout; the cook can face the living room and possibly a television that the rest of the family is enjoying. If the range is on the kitchen island, an island range hood will have to be installed.

48” Wolf Gas Range

48” Wolf Gas Range


False drawers hold convenient microwaves, cooling drawers or heating drawers. These streamline the kitchen and make it look more seamless by hiding these convenient tools. The warming drawers are perfect for keeping food for a large meal (like Thanksgiving dinner) warm. Some warming drawers come with trays that double as serving trays.

Microwave Drawer from SHARP

Microwave Drawer from SHARP


Other popular luxury kitchen appliances include wine dispensers, built-in cappuccino makers and wine refrigeration. Additionally, appliances are more likely to include smart capabilities that are controlled via cell phones and tablets.

Interior Décor for the Kitchen

We alluded to it earlier in the section about kitchen islands, but the kitchen is becoming an open space that becomes one with the rest of the home. The kitchen is no longer closed off from the other rooms and areas, and people working in the kitchen can interact with other people in the home. As a result, kitchens are becoming almost as luxurious as living rooms. The kitchen is also a seat of entertainment, and thus, people expect finely designed kitchens to match these needs.

In kitchen design, custom cabinets that reach to the ceiling create an elegant aesthetic. Kitchen countertops are often constructed out of natural stone, including granite and marble. More affordable choices include formica. Other popular choices include soap stone, stainless steel, wood, quartz and concrete.

In addition to looking good, the kitchen should also have ample storage space for equipment and groceries. A hanging kitchen pot rack can become the center piece of the room. Some families request larger pantries, and/or walk-in pantries, for stocking supplies.

Tuscan Kitchen


The above Tuscan kitchen design includes an excellent example of a kitchen backsplash. This one-of-a-kind back splash features a painting above the range of a vineyard. The back splash underneath the cabinets features a nice design of brown, green and white tile that subtly pops against the coffee colored paint on the walls.

Other trending choices for constructing back splashes include tile, metal, glass tile, wood, limestone, marble, chalkboard paint, river rock and recycled glass. Contractors may create a unique back splash above the range with a piece of leftover marble from the construction of the countertops. In the tile category, many back splashes are made out of mosaics, handmade tile or subway tile arranged in a herringbone pattern.

The Tuscan kitchen above also features a large fluted front apron sink. The white sink matches the back splash and blends into the kitchen. Large, apron front sinks are very popular in kitchen design. Stainless steel sinks are durable and affordable. Other home owners may choose a porcelain or cast iron sink. The home owner may also decide on a multiple bowl sink if it is needed in his or her cooking routine.

Kitchen Lighting Example


Interior designers know that lighting in the kitchen is of the utmost importance. Lighting can change the entire look of the room, including the color of the kitchen cabinets to the eye. Task lighting and multiple layers of lighting are also important for the kitchen. It’s important that the home cook be able to see what they’re doing in different areas of the kitchen and at different stations. Note the recessed lighting in the ceiling of the kitchen pictured above. Also note the hanging light fixtures above the kitchen island and the accent lighting above the range.

Kitchen Island Example


The kitchen island in the contemporary kitchen above has multiple drawers along the side that add to the kitchen storage. These drawers also have long handles that double as towel racks. This unique kitchen island opens up to create more counter space. The stainless steel countertops and island range hood create a clean and professorial look. The playful green paint on the ceiling helps make this space feel like a part of the rest of the home. Note the double ovens on the wall in the back and the hidden cabinet behind the sink. There is also an adjacent dining area for the use of a family meal or for entertaining guests.

Chalkboard Kitchen Example


The modern kitchen above is stylish and fashionable. The green/blue cabinets and the chalkboard cabinet doors invite a creative element into the space as well. Chalkboard paint can be used to make a back splash interactive or cover an entire refrigerator. It can also be used to paint an entire wall adjacent to the dining area for sketches, doodles, calendars, recipes and notes. The dining area in this kitchen is inside of the kitchen itself, which encourages families to spend time with each other as they prepare food in the kitchen. Oftentimes, an interior designer will place a couch next to the kitchen for a nearby area for relaxation. Other luxurious features in this interior design include a large fridge, oversized lighting and a kitchen cart on the right-hand side. The kitchen cart adds more convenient counter space and storage space.

White Kitchen Example


The majority of luxury kitchens are all-white. Recently, designers have begun to create darker colored kitchens, but white remains the most popular color choice. Note the multiple faucets located on the kitchen island in the kitchen pictured above. These decorative plumbing fixtures have a single handle. Chrome is the most popular material for faucets, followed by polished nickel, bronze finish, brushed nickel and pewter. Other faucet features in luxury kitchens include motion-less technology for ease of use and hygiene, spray arms, pasta arms, hot water dispensers and built-in water filters.

Black Kitchen Example


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, interior designers are creating more dark colored kitchens, which feature blacks, browns and grays. These colors create dramatic effects, which are quite glamorous in a luxury kitchen. The black cabinets, which cover the entire wall, with silver door handles, create a big impact and are the focal point of this interior design. This kitchen is also outfitted with a Viking fridge and two ovens. The kitchen island includes a sink with a beautiful faucet and stools for a spot to sit and eat. The adjacent dining table has matching black chairs with a unique design and a table runner printed with fun zebra pattern.

We hope this close look at the components of a luxury kitchen design has inspired you in your own home remodeling projects, whether you are completely renovating your kitchen or simply thinking about upgrading your appliances.