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What Did the Pig Say?

Summer’s here, and it’s hot!

Try eating these foods to stay cool:



-Light salads with lots of leafy veggies

Stay away from spicy foods or dehydrating foods, and remember to turn the oven and the stove on as little as possible while it’s really hot and turn the range hood on while cooking. Stay cool!

Pig Bacon Range Hoods Inc

Is This Range Hood Ducted or Ductless?

Just by looking…can you tell if this range hood is ducted or ductless? How will we ever know?! #thedress

Range Hoods Inc The Dress Final

Note: Ducted range hoods ventilate air to the outside of the home via ductwork, while ductless range hoods filter air and re-circulate it back into the kitchen. The more you know!


First Breakfast and Second Breakfast

Do you think Peter Jackson included a range hood in Bilbo’s hobbit hole? We think maybe he should have with all of the eating that hobbits do.

Range Hoods Inc First and Second Breakfast

Nothing to Worry About Here!

Don’t worry; Many range hood models come with a delayed power auto shut off feature. You can program it between 1 and 15 minutes. You never have to remember to turn off the range hood ever again.

Range Hoods Inc Never Fear