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Inject Some Indigenous Design Inspiration Into Your Home

Photo: Freshome.com

There really is so much more to Indigenous design than the usual kitsch, like eagle feathers or geometric shapes. Indigenous design celebrates cultures that have roots in North America going back tens of thousands of years. The ornaments and patterns that these cultures developed held special meaning for whole communities. Those designs could even be passed down through generations of one family!

Indigenous design finds inspiration in many ways and from many sources. The environment is a big one. Indigenous designs might feature natural wood, animal fur, and colors that occur in nature. But to say that’s all Indigenous design is would be wrong. Like any good designer, Indigenous professionals assess their clients’ needs and wants while adding their own special perspective.

So, whether you’re celebrating Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we hope you take a moment to look around and appreciate the natural beauty in your environment.

Want to add some natural elements to your own home? Take a look at these images for inspiration:

Photo: Native American Kitchen Decor

Photo: Craftsmanship Workshop

Photo: creativetouchinteriors.ca