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Learn From The Best DIY Fails

Photo: America's Funniest Home Videos

Feeling in the mood for some kitchen DIY? That brand new range hood you bought just arrived, and you can’t wait to install it. Before you do, though, I have to ask you to consider whether or not you’re really up to the task. If you’re not already a contractor, consider hiring one to help you install your range hood. Range hood installation requires that you know how to work with drywall, plaster, and any other kind of wall material. You have to know your way around all the electrical components, too.

Whether or not you decide to go ahead and install your own range hood, I thought I’d post a video reminder of what might go wrong. Don’t laugh. Ok, go ahead, laugh. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re laughing because you’ve been there. Sometimes, you really want to be the perfect DIY-er. You know, the one who doesn’t need help. The one who can do the job without all the proper tools.

Uh huh. I’ve been there, and I have the bruised ego to show for it. So, while you’re watching this video, remember that we’ve all been through these kinds of DIY fails ourselves.

Tell us some of your own stories.

What Did the Pig Say?

Summer’s here, and it’s hot!

Try eating these foods to stay cool:



-Light salads with lots of leafy veggies

Stay away from spicy foods or dehydrating foods, and remember to turn the oven and the stove on as little as possible while it’s really hot and turn the range hood on while cooking. Stay cool!

Pig Bacon Range Hoods Inc

Is This Range Hood Ducted or Ductless?

Just by looking…can you tell if this range hood is ducted or ductless? How will we ever know?! #thedress

Range Hoods Inc The Dress Final

Note: Ducted range hoods ventilate air to the outside of the home via ductwork, while ductless range hoods filter air and re-circulate it back into the kitchen. The more you know!