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July Blog Hop Post #3: Tile Tips for an Eye-Catching Backsplash

Can we get a drum roll, please? Range Hoods Inc would like to announce the publication of the third post within the Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop! This contribution comes from Bill Buyok at the Tile Talk blog. Bill contributed Tile Tips for an Eye-Catching Backsplash; this post should guide you through choosing tile for your kitchen backsplash.

July Blog Hop Instagram4_1

Don’t forget that in addition to reading the blog post contributions, you have only 3 days left to enter for the drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. Enter here for a chance to win; we hope the funds help you throughout the summer in your DIY projects and home improvement goals.

Tile Talk is the blog at Avente Tile, a company that specializes in ceramic, handmade tile for interiors and exteriors in elegant home design. In his blog hop contribution, Bill explains how artisan tile can complement your kitchen within the backsplash. As you can see in the photos in Bill’s blog post, artisan tile pops in the back of the kitchen and gives personality and character to the space and the kitchen design. Click the link above to learn more and learn how to choose backsplash tile for your kitchen.

You can find each contribution from the Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop Here:

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The Blog Hop Giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card ends at midnight on August 31st, 2015. Visit our blog post (Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop & $50 Amazon Gift Card) to enter for multiple chances to win by visiting the Facebook pages of the participants above. It’s easy and fast to enter.

Thanks for reading, and stay cool! We wish you the best in your Summer DIY & Home Improvement endeavors this year.

How to Layout an Efficient Kitchen

Why do you need an efficient layout for your kitchen? Designing your kitchen with an efficient layout in mind ensures that you can use your kitchen to its maximum potential and save as much time as possible while preparing and cooking food. While working on your kitchen, don’t forget to read our infographic Choosing Range Hoods for Kitchen Size for assistance in picking out a kitchen range hood.

There are different templates for kitchen design available to you depending on the floor plan of your kitchen and how you prefer to have everything spaced out. Choosing a layout that fits into the kitchen floor plan you already have will be more economical, because moving pipes and running electrical will be costly and time consuming.

The first thing to consider while laying out a kitchen is the work triangle. The work triangle is the placement of the cooking surface, the kitchen sink and the fridge. If you draw a line between these elements, the resulting shape will be a triangle. This is the most efficient way to place these zones in the kitchen. Ideally, there will be work spaces wherever possible between the points of the triangle.

Kitchen Layouts

These traditional kitchen layouts can help guide you through your kitchen design. Choose the layout that best fits your kitchen.

L-shaped: This kitchen layout consists of two countertops on connecting walls that form the shape of the letter “L.”

L-Shaped Kitchen via deHouss

Horseshoe: A horseshoe kitchen has three walls on which kitchen elements are placed. An L-shaped kitchen with the addition of an island is also considered a horseshoe kitchen.

Horseshoe Kitchen via HGTV

One-wall: These kitchens are simple and efficient with everything located on one wall. This layout is a good choice for smaller homes and kitchens.

One Wall Kitchen Design

One-wall Kitchen via Kitchen Appliance Reviews

Galley: A galley kitchen is another layout that works well in smaller homes. It consists of two walls or two countertops on each side of each other.

Galley Kitchen via HGTV

Once you have determined which kitchen layout you have, or will have in the future, you can start to layout an efficient kitchen design.

Another way to make a kitchen more efficient is the addition of a kitchen island, if the kitchen is large enough to support one. The island can function as one of the points of the work triangle.

Kitchen islands are practical and provide many functions. They provide extra work surface and storage space. You can also install a stovetop and oven into the kitchen island, as well as a sink for washing food and filling pots. A kitchen island with wheels is great; you can move it around where you need it, when you need it.

Which kitchen layout do you prefer? Do you prefer that layout because of efficiency or because of aesthetics? Feel free to let us know!

Range Hoods Inc is an online retailer of stainless steel kitchen range hoods. Feel free to contact us with your questions about kitchen design and kitchen appliances at 1-800-914-9775. We are available seven days a week.

July Blog Hop Post #2: Budget Outdoor Décor Hacks… By Snazzy Little Things

For those of you following the Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop event, we’re excited to announce that the second post of the campaign is live on the Snazzy Little Things blog. You can follow the blog hop and past blog hop posts here on the Range Hoods Inc blog. (If you haven’t been following, don’t worry. You can still go back and read the previous posts and you still have time to enter the giveaway.)

July Blog Hop Instagram2_1

The Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop is celebrating Summer DIY & Home Improvement through a collaboration of blog posts with other bloggers, as well as a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. We hope this blog hop inspires you in your DIY and home décor projects as the summer goes on.

We’re excited to read Jeanette’s contribution to the blog hop, which you can find here: Budget Outdoor Décor Hacks on the Snazzy Little Things blog. Jeanette is an experienced DIY-er, lover of vintage décor and the host of the #30DayFlip on Hometalk.

Snazzy Little Things Logo

Don’t forget to check back to the Blog Hop this month as more people post their blogs, including a contribution from Tile Talk.

Also, throughout the Blog Hop, you can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card up until midnight on July 31st, 2015. Enter here; you can get multiple chances to enter by visiting the Facebook pages of the Blog Hop participants. Just follow the instructions in the link. Please let us know if you have any questions. Good luck and happy reading!

How to Make a Small Kitchen Seem Bigger

You love cooking, and you never feel more comfortable or at home as you do in the kitchen. Increasingly, however, you’re becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of room in your kitchen, and your beginning to feel that it’s putting limitations on your creative genius.  While you may not have the time, finances, or physical space to expand and renovate the whole kitchen, there are a few simple tips and tricks that work wonders in helping to give off the sensation of space in the lack thereof. Follow these guidelines for ideas on how to give yourself a larger kitchen on a low-budget, low-maintenance plan.

Lighter and Brighter
White is an open and airy color that often gives off the impression of space. White that flows seamlessly from the floors, to the counter tops, up to the cabinets and through the ceiling will give your kitchen a light and spacious appearance. Contrasting colors that stop and start and bounce from one section of your kitchen to another make your kitchen seem cramped and cluttered, forcing the eyes to wander back and forth between all of the varying colors. Natural lighting accentuates the bright and flowing color schemes, giving the kitchen the impression of space.

Small White Kitchen - CerMG

Through the Looking Glass
Obtaining more space in your small kitchen is all about tricking the eye. Making small changes to your kitchen, especially when you have looked at it one way for some time, can open up the space and make a world of difference. One way to achieve this is by exchanging solid cabinet doors for see-through glass.  Cabinets that bulge out from the wall and stand as solid blocks of space often make a kitchen seem smaller. Replacing your old cabinet doors with solid glass can trick the eye and give off an appearance of greater space than actually exists.


Shiny is Better
Remember when you were a child, and you automatically assumed that something shiny was valuable and worth picking up? Well, in a cramped kitchen, this rule still applies!  If your kitchen has under-cabinet space, fill up that space with a mirrored wall – even though you know your kitchen hasn’t changed sizes, your eyes will see the space through the mirror and automatically signal a wider space to your brain. The same goes for the rest of the surfaces in your kitchen. A dishwasher with a stainless steel finish, see-through cabinets, shiny tile floors, and glossy paint, can all have a mirror effect on your kitchen, making it seem like you just gained a few extra feet of space.


Miniaturize the Furniture
Does your kitchen have a large dining table that fits your own family, plus a few guests? Exchanging large furniture for slim, bare-minimum furnishing can add a lot of space to your kitchen. Unless you host a party full of guests every other week, consider a sleeker table set, a rolling island, or a multi-functional bar. The additional space from cutting back on furnishings will be a renovation in itself.


Consider a Wall-Mounted Vent Hood
Depending on the placement of your stove, one way to increase space in a small kitchen is to divide cabinet space with the use of a slender wall-mounted range hood. The break in bulky cabinetry can give the appearance of more space, and the chimney of a slender range hood can make a small wall space feel much larger.


Invert Your Storage
A big problem with small kitchens can often be that there is not enough cabinet space to satisfy basic cooking and food preparation needs. Kitchen utensils and dishware left out in the open take up counter space and make an already small kitchen look cluttered and chaotic. If you’ve stuffed your cabinets full of items, and still find yourself in need of more space, try inverting the walls to add additional space. This will not only give you more storage room, but add to the spaciousness of your kitchen.

Simpson Strong my house my home com


Whether your kitchen is hardly big enough for standing room, or you simply want to make some room, these simple measures can give your kitchen a makeover that will leave you feeling like you just received a brand new kitchen. Tell us which option you think will work best with your kitchen’s design!


2015 Best Range Hoods

Kitchens exist to provide a level of functionality, but they can also be more than that. The best kitchens are not only supremely functional, but they are also decorative and aesthetically pleasing. They should be a place where friends and family can gather to talk, laugh and enjoy a meal together. A place that is comfortable, attractive, and promotes relaxation rather than stress. Range hoods can be one way to step up the style of your kitchen, and today we are going to discuss some of the best range hoods available in 2015, what makes them ideal, and what specific functions they serve.

One of our favorites is the Cavaliere B02CL-30″ Wall Mount Range Hood, displayed below:

Cavaliere B02CL 30 Wall Mount Range Hood

Features Include:
– 860 CFM centrifugal blower
– Dual four-speed electronic, touch sensitive control panel with LCD display
– Two 35W halogen lights
– Baffle Filter (dishwasher-safe!)
– 430 Stainless steel brushed finish
– Telescopic decorative chimney of variable dimension
– 6” round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
– Venting Mode: Duct

This simple, yet sophisticated range hood promises to compliment any kitchen with its sheik, clean design.  While the affordability of this range hood won’t break the bank, the quality and superiority of this stylish range hood will give your kitchen a beautiful makeover.

Cavaliere also features a wide variety of under-cabinet range hoods, so if you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to your range hood, these can be a fantastic alternative. You may simply not have the space or ability to add a quality wall-mounted or island range hood to your kitchen, in which case, we suggest the Cavaliere  Euro AP238-PS13-30 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood with a Remote Control, as pictured below: Cavaliere Euro AP238 PS13 30 30 Under Cabinet Range Hood with Remote Control


Features Include:
– Dual squirrel cage ultra quiet monitors
– 900 CFM centrifugal blower
– Four-speed touch sensitive electronic LCD control panel with heat sensor and                           remote control
– Unique Heat Sensitive Auto Speed (HSAS) function controls fan speed automatically
– Credit card-size wireless remote control system, operates the range hood from                         more than 20ft away.
– Delayed power auto shut off (15 minute pre-set)
– Two 35W halogen lights (GU-10 bulbs)
– Stainless steel baffle filter (dishwasher friendly!)
– Heavy duty 10 gauge stainless steel brush finish
– 8″ round duct vent exhaust

This under-cabinet range hood may be small, but it is also powerful and jam-packed with exciting features. The petite design of this Cavaliere range hood means that it should fit above almost any stove top, and underneath the majority of kitchen cabinets.  The small remote control allows you to easily move around the kitchen without constantly having to stop what you are doing to change the fan speed.

Spagna Vetro also offers some very high quality range hoods that have a slightly different design than our top-pick Cavaliere range hoods. We particularly like the Spagna Vetro SV198D-36” Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Glass Range Hood.  The glass feature makes this range hood look a step above the rest and gives it an air of sophistication that would compliment any home.

SPAGNA VETRO 36 SV198D 36 Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Glass Range Hood

Features Include:
– 860 CFM centrifugal blower
– Three-speed mechanical, soft-touch push button control panel
– Two 25W halogen lights (GU-10 bulbs)
– Aluminum multi-layers micro-cell dishwasher-friendly grease filter(s)
– Machine crafted stainless steel brush finish)
– 6″ round duct vent exhaust and back draft damper
– Convertible to duct-free operation
– Telescopic flue accommodates 8ft to 9ft ceilings
– Tempered glass canopy

For a more rounded, and less bulky or sturdy look, this Spagna Vetro Range hood can be the perfect tool to incorporate into any kitchen. Whether your remodeling, or simply upgrading, this range hood promises to bring some grace to your kitchen.

Finally, Imperial Hoods can has something to fit every kitchen design with their wide ranging selection of range hoods. From the 1920E 20” Under Cabinet Economy Range Hood (pictured) below, to the illustrious C2030BP-8 30” Range Hood (below), Imperial Hoods promises to have an enticing variety of ventilating systems from which to choose.

Imperial 1920E 20 Under Cabinet Economy Range Hood

Features Include:
– 7 inch vent size
– Height 6″ inch / Depth 18″ (front/back)
– Requires one 40 watt halogen light (PAR 20)
– 115 AC, 60 HZ, 9 Amps suggested use with 15 amp circuits the range hood from                     – Rocker controls ON/OFF Power and light
– 1.5 (low) – 4.6 (high) sones

Imperial C2030BP-8 30″ Range Hood

Imperial C2030BP 8 30 Range Hood

Features Include:
– 8 inch Vent Size
– 18 1/8” inch depth (front/back)
– Center panel requires two 50-watt halogen lights (PAR 20)
– 115 AC, 60 HZ, 9 Amps Suggested use with 15 Amp Circuit
– Dual blowers
– Independent control of variable fan speed and lighting intensity
– 880 (CFM)

The Imperial C2030BP-8 30” is more than just a range hood; it’s an accessory to the style and experience of your kitchen. Expect plenty of compliments and questions on your range hood when you add this beauty to your kitchen design.

These are just a few of our favorite 2015 range hoods, but you can visit Range Hoods Inc for even more choices when it comes to finding the right range hood for your kitchen. Comment below to let us know what type of range hood you think will look best in your kitchen!

July Blog Hop Post #1: 5 Elements of an Artful Kitchen by Artful Kitchens

We’re happy to announce that the first blog entry in the Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop & $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway has been posted. The July Blog Hop, hosted here on the Range Hoods Inc blog, celebrates blog posts about Summer DIY & Home Improvement.

Range Hoods Inc July Blog Hop

Gloria Graham-Sollecito has contributed a fantastic blog post on the 5 Elements of an Artful Kitchen. Read the post on her blog here. We are so happy to share Gloria’s article with you, which walks you through five important elements that go into designing a graceful and beautiful kitchen. Maybe it’s time to update your kitchen or make a few changes, and Gloria’s blog can help inspire you and/or give you ideas.

Artful Kitchens

Don’t forget to check back as we post updates to the July Blog Hop event, including posts coming soon from the blogs Snazzy Little Things and Tile Talk.

We’re hoping these blog posts inspire you to make those home improvements you’ve been pondering about throughout the years. The summer months are a great time to get working on some DIY projects.

Also, remember to enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card here. You can get up to 4 chances to enter by visiting the Facebook pages of the participating blogs. It’s fast and easy; the gift card can help the winner as they work on home improvement projects this summer. We’ll announce the winner here on the Range Hoods Inc blog on August 3rd, 2015.

Additional Tips for Small Kitchens

There are many pros to living in small homes; small homes generally require less upkeep and maintenance. However, when it comes to storage and clutter, many of us struggle with day-to-day life in small spaces. Using some ingenuity and know-how, you can help make your small kitchen feel larger. Manipulate design elements, add more storage and dive into some DIY projects to make using your small kitchen more pleasant and easier.

For additional advice for life in a small kitchen, check out our previous blog posts here: Small Kitchen Ideas and Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen.

DESIGN ELEMENTS: Use some design tips to make your kitchen feel bigger, even though it’s exactly the same dimensions it’s always been.

Mirrors: Place mirrors throughout the room to make the space feel larger. Surfaces and objects are reflected back in the mirror, which creates the illusion of a bigger space to the viewers.

Wallpaper: Use a fun, bold wallpaper to add texture to the room. Also, putting wallpaper on one accent wall in a dark or a bold color will help make the room feel wider.

Glass: Glass makes spaces feel bigger because you can see through it to other rooms and areas. Great glass options for small kitchens include glass walls, glass doors that lead to other rooms or the yard, glass tile, glass cabinets and glass counters.

In Mark Egerstrom's 1,200-square-foot West Hollywood home, the wood floors of the kitchen extend out to a coordinated deck through glass shower doors, creating the illusion of a much bigger space. The walnut cabinetry was designed by Egerstrom: "It's my take on old farmhouse kitchens, updated to the 21st century." It was fabricated by Gary Ferguson of Case and Grain with Glacier White Corian counters and custom inset handles.<br /><br /><br /><br />

Photo Credit: http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g394/small-kitchens/?slide=4

Pot Rack: Replace a kitchen cabinet with a pot rack to make the space feel open and airy.

Lighting: A small space with no light feels much duller and smaller than a space with great task lighting. Remember to install task lighting and pendant lighting in your kitchen.

Colors: Don’t be afraid to let your style shine by using daring colors. Colors make the space more interesting and draw attention away from the dimensions of the room.

Photo Credit: http://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/kitchens/small-kitchens-8-design-ideas-to-try-pictures

DIY PROJECTS & STORAGE: Use your creativity and DIY skills to create more storage in your kitchen. These projects will help cut down on clutter in small kitchen.

Magnetic Spice Bottles: Free up space by creating a magnetic spice rack that will keep your spices off of the kitchen counter. The magnetic spice bottles pictured below come from the blog Amy Bites. In this project, the bottles attach to a wall-mounted, metal base. However, you can also use magnets to attach the bottles to the side of your fridge.

Photo Credit: http://www.amybites.com/?p=2775

Rolling Shelves under the Sink: Make the most you can out of the existing storage space in the kitchen. This DIY project allows you to pull out shelves in the cabinets. This way you can fit more items in the same space and they’re easier to reach.

Curtain Rod: Place an extendable curtain rod in the kitchen cabinet to hold the lids to your cooking pots. Now they won’t scatter all over the place.

File Holder: Store your baking sheets and cutting boards in a file holder. This keeps things neat and easy to find.

DIY Murphy Desk by Shanty2Chic

Photo Credit: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2014/08/diy-murphy-desk.html

Murphy Table: Don’t have space for a dining room? Try your hand at creating a Murphy table in your small kitchen. Now you can sit down to enjoy breakfast and put the table back up when it’s not in use. The example below comes from the blog Shanty 2 Chic.

We hope these tips and tricks help you become more comfortable in your small kitchen. If you have more ideas for small kitchens, feel free to share them with us.

Extreme Kitchens

Extreme kitchens are interiors that make your jaw drop. They’re like nothing anyone has ever seen anywhere else. Why not take your kitchen to the extreme with these inspirational ideas and design choices?

Range Hoods with Style

In Top 5 Crazy Looking Range Hoods and Top 5 Crazy Looking Range Hoods Part 2, you’ll see range hoods that look like sculptures or lighting fixtures. These designs give a new meaning to the word “hood.” Bring creativity and elegance to the kitchen with designer range hoods like these that will make your kitchen design pop.

For example, in the photo below, you can see how the Sopresa Vertigo Double from Best Range Hoods looks like metal artwork, but it is in fact a working kitchen range hood.

Bring Nature Inside

It looks like someone built this kitchen around an existing tree. It would be relaxing to be so close to nature while cooking family meals and creating memories in the kitchen. Add some potted plants and this will feel like an outdoor kitchen.


Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45528646203974286/

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

This unique wine rack brings an industrial and “steam punk” look to the kitchen. This piece would look great in a bachelor pad. The style adds a custom look to the kitchen.

Whoever thought up this #wine rack #design is pretty creative! What an interesting way to #recycle old materials to create something new and #beautiful.

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/385620786816111940/

SkidawayPipeWorks on Etsy offers a similar feel with its one-of-a-kind kitchen pot and pan holder design. This “industrial modern décor” is outside of the box and handmade.

Kitchen Pot & Pan Holder Hanging Pots and Pans Industrial Modern Decor

The photo below is another example of an industrial, modern kitchen with one-of-a-kind pieces. It looks like the bar stools may have been created with reclaimed materials. The oversized lights fit well into the design and frame the kitchen island.

Open shelves, instead of upper cabinets, give a small kitchen in designer Ken Fulk's Napa Valley house an airy feel. The shelves and countertops are made of galvanized metal and the cabinetry is made from old fencing. Vintage truck springs, used as stools, were found at Artefact Design & Salvage. Fulk spotted the vintage industrial pendant lights at the Paris flea market.<br />

Photo Credit: http://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/g1493/unique-kitchen-designs/?slide=9

Fearless Kitchen Lighting

Lighting can create a “wow factor” in the space. Choose lighting with flair and style that complements your kitchen décor. Lighting designs share the impressive visuals of artwork and sculptures; these are visuals that will distinguish your kitchen from others like it.

Photo Credit: http://designindulgences.com/2011/03/27/glammed-out-modern-indulgences/

Go Extreme with Color

This designer made a daring move with a bright blue color for all of the cabinets but it pays off. The cabinet color matches well with the flooring. Meanwhile, the large range hood exterior makes a big, fabulous statement.

Photo Credit: http://www.houseofturquoise.com/2014/07/sawyer-berson.html?crlt.pid=camp.mTfSeCGbwX5k

Just Around the River Bend

A river sink takes kitchen sinks to a whole new level. One way to make use of a river sink is to fill it with ice to keep drinks and/or food items cold while entertaining. The look will also create a beautiful and impressive presentation. Perhaps a river sink can also be used to wash a lot of produce at once. The river sink design creates a curve that the eye wants to follow along the counter.

a river sink! can also be filled with ice for parties..cool for kitchen island. I want this in my dream home;)

 Photo Credit: https://homes.yahoo.com/news/creative-curved-river-sinks-flow-countertops-151652787.html

Draw on the Walls

Make your kitchen your own and write on the walls. Create a chalkboard wall using chalk paint. You can create shopping lists and notes. Let out your inner child! The kitchen below also has a chic black and white color scheme that allows the chalkboard wall to fit in subtly.

Parede decorativa, onde você pode anotar recados e ainda prática! Você pode colocar os utensílio mais usado no dia a dia para complementar a decoração.

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/372813675376196396/

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create fearless and extreme kitchen designs!

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Don’t forget to choose the right kitchen sink for you. Kitchen sinks are extremely important because they’re used practically every single day. The kitchen sink comes into play when you’re doing dishes, washing produce, prepping food, etc. When it comes to sinks for the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. The following article will help you make sense of kitchen sink materials, bowls, size, shape, mounting and more.


First, decide which sink material you would like to have in your kitchen. This comes down to personal preference, depending upon which traits are most important to you. For example, which is more important to you: the durability of the material or the color? Read on to learn more about different common materials used in the construction of kitchen sinks.

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel kitchen sinks are very durable and simple to clean. However, they can produce a lot of noise while you’re washing your dishes. Be sure to put pads on the sink that will lessen the noise if you go with a stainless steel sink, or purchase a stainless steel sink that comes with the noise-reducing pads.

SM503-L 32×20 5/8 Undermount 1-3/4 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Porcelain – Porcelain sinks are available in more colors than some other materials. However, porcelain is also prone to chips and stains. If durability isn’t a major concern for you, then porcelain is a good option. However, if you are hard on your sink, then you may want to consider a more durable option.

Cast Iron – Cast iron sinks come in many colors, and they are easily cleaned. This durable material is covered in a layer of enamel. A cast iron sink in a beautiful color is a good choice for a kitchen design.

Composite Granite – Composite sink materials are made out of a mixture of different materials. Composite granite sinks come in different colors as well. Additionally, composite granite is a durable material. If the composite contains more granite, then it’s even more durable.

Copper – Handmade copper sinks have a beautiful natural color that will create a focal point in your kitchen design. As well as being made out of a durable material, copper sinks do not rust and they are resistant to bacteria.

Photo credit: http://st.houzz.com/simgs/3001b8f30fe4a55d_4-4605/kitchen-sinks.jpg

Solid Surface – Solid surface sinks come in many beautiful colors; however, these sinks are not as durable as other options. Also, note that installation is more complicated and may be more costly. Beware of scratches, chips and damage from hot pots and pans. Some scratches can be buffed out of the surface.

Fireclay – Like some of the sink materials above, fireclay sinks are durable and come in many colors. Note that fireclay sinks are also non-porous, resistant to rusting and resistant to bacteria.

We’ve just touched the surface in this blog. Search around to learn more about other sink materials that are available in the market and choose the best one for you and your kitchen.


The height at which the kitchen sink is installed will depend upon the height of the people using it the most. For example, if the homeowner is very tall, then that person would have to bend over to reach the bottom of the sink. Adjust the sink height accordingly to make using the sink more convenient for those living in the home.


The number of bowls in the sink that are needed generally depends on the person’s preference. Multiple bowls are great for homeowners that do a lot of cooking and need more bowls for multi-tasking during cooking prep and while washing pots and pans.

Bowl configurations include:



Double Bowl Sink


The arrangement of the bowls is also up to the user. However, generally, it is better to place the garbage disposal near the dishwasher. Also, right-handed and left-handed users may also want the bowls on different sides for ease of use.


A good rule of thumb for deciding on the size of the kitchen sink is to compare it to the size of the overall kitchen. It makes more sense to install a large sink in a large kitchen. Otherwise, a large sink in a small kitchen will take up precious counter space. Therefore, consider how much counter space you are willing to live without. Perhaps sacrificing counter space for a larger sink would be perfect for you; others may prefer to reserve counter space for food prep and storage.

In general, kitchen sinks are 36 inches to 42 inches tall and 25.25 inches to 26 inches wide.

Sink size may also be influenced by how much cooking you do throughout the week and the type of food prep you do. Some homeowners will need a bigger sink to accommodate their needs.


Choose the kitchen sink shape that fits both your stylistic preferences and your user preferences:

-Farmhouse sinks have an apron front that becomes a focal point in the kitchen design.

Farmhouse Sink Kitchen

Photo credit: http://theinspiredroom.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/farmhouse-sink-and-bridge-faucet-e1341532874645.jpeg

-A double farmhouse sink is similar to the farmhouse shape but includes two sides.

-A kitchen sink with rounded-sides is easier to clean than one with angles in the corners.

-The bowls in D-bowl sinks are shaped like a “D” with the straight edge closest to the user.


Mounting your kitchen sink may be a no-brainer because mounting style is often determined by sink material. Certain sinks are mounted in different ways depending on what materials they are made out of.

Undermount sinks: This mounting style puts the sink under the counter. Undermount sinks are situated 1 to 1.5 inches lower than drop-in sinks. Undermount sinks are easy to clean; this mounting style works well with granite sinks.


Photo credit: http://www.home-style-choices.com/images/undermount-sink-300×221.jpg

Drop-in sinks: You may also hear these sinks referred to as top-mount sinks. With this mounting style, the sink is lowered onto a cutout in the kitchen counter. The sink rests on top of the counter. Drop-in mounting is used while installing stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Number of Sinks

In larger, luxury kitchens, multiple sinks are sometimes installed. You may want a second sink on your kitchen island to allow more food prep and to fill different pots with water at the same time. However, remember that installing the plumbing for a second sink (if it does not already exist) can be costly.


Kitchen sinks are generally 6 to 12 inches deep. You may want to install a kitchen sink on the deeper side if you wash a lot of large pots after you cook.


The tappings are the number of holes in the sink deck. Be sure to check the number of holes in the sink deck before purchasing a faucet for your kitchen sink. You want to be sure that the sink holes match up with the faucet you are installing. If there are too many tappings, you can purchase covers to hide them. You will also need tappings for sink accessories, including soap dispensers, filtered water faucets and spray hoses for washing dishes.

Sink Accessories

While you’re choosing your kitchen sink, you might as well start thinking about whether or not you want to purchase sink accessories. Sink accessories are designed to fit on top of your sink. Examples include cutting boards, food prep bowels and colanders. These accessories allow you to do food prep on top of the sink, which frees up counter space for other tasks and storage.


Photo credit: http://golden-eagle-design.com/images/large/sinks/lg_elkay_ged_sinks_accessories1.jpg

Use this article as a guide to help you choose and design the kitchen sink that’s right for you. Remember, you can adhere to trends and style in interior design; however, be sure that at the same time, you are picking out a kitchen sink that meets your particular needs and desires. We wish you the best of luck in creating your dream kitchen.

Making an Old Kitchen Look New

A kitchen remodel can be expensive, but you don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen to make it look new or to give it some fresh updated looks. Get the luxury kitchen you want for a smaller price tag with some fun, do-it-yourself projects. These projects will be a fraction of the cost of major renovations and remodeling. Another plus to updating your kitchen is the opportunity to personalize your space to your taste and your preferences.

Get up-to-date with kitchen trends while making some modern adjustments to your kitchen in the following areas:


Ideally, we would all buy brand new appliances when ours become outdated. However, the reality is that buying new appliances is very costly. Fortunately, you can use a small budget to dress up your current appliances without having to replace them or buy new ones.

Build a DIY Custom Range Hood for Under $50 | The Rozy Home featured on Remodelaholic.com #kitchen #diy


In this project posted on Remodelaholic, Jill of The Rozy Home figured out a creative way to cover up the boring microwave range hood and brown cabinets in her kitchen. Visit Remodelaholic for the before and after photos, and you won’t be able to believe it’s the same kitchen.

First, Jill painted the brown cabinets white. She pulled out the microwave and replaced it with a hidden range hood. She took out the cabinet above the range and covered the range hood with a creation made of different pieces of wood, liquid nail, lattice and trim pieces. She sanded it, primed it and painted it. The result is an elegant range hood and a kitchen that looks brand new. All of this was accomplished for the cost of paint and a small amount of wood.

Buying a new fridge may not be in the cards, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with a fridge you’re unhappy with. If you’re tired of your fridge, you can dress it up with chalkboard paint, stickers, removable wallpaper or anything your heart desires. Give the fridge some personality and cover up any yellowing areas or stains.


In a post on Apartment Therapy, Megan and Kit needed an update to the old fridge in their apartment. With their landlord’s permission, they painted the fridge with a chevron pattern with Rust-oleum chalkboard base. The result is a beautiful fridge with multi-colored chalkboard paint in a fun and trendy pattern. This project beats buying a new fridge, and it helps add style and personality to a kitchen.


The backsplash goes all around the kitchen; giving it a fresh look can make a big impact in the whole room. Don’t overlook the possibilities. There are so many directions in which you can go with a kitchen backsplash. When it comes to backsplashes, there’s a never-ending list of materials you can use and ways in which you can use them. You can re-tile your backsplash inexpensively with sheets of tile. Alternatively, make a mosaic on the backsplash above the range for a personalized focal point in the kitchen design. Make your kitchen look one-of-a-kind. Another inexpensive alternative to replacing the backsplash is using tile decals to add decoration to the tiles that are already there. Think about how great your kitchen can look with a DIY backsplash above granite kitchen counter tops.


The picture above is from Jessica’s post on The Lovely Side. Jessica explains how renters can dress up their backsplashes with temporary options. These methods are also affordable. The above option is a temporary metal backsplash. Jessica also recommends removable wallpaper, fabric, place mats, chalkboard decals and vinyl tiles. Make sure that any adhesive used can be removed when you move out of the apartment or house.


As pointed out in Jill’s range hood project in the first section of this blog, painting the kitchen cabinets is an affordable project that can make a kitchen feel new. A new coat of paint can drastically improve the look of the cabinets without having to replace them, which is very costly.

10 steps to paint your kitchen cabinets the easy way - an easy tutorial anyone can use!


The cabinets pictured above are from Virginia’s post on Live Love DIY. Virginia walks you through how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Her cabinets look amazing with a fresh coat of paint and brand new hardware. Read Virginia’s guide on painting kitchen cabinets to figure out everything you need to buy and everything you need to do. In essence, you will be removing all doors and hardware, sanding the doors and frame, filling holes with wood filler, sanding the wood filler, caulking the seams, priming, painting, sanding again, finishing, putting the doors back on and installing new hardware.

Don’t forget, you can also add crown molding around existing cabinets to make them look custom made.


Why stop at the cabinets? A new coat of paint can do wonders to a room. While getting ready to repaint your kitchen, you can decide if you want to paint an accent wall. Go crazy and paint the ceiling a unique color. Or you can just freshen up the paint color you have now for a nice, finished look. Don’t forget chalkboard paint. You can paint an entire wall or the entire fridge. Use the chalkboard wall to write down recipes, menus, doodles, notes for one another or create a calendar and schedule for the whole family.


Megan of Honey We’re Home used Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint in the color Summer Nights to create the beautiful accent wall pictured above. Now her son can write on the wall while she cooks. When there’s no chalk on it, it looks like a regular wall inside an elegant kitchen design.


You will be surprised at how much of a difference simply changing out the faucet can make. Change out older faucets on your kitchen sink. You might even want to go with touch-free technology, which is more hygienic and makes working in the kitchen faster.


The same logic above about the kitchen faucet holds true for the lighting in your kitchen. Change out old lighting fixtures for updated and contemporary designs. If it’s in your budget, you can also install task lighting. Several layers of lighting make a big impression in the kitchen and make preparing food easier.


Adding storage space to your kitchen can help cut down on clutter and clear your counter tops. This will definitely make your kitchen look more appealing and make it more functional. Kitchen storage can be added with a few DIY projects. Build your own kitchen island, add open shelving to the walls and design a pull out pantry. The possibilities are endless. The following are some examples of kitchen DIY storage.

Purchase a kitchen cart. These are inexpensive and create more space for storage and preparation in your kitchen. When you’re not using it, it will fit nicely into a corner.


Recycle an old door like in the project above from C.R.A.F.T. Jaime was renting and needed kitchen storage that didn’t require putting holes in the wall. She spray painted this door and added some Command hooks. Now, she can store utensils, pot holders, spices and dish towels on the door, which frees up her drawer space.

Diy pots and pans pegboard


This kitchen peg board project comes from Emma at A Beautiful Mess. Emma added storage to her kitchen by purchasing a peg board, painting it and mounting it to the wall with bracing wood. She also used a white paint pen to outline the items she decided to store on the peg board.

To increase storage space, also consider installing a pot rack. This will open up space in the kitchen cabinets for appliances and other items.

Lastly, you can upcycle old furniture in your home or that you find at the thrift store and turn it into something new. For example, turn an old dresser into a DIY sideboard by sanding it, repainting it and decorating it with new hardware.

Making an old kitchen look new can be fun and easy with the DIY projects we covered. Just remember that your kitchen should be a place where you enjoy spending time and preparing your meals. Don’t let a small budget worry you; design a kitchen you can love.