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How To Buy An Exposed Chimney-Style Range Hood

Tues. 28

Modern homes sport all kinds of design elements that our parents and grandparents would never have thought of showing off in their own homes. Now, we can find exposed brick, concrete countertops, and chimney-style range hoods.

The chimney-style is exactly that. The ductwork is exposed as it climbs up toward the ceiling. Is this the right style for you?

Installing a chimney-style range hood means that your kitchen will be short at least one double cupboard. If you really need the storage, then you should probably look at other styles of range hoods. If the loss of extra storage isn’t a big deal, then you’ll find a whole variety of chimney-style range hoods. They come in different colors, metals, and glass, even combinations of those.

Here’s what you need to know:


There are a number of different kinds of filters available today. The one you end up with will depend on the range hood model you choose.

Tues.28-cassette filter

Cassette filter: The aluminum mesh allows air to flow through it, but will collect grease.

Tues. 28 baffle filter

Baffle filter: Air and grease is pulled through the opening. The air continues out through the ductwork while the grease settles on the plates.

Tues. 28 carbon filter

Carbon filter: Sometimes referred to as a charcoal filter, it absorbs odor and grease while exhausting air through the ductwork and out of the home.


Chimney-style range hoods offer you a few different style options. Work with a designer to figure out which one would work best in your own home.

Wall mounted chimneys are popular in both modern and traditional kitchens:

Photo: KitchenSource.com

Island chimneys are perfect for open concept kitchens:

Photo: Kitchen Design Ideas Blog

Photo: Kitchen Design Ideas Blog

Corner chimney-style range hoods free you up to design your kitchen in any way you’d like:

Photo: GardenWeb

Photo: GardenWeb

Read more about chimney-style range hoods here.




How to Layout an Efficient Kitchen

Why do you need an efficient layout for your kitchen? Designing your kitchen with an efficient layout in mind ensures that you can use your kitchen to its maximum potential and save as much time as possible while preparing and cooking food. While working on your kitchen, don’t forget to read our infographic Choosing Range Hoods for Kitchen Size for assistance in picking out a kitchen range hood.

There are different templates for kitchen design available to you depending on the floor plan of your kitchen and how you prefer to have everything spaced out. Choosing a layout that fits into the kitchen floor plan you already have will be more economical, because moving pipes and running electrical will be costly and time consuming.

The first thing to consider while laying out a kitchen is the work triangle. The work triangle is the placement of the cooking surface, the kitchen sink and the fridge. If you draw a line between these elements, the resulting shape will be a triangle. This is the most efficient way to place these zones in the kitchen. Ideally, there will be work spaces wherever possible between the points of the triangle.

Kitchen Layouts

These traditional kitchen layouts can help guide you through your kitchen design. Choose the layout that best fits your kitchen.

L-shaped: This kitchen layout consists of two countertops on connecting walls that form the shape of the letter “L.”

L-Shaped Kitchen via deHouss

Horseshoe: A horseshoe kitchen has three walls on which kitchen elements are placed. An L-shaped kitchen with the addition of an island is also considered a horseshoe kitchen.

Horseshoe Kitchen via HGTV

One-wall: These kitchens are simple and efficient with everything located on one wall. This layout is a good choice for smaller homes and kitchens.

One Wall Kitchen Design

One-wall Kitchen via Kitchen Appliance Reviews

Galley: A galley kitchen is another layout that works well in smaller homes. It consists of two walls or two countertops on each side of each other.

Galley Kitchen via HGTV

Once you have determined which kitchen layout you have, or will have in the future, you can start to layout an efficient kitchen design.

Another way to make a kitchen more efficient is the addition of a kitchen island, if the kitchen is large enough to support one. The island can function as one of the points of the work triangle.

Kitchen islands are practical and provide many functions. They provide extra work surface and storage space. You can also install a stovetop and oven into the kitchen island, as well as a sink for washing food and filling pots. A kitchen island with wheels is great; you can move it around where you need it, when you need it.

Which kitchen layout do you prefer? Do you prefer that layout because of efficiency or because of aesthetics? Feel free to let us know!

Range Hoods Inc is an online retailer of stainless steel kitchen range hoods. Feel free to contact us with your questions about kitchen design and kitchen appliances at 1-800-914-9775. We are available seven days a week.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can provide space and functionality to a kitchen area. It is also a palette for creativity and design because it can be extremely customizable. Kitchen islands with a cooking surface bring cooking to the center of the room and off of the wall.

Storage & Convenience. A kitchen island can provide the storage shelves, cabinets and space you need for those pots, pans and cooking utensils without a home. They are also a great spot for smaller kitchen appliances and mixing bowls for use during food preparation.

You can also use a cart in place of a kitchen island, unless you need an island with a cooking surface. Kitchen carts are convenient for this purpose because they are mobile, generally less costly than a custom kitchen island and can be moved from home to home. They are helpful in smaller kitchens and in apartments because they are compact. A larger kitchen space may call for a utility table, which will increase counter space and create more elbow room for food preparation.

Some kitchen islands go above and beyond with cool features and add-ons, such as sinks, cooking surfaces, and/or built-in wine refrigerators. Other custom kitchen islands include refrigerated drawers so you can pull out produce and put it straight on the cutting board.

Aesthetics. The kitchen island you choose can drastically change the aesthetics of your kitchen. There are countless features and styles for kitchen islands, including building material, countertop material, cabinet doors and amount of counter space. one popular trend is to recycle wood to create the counter top for the kitchen island; these counter tops are sturdy and have a lot of character and personality.

You can play around with aesthetics by adding bar stools to the side of your kitchen island to create another area for eating. Kitchen islands with stove tops and bar stools create a great space to socialize with your guests or your family whenever you’re cooking.

Let your imagination fly and consider tackling a do-it-yourself kitchen island project; you’ll be the one in control creating the kitchen island of your dreams.

Island Range Hood. Depending upon the kitchen island you go with, you may want to install an island range hood. If you have a cooking surface on your island, then you will definitely want an island range hood. These hang from the ceiling for kitchen ventilation and a chimney covers the ductwork. If you have taller ceilings, you can purchase a chimney extension. The island range hood will accomplish the important job of removing grease, smoke and undesirable smells from the kitchen while you’re cooking.

The island range hood should be the width of the cooking surface with additional space on each side. Island range hoods carried on RangeHoodsInc.com include those from Spagna Vetro, Cavaliere and Imperial. Styles come in both more traditional looks and more modern designs. More traditional models have the classic hood look, while other models are curvier and come with tempered glass canopies. Call 1-800-914-9775 today if you have any questions about island range hoods on RangeHoodsInc.com.