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Kitchen Décor Ideas on a Budget

RHIPhoto Credit: decordesignn.com

When the kitchen becomes cramped or outdated, it can be one of the most frustrating rooms in the house to deal with. Older kitchens usually don’t feature the luxury of space that more contemporary kitchens have. It can make it difficult to cook or find storage room for the household groceries. Even if you do have a kitchen with plenty of storage, an outdated kitchen can feel somewhat depressing and can suck you dry when it comes to finding inspiration for new recipes and meal plans. Yet, the budget doesn’t always allow for kitchen renovations, even when you need them the most. Yet, sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference and make the whole cooking and cleaning process much easier. So, if you’re on a budget and don’t have the funds for a complete renovation, check out these tips that can help to make a world of difference in just a few small ways.

Repaint the Cabinetry
One thing that can make a kitchen feel brand new is a new paint job, and we don’t just mean a touch up to the existing paint. Choose a brand new color and fly with it. Feel free to change the color of the walls while you’re at it. If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a bright color such as baby blue or peach to update your cabinets, but whatever you do, try something that will make it feel like a new room by the time you’ve finished, and not just something that will be hardly noticeable.

Rule of One
If you haven’t yet hopped on the DIY bandwagon and or you simply don’t have time for a DIY project, consider finding that one piece of furniture or that one appliance that is just going to transform your kitchen. Instead putting all your resources into a few different small projects, use your budget to by that new fridge, install a new island, or find a new range hood. The one major item can sometimes have a transformative impact on the rest of the kitchen space, making it feel like a new room.

Restyle your Style
As a last resort, you can always rearrange your existing furniture to make the room feel like a new space. Obviously, there may not be any other place for the main items, such as the sink, stove, oven, or fridge, but if you have a mobile kitchen island or enough space to rearrange the kitchen table, you might try to move things around so that you have a change of scenery that effects the whole design of the room.

DIY Creativity
If you’re a creative type and you have some ideas as to what you want to do with your kitchen, consider sacrificing the time and energy to do it yourself. If you don’t have the budget to spend on products and services, just save and purchase some discount supplies to create your own renovations with an emphasis on the creativity.

We know that renovating your kitchen is often something that feels like can’t wait, and we don’t think that you should have to wait. Even if you just do small renovations at a time, those little updates will eventually turn into a whole new kitchen. Do you have experience renovating a space in your house on a budget? What did you do and how did you make the most out of your budget? Let us know in the comments below!

Kitchen Faucet Trends

Faucets are a wonder of home décor and home project renovation. Unlike many other appliances that are big, bulky, expensive, and probably require outside help to pick out, transfer, and install, faucets are simple and can be found for a much better cost than the rest of the appliances and hardware necessary in a full functioning kitchen. What’s more, the right kind of sink and faucet combination can give your kitchen an upgraded, luxurious feel, even when you don’t have the time or budget to upgrade anything else. So, if you’re looking to switch out that old, rusted looking thing you once called a faucet for something shiny and new, check out these trending faucet designs below.

The Expendable Faucet/Hose Model
Part of modern and contemporary home design is all about getting rid of the fluff and bustle that used to constitute luxury, and replace these things with minimalistic simplicity. This modern faucet design is a result of the trend, and its straightforward structure doubles as a spray hose for removing those truly stubborn food particles.

Kitchen                                              Photo Credit: kitchen.lovaninc.com

The Hands-Free Model
If you’re looking for something slightly more sophisticated and luxurious, something that will really speak wonders about your kitchen and leaves you feeling like a pampered princess after using it, this faucet is just the one for you. With the same high and rounded design of the previous model, this design might be the perfect fit. The design includes a handless shape with a touchpad sensor that will turn the water off and on at your simple touch.

Kitchen1                                            Photo Credit: damgoodpictures.com

The Quadro Two-Handle Model
Another trending model is the quadro two handle sink. This sink faucet comes in a variety of designs and color schemes, but one aspect that we thought was unique are the handles of the faucet, which look similar to the handle of a garden hose, or maybe even a fire engine’s faucet handle. The design is unique and creative and it could be a great idea for a rustic kitchen design or other specifically staged kitchen.

Kitchen2                                                   Photo Credit: allmodern.com

The kitchen faucet designs only get more sophisticated and luxurious from here, and we encourage you to take a look around and find what works for your kitchen. Do you already have an awesome kitchen faucet? Take a photo and upload it so that we admire it!

Most Popular Kitchen Floor Designs

A full kitchen renovation usually involves uprooting existing flooring and replacing it with something more modern and sophisticated. The type of flooring you choose to install in your kitchen really depends on how well it will compliment your future kitchen design, how it will need to be maintained over the years, and how much of your budget you’re willing to put into new flooring. It is also important to keep in mind how the flooring will blend things like cabinets, the sink and appliances, and wall coloring. There are a variety of options when it comes to kitchen flooring and you’re almost certain to find something in each category that will compliment any kitchen style.  Below, we’ve compiled a list of options for you to consider as you get ready to jump into flooring options!

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are an age-old trend and look great in a variety of kitchen designs, from the rustic cabin kitchen and the traditional kitchen, to the contemporary style of a luxury kitchen.  Hardwood floors can be a bit pricey in comparison with some of the other options available, but they still beat out tile flooring by a long shot, and they are sure to compliment a high variety of kitchen designs. 

Photo Credit: lakeviewcentercomplex.com

Laminate Floors
Laminate floors are often difficult to tell apart from traditional hardwood floors, because laminate flooring is often structured to mirror a pure wood design. Laminate floors can also be designed to have blended color from dark grays to light blues and can be customized to fit your specific kitchen design. Laminate flooring is often associated with outdated kitchen designs, but are definitely a contemporary convention with darker colors and wood-like patterns.


Photo Credit: houselogic.com

Vinyl Floors
Vinyl floors are common in traditional kitchens and luxury kitchens. They can be on both the high and low end of pricing depending on the design, pattern, and cut needed for your kitchen’s layout. This picture exemplifies the way that vinyl can be used to replicate the look of a tiled floor at a discounted price.


Photo Credit: oaktreelife.com

Cork Floors
Cork floors are probably the least known types of flooring available. Even if you’ve seen cork floors before you may not have recognized them as cork if the designer did his job right. There are a variety of ways to lay out a cork floor, and if it’s done right, it can look chic and sophisticated.


Photo Credit: flooring.about.com

Finally, tile floors have become a classic trademark of the traditional and modern kitchen design. With so many variations, designs, and layouts to choose from, tile offers a great option renovating kitchen space. While some options, such as cork floors, might somewhat limit where you can go with your kitchen design, tiles have some of the highest selections for colors, size, and layout.


It can be exciting to experiment with kitchen designs, and flooring is a big part of the choices you make regarding your kitchen. In many ways, flooring sets the groundwork for your entire kitchen and once the floors go down, all other design aspects have to be considered in relation to the flooring in place. Do you have any other flooring suggestions or something innovative and unique that you’ve done with your floors? Let us know in the comments below!

Art of Board Energizes Interiors with Vibrant Artisan Tile

This guest post is by Art of Board.

ARt of Board1

The best stories always begin the same way. They begin with where you were. But, what if it was the other way around? What if the place could tell the story? Art of Board’s one-of-a-kind artisan tile surfaces, textiles, and wall coverings do just that. Inspired by board sports and culture, they’ve redefined the interplay between the spaces we inhabit, and how they inhabit us.

Art of Board’s humble roots began in (founder) Rich Moorhead’s Pennsylvania basement. His “waste nothing” mentality led him to create a uniquely innovative product. It wasn’t long before Art of Board’s repurposed skateboard tiles began turning heads in the design community. Growing rapidly, Art of Board expanded to the West Coast.

Now, Art of Board is an international design brand that specializes in the design and collaboration of artisan tile surfaces, textiles and wall coverings for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential environments. They’ve transformed interiors for California Pizza Kitchen, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Google, Macy’s, Monster Energy and many other high profile clients.

Each tile is a one-of-a-kind
Art of Board surfaces tell a story. They embody the vibe and true soul of board culture. Discarded and broken skate decks are recycled to become one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artisan tile. Each tile comes alive with every scratch, gouge and worn graphic telling it’s own dynamic narrative. Art of Board mosaic tile surfaces are a riot of color and texture that are hard to forget.

Art of Board2

Their installations are infectiously rebellious and playful. They add a splash of hip informality in a world persuaded to accept dull, static environments as “good enough.” Their surfaces have the presence of a “center piece” even from the corner of a room.  They have this special ability to transform any space from an environment, into an experience. And, it’s that unique experience that stays with you.

Grinded and cherished by real skaters until the day they are retired. Art of Board’s Original skate tiles are the real deal. But, not all surfaces are created equal. They also offer stunning photo-realistic ceramic and porcelain tile with imagery of actual used and recycled skateboard decks. Allowing you to lock in the unique “Art of Board” experience, regardless of your specific vision or needs. And, true to cause, each earth friendly porcelain and ceramic tile is made entirely from pre-consumer waste. They truly are guilt free.

The I Ride I Recycle movement is it’s eco-friendly backbone
Its own grassroots skateboard recycling movement fuels Art of Board. I Ride I Recycle saves wood waste from landfills and empowers the community that gives Art of Board life. Used and discarded skate decks are donated rather than trashed. In return, Art of Board supports skate and surf-related charities, local shops and parks. 

And the cycle continues.

Even though they have designs all over the globe, Art of Board does not let their international status cloud their principles. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They are honesty, integrity and proof that AUTHENTICITY IS NOT DEAD.

 For more information, please visit artofboard.com

2015 Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Summer is already coming to a close and you’re just now getting to that kitchen remodel you’ve been planning all year. You’ve already picked out the flooring, new kitchen appliances, lighting, and marble counter tops, but you’re still stuck on the perfect range hood to make your kitchen remodel complete. A wall mounted range hood can give your kitchen a level of sophistication that puts it a step above the rest and makes your kitchen more of a luxury spot than another area to clean and maintain.

Range hoods are important for a variety of reasons, such as proper ventilation, air purification, and keeping your kitchen cool. Vented range hoods remove smoke, grease, odors, and bacteria in the air from the kitchen, depositing the polluted air outside of the house.  Range hoods can also aid in preventing your entire house from heating up after a long day of cooking during the summer months. Aside from practical reasons, range hoods can also add an aesthetic element to your kitchen. Particularly, wall mounted range hoods can make even simple kitchens take on an air of sophistication and luxury.  
kitchen-modwalls-white-glass-subway-tile-with-stainless-steel-wall-mount-range-hood-and-white-marble-countertop-in-luxury-kitchen-design-perfect-white-tile-backsplash-for-good-kitchen-945x629                                                     Photo Credit: libtur.com

We’ve compiled a list of some of 2015’s best wall mounted range hoods, and wanted to share our findings.  If you don’t have the space or installation for a wall mount range hood, be sure to visit Range Hoods Inc to find the perfect range hood to meet the specific needs of your kitchen.

The Spagna Vetro 36” SV198N-36 Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Glass Range Hood
This range hood features a beautiful design that is sure to compliment any modern kitchen set. With a stainless steel finish and a tempered glass canopy, this range hood is both aesthetically pleasing, while also highly functional.interior-eco-friendly-kitchen-layout-decoration-with-range-hood-cavaliere-wall-mount-stainless-steel-and-brown-fabric-cushion-iron-chairs-also-with-great-wooden-dining-table-magnificent-kitchen                                                 Photo Credit: mediberian.com

Features Include:
Mounting version – Wall Mounted
860 CFM centrifugal blower
Three-speed mechanical, soft-touch push button control panel
Two 35W halogen lights (Type: GU-10)
Aluminum multi-layers micro-cell dishwasher-friendly grease filter(s)
Machine crafted stainless steel (brushed finish)
6″ round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
Convertible to duct-free operation (requires optional charcoal filter)
Telescopic flue accommodates 8ft to 9ft ceilings (optional flue extension available for up to 10ft ceiling)
Tempered Glass Canopy
For residential use only, one-year limited factory warranty

Cavaliere-Euro SV218F-36 36″ Wall Mount Range Hood
As one of the leaders in the industry, Cavaliere has earned a title as one of the most trusted names in range hoods. With unbeatable quality and fantastic pricing, you can’t go searching for range hoods without stopping to consider the options Cavaliere has to offer. We are particularly fond of the SV218F-36 because of its six-speed electronic touch-sensitive control panel, which makes operation easy and convenient to use. Also, the three aluminum micro-cell washable grease filters are dishwasher-friendly, which is definitely an added bonus!


                                                  Photo Credit: kitchensource.com


Features Include:
Mounting Type – Wall Mount
900 CFM centrifugal blower
Six-speed electronic, touch sensitive control panel with LCD display
Delayed power auto shut off (programmable 1-15 minutes)
30 hours cleaning reminder
Two dimmable 35w halogen lights (GU-10 type light bulbs)
Three aluminum 6 layers micro-cell washable grease filters
Heavy duty 19 gauge stainless steel (brushed finish)
Telescopic decorative chimney of variable dimension
6″ round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
Venting Mode: Duct (optional re-circulating kit available for ductless)
One-year limited factory warranty

Rangemaster RM51000 Wall Mount Hood
Another option is the Rangemaster RM51000 Wall Mount Hood. For a kitchen with a more relaxed, every-day feel, the Rangemaster RM51000 is a great choice. The slim build of this model allows it to fit into virtually any kitchen, and the style is flexible, making it compatible with almost any kitchen design.

Rangemaster RM51000 Wall Mount Hood

Features Include:
For cooktops up to 40K BTU
370 CFM, 7.0 sone Centrifugal Blower
Mount type: Wall mount
22 gauge 430 Stainless Steel # 4 brushed construction with seamless corners for easy cleaning
Three-speed slide control.
Two 20-watt halogen lamps provided
Dishwasher-safe aluminum filters feature a quick-release latch and professional-style appearance
Ducting options: Vertical or Non-ducted (non-ducted kit not included, excludes 48″ model)
Telescopic flue accommodates ceiling heights from 8 to 9 feet.
Optional flue extension for up to 10′ ceilings.
120 volts, 2.63 Amps, 60Hz
Manufacturers one year limited warranty
Weight: 46.3 lbs

So, if you’re in the market for a new wall mounted range hood, but you’re not sure where to start looking, start by checking out the range hoods mentioned above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

How to Clean a Filthy Range Hood

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the grease and debris that gets caked into your range hood? If you’ve cleaned a dirty range hood or a range hood filter before, you know it’s not an easy task.  Grease stains can be one of the most unpleasant tasks to undertake, simply because old grease stains can feel like a never ending process to remove. As soon as you remove one coat of grease, you realize there’s an entirely new layer of grease under that, and you have to start the cleansing process all over again.

When you stop to think about it, kitchen range hoods should be one of the most frequently cleaned appliances in your kitchen, especially if you do a lot of cooking or spend a lot of time preparing meals. Yet, in reality, range hoods and range hood filters often end up being the least attended aspect of your kitchen because they are easily forgotten amongst the other, more obvious messes. Range hood filters are hidden, and therefore, your range hood may look perfectly acceptable on the outside, when it is actually in dire need of a good cleaning on the inside.

Range hoods exist to filter the greasy, debris-filled air that builds up in your kitchen due to heavy cooking and food preparation. It’s easy to forget about the work your range hood is contributing to the overall health of your kitchen, since you are unable to see the grease and pathogens within the air being sucked magically away through the work of your range hood.  Yet, the grease and gunk exist nonetheless, and what is not regularly cleaned out of the range hood filters, adds to an endless coating of grease.

Image by: www.food.com

Is there a trick to removing hard grease stains from your kitchen range hood?  While many household cleaners boast the power to remove heavy grease build-up quickly and easily, this may not be such an easy task if you have a specialty appliance made from stainless steel or another type of metal that requires specific cleaning materials and processes. For example, many hard cleaners contain bleach, which stains and damages stainless steel. Chlorine is also off limits for any range hoods made of stainless steel or other precious metals. The chlorine will severely and permanently damage the stainless steel, rendering the appliances not only visually unappealing, but possibly also dangerous and unsafe to use.

Removing Filter

So, how can you get rid of tough grease stains without severely damaging your range hood or other appliances in the process?  In fact, there are some relatively simple ways to clear your range hood of all that unwanted build-up. The best solutions that we’ve found are natural home remedies that should save you a trip to the convenience store.

Below is a list of supplies that you’ll want to make sure you have on hand before you begin the range hood makeover process:

  1. Large pot in which you can boil water
    (you may also use a baking sheet if your range hood filters are relatively slim)
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Your favorite degreasing dish soap
  4. Ammonia
  5. Soft towel or scrub brush (makes sure that it is not so stiff as to scratch the finish of your range hood)

Water & Baking Soda
Image by: www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Once you have all of the necessary supplies, boil a large pot of water, and add a small amount of your favorite decreasing dish soap. Try not to add too much dish soap, or your pot of water will become a large bubbly mess, and it will be difficult to work with.  Once your pot has boiled and is slightly soapy, add ½ cup of baking soda very slowly. As the baking soda mixes with water, it will start to fizz and become very frothy, so make sure to add the baking soda slowly.

Baking Soda Water
Image by: www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com

If your range hood filters are pliable or small enough to fit in the pot, remove them from the range hood, and place them into the pot.  You will be able to see the baking soda slowly eating away at the grease on the filter, mixing into the water. Flip the filter over to ensure that all areas of the filter have a chance to make contact with the baking soda water. If you have large filters or they cannot be bent to fit inside a pot, you can also use an oven baking sheet to soak your filters.

Soaking RH
Image by: indulgy.com

If the water becomes overly contaminated during the soaking process, consider dumping it out and repeating the previously mentioned steps in clean water. You can also use a soft cloth or sponge to remove any excess grease or residue on the range hood filter, however, have the filter as clean as possible before you attempt to start scrubbing will keep your cleaning utensils unsoiled and allow you to reuse them again at a future time (or the next time you need to clean your range hood!.

Half Clean
Image by: www.food.com

You can use this same solution to clean the outer surface of your range hood. A soft cloth or sponge dipped in hot water and baking soda can be an effective cleaner for the polishing or removing stains on the side of your range hood. This can be an especially useful trick if you have a stainless steel range hood, on which many of the tougher cleaners cannot be used.

As a last resort, if the baking soda and boiling water are not sufficiently wiping out the heavy stains clotting your range hood, try applying a small amount of vinegar or ammonia to the end of a cloth and rubbing out the toughest blemishes with the aid of these household cleaners.

Hood Cleaning
Image by: www.tigerwashbr.com

A few more tips:
When you’re done cleaning out your range hood, what should you do with the dirty leftover water? Anything except dumping it down the sink! Grease and water don’t mix, even when it looks like you have one big bowl of grease soup. When you pour grease (in any form) down the sink, the grease sticks to the pipes, causing future sewer clogs and severe drain problems.

If you don’t have a lot of greasy water left try soaking it up with a paper towel, or some other type of absorbent material.  Then, you can simply discard it with the rest of the garbage. If there is too much left over water to soak up, consider dumping it into a designated sewer drain, or dump it into an old coffee can or plastic container that you can then dispose of with the trash.

Another option for those very tough stains that simply refuse to come out is to use an auto degreaser and simply let the range hood filter and/or other parts soak for a few hours, allowing the auto degreaser to do the work for you. While kitchen grease and grime can often feel like some of the most extensive and irritating stains to deal with, the grease and gunk mechanics use in dealing with our cars can be inevitably worse. Next time you’re in need of a good kitchen degreaser, try looking in an auto parts store rather than your local grocery store. Chances are you might just find an automobile degreaser that is just what you needed in the kitchen!

If you have a kitchen range hood and you haven’t peaked inside to check the filter lately, chances are it needs cleaning. Even if you keep the outside of your range hood spick and span, the filter needs to be cleaned out regularly in order to make sure that your range hood is operating at one hundred percent functionality and serving its purpose in your kitchen. Removing tough grease stains is never a fun task, but with these simple suggestions, you can have your range hood looking brand new in no time at all. Whether your range hood operates on a vented system or ductless system, the filters still need to be properly decongested in order for optimum functionality. The longer you wait to take care of your dirty range hood filters, the more built-up grease you’ll face when you’re forced to deal with the problem.

Think we missed a way to get rid of hard grease stains and clean your kitchen range hood? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below to share your own personal experience in cleaning kitchen appliances, and give us your feedback on what methods have worked best in your household!

Christmas Handbook: Décor, Recipes & Tips

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” –Dale Evans

As soon as those Thanksgiving leftovers are packed into the fridge, we know it’s time to start prepping for the biggest holiday of them all: Christmas! Put away the Thanksgiving Handbook: Décor, Recipes & Tips and prepare yourself for a very Merry Christmas this year.

Christmas Recipes

Dinners on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day are some of the biggest meals of the year. You need lots of food on hand while spending afternoons and evenings with families and guests.

Slow Cooker Sausage, Spinach and Artichoke Dip

You are definitely going to need some appetizer recipes up your sleeve for this holiday. Don’t forget how delicious a dip and some toasted bread can be. Bring out the comfort food! Whether you’re hosting or attending multiple holiday get-togethers, this can be a great treat to whip up.

Make this dip from Host the Toast using Italian sausage, frozen spinach, canned artichoke hearts, skim milk, olive oil, Greek yogurt, onion, garlic, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, asiago cheese, vinegar, red wine, mayo and cream cheese. Serve it with your favorite crackers or a toasted baguette. Be careful because you may just want to eat it with a spoon; it looks so good. This recipe is cooked in the crockpot after browning the sausage. Let it sit for three to four hours.

Slow Cooker Sausage, Spinach, and Artichoke Dip.  This super cheesy crock pot dip is going to be your new favorite appetizer for parties, tailgates, and more.  Best of all, it's so simple to whip together! | hostthetoast.com


The Best Cheeseball Ever

We promise, it’s not Christmas without cheeseballs. You don’t have to resort to stopping by Hickory Farms to enjoy this holiday treat. Sarah and Zach of the food blog High Heels and Grills posted this tasty looking appetizer to share with friends and family during the holidays.

It consists of cream cheese, crushed pineapple, Lawry’s seasoning salt, green onions and chopped pecans or walnuts. Whip the cream cheese and refrigerate for one hour. Add all of the remaining ingredients (excluding the pecans or walnuts). Form the mixture into balls and roll them in the pecans or walnuts. Put on a serving platter and enjoy with crackers.


The Best Snickerdoodles

A batch of snickerdoodles are sure to make everyone smile. Try this recipe from Averie Cooks, which was inspired by the Mrs. Field’s signature cookies. This Christmas cookie recipe uses cream of tartar and two types of sugar. Don’t forget the sugar and cinnamon mixture to roll the cookies in. Snickerdoodles are great for afternoon snacks, to eat with coffee after dinner or to put out on the buffet table during get-togethers. You could also put them in bags and include them in your family’s stockings.

The Best Snickerdoodles - Soft, pillowy puffs that are so irresistible! The closest recipe to Mrs. Fields snickerdoodles that you'll find!


Krispie Treat Christmas Tree

Sarah from Raining Hot Coupons shared this fun and easy recipe for making Rice Krispie treats in the form of a Christmas tree. First, you’ll follow her instructions for making the Rice Krispie treats with green food coloring. Then, shape the Rice Krispie treats into cone or tree shapes. Allow these to cool. You can now add the garland to the trees by piping on a mixture of milk, corn syrup and powdered sugar. Ask the kids of the household to decorate the trees by using mini M&Ms as ornaments. Top each tree with a candy star by using icing as a glue. Lastly, glue the tree to the top of a Reese’s. Allow the trees to set and add these to your Christmas spread.

Christmas trees Krispie Treat Christmas Trees


Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake

Go with a beautiful roll cake for dessert with this recipe from Roxana’s Home Baking. Roxana, a self-taught baker, remembers eating this cake with her family around the holidays. She used vanilla cake, vanilla butter cream frosting and red and green sprinkles to decorate her roll cake. You can also use confetti and white chocolate chips to add personality to this dessert.

A simple vanilla roll cake with red and green dots and spirals of creamy buttercream. Recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com


Christmas Décor

Get into the holiday spirit and show it in your home décor. There are a lot of simple decorations you can put together to really make it feel like Christmas.

Candy Cane Place Settings

Create personalized place settings for your guests with candy canes. Tie three candy canes together and place a name tag on the easel created by the candy canes. You can also use this project to label food platters and drinks if you’re eating buffet style.

candy cane name holders for Christmas table


Candy Cane Vase

Use this project from The Katie Brown Home Workshop to surround a flower vase with candy canes. Place the candy canes under a rubber band to hold it down, and hide the rubber band with a red ribbon. Arrange white or red flowers in the vase; roses work well for this. Now you have a centerpiece of your dinner table.


DIY Chalkboard Bulbs

You can easily create chalkboard bulb Christmas ornaments with some clear plastic bulbs, chalk and chalkboard paint. Follow the instructions for the paint you buy, and condition the chalkboard paint by covering it with chalk and wiping it clean. Write messages to each other on your chalkboard ornaments, draw pictures and do something different with them each year. This project comes from Michelle at Rust & Sunshine.


Pallet Christmas Tree

Julie of Redhead Can Decorate saved a pallet from a delivery to her home, painted it and decorated it to create this beautiful Christmas tree decoration for her home. She used ornaments she bought at a thrift store and lights she already had on hand. She put nails in the pallet in a zigzag pattern and strung the lights and garland from the nails. She also screwed a piece of tree stump to the pallet. This DIY project will look fantastic and add light to your home.

Easy Pallet Tree Tutorial


Christmas Tips

-Are people staying over in your home? Make a breakfast casserole or breakfast lasagna. Put it together before guests arrive, and pop it in the oven in the morning for a no-fuss breakfast for multiple people.

-For every one foot of Christmas tree, you need 100 lights, nine feet of garland and 20 ornaments.

-Store ornaments in plastic cups and egg cartons with plastic tubs to keep them from moving around and breaking.

-Put icing in condiment bottles for an easier way to decorate cookies.

-Buy removable plastic hooks that you can put on any ornaments. This is great for when you have a bunch of ornaments that came without hooks or if the hooks have gone missing over the years.

-Make a stylish trash can for used wrapping paper. Wrap a cardboard box in Christmas wrapping paper, and throw paper into the box as you open your presents.

Use a cardboard box wrapped in gift paper as your garbage receptable on Christmas morning.


-Use command hooks for hanging wreaths on the door and any Christmas décor around the house. Now you don’t have to use nails or damage the walls.

-Wrap Christmas lights around clothes hangers for storage.

-Find a hot chocolate recipe that’s made in the crock pot for an easier version.

-Keep a cardboard wine crate to organize wrapper paper in your closet or garage.

-Download and print a Christmas planning guide, so you won’t have to remember everything you need to buy and do off the top of your head. This will also help you save money as you stay on a schedule and buy things when they go on sale.

-Replace your Christmas lights with LED lights, which produce less heat and save on electricity.

Merry Christmas! We hope you now have some new ideas you can try out for food, décor and tips and tricks. May you create some beautiful memories and new traditions.