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Don’t Make These 4 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes


Do you ever catch yourself dreaming of a brand new kitchen? It’s ok. It’s a good activity in which to engage. I, for instance, can spend hours poring over images of beautiful range hoods, countertop materials, and fridges. Nothing is impossible when you’re designing a kitchen in your head.

Reality, however, functions by slightly different rules. Money, for instance, is usually not an unlimited resource. Space is also usually at a premium. Despite the challenges, remodelling a kitchen is entirely possible, and even preferable. Think of it this way: you deserve a great kitchen. You deserve to have a kitchen that works for you. There’s absolutely no need to settle for something that just doesn’t work for you.

So, now that you’re ready to embark on a kitchen renovation, I’m going to let you in on a secret (ok, a poorly kept secret). Stay on your toes through the whole process because, as Murphy’s Law suggests, if something can go wrong, it probably will.

Keep an eye out for these common mistakes. Most of us end making at least one!

  • Being your own General Contractor. There’s a reason why people specialize in this area. There’s a lot of information about construction and building codes that a General Contractor must know extremely well. If you try to take on this role, you’re bound to make some serious mistakes.
  • Hiring just any General Contractor. Just because someone calls themselves a General Contractor doesn’t mean that you should hire him or her. Get referrals and do an Internet search. In the end, monitor your own comfort level. If the individual doesn’t inspire your trust and confidence, don’t feel obligated to hire him or her.
  • Asking for quotes when you’re not sure what you want. It’s fun to have General Contractors come into your home, give you their ideas for your kitchen, and provide you with a quote. The problem is that, if you’re not 100% sure of what you need in your kitchen, the quote will be way off. You’ll likely end up paying more than you should, and the General Contractor will end up feeling very frustrated by what might feel like constantly changing priorities.
  • Don’t pay in advance. At least, don’t pay more than 30% of the total cost of the project in advance. The General Contractor will need to buy materials to begin the job. But, he or she should provide you with a clear payment schedule that both of you can follow throughout the renovation.

Over to you: have you made errors through a kitchen renovation? Share them with us!

Monthly Pick – The Kitchen Remodel – Stick To A Budget

kitchen remodel

Flipping through magazine images of beautiful kitchens is so wonderful and painful at the same time. It’s wonderful because the kitchens are so inspiring. I can see lots in all the images that I’d love to have in my own kitchen – a large fridge, a centre island with its own sink and seating on the opposite edge, an expanse of counter space. And that’s the part that’s ultimately painful.

I can’t have most of those things unless I knock out a wall or two. My kitchen is a pretty typical 10 x 10 square foot … well, square. I already have a lot packed into it. But, what if I really was to embark on a renovation? How much would it cost?

The truth is that my kitchen has seen a few major and minor remodels over the years. No matter how many times I go through it, the same question pops up: how much is this going to cost? The whole process feels less than straightforward to me.

So, I thought I’d set out a kind of a guideline to help you, and ultimately me when I decide to remodel again, outline a budget.

the budget

A typical reno can run between $10,000 and $100,000. Because that’s a huge range, you might think that it’s not very helpful. But, in actual fact, it tells us something very important about kitchen remodels. It tells us that there are more important questions that need to be answered before a budget can be set in place.

The first question is how much can you really afford. Also consider how long you plan to live in your home. If it’s 5 years or less, you should probably undertake a minor renovation instead of a large-scale change. The logic here is getting back (in the sale price) what you put into it.

You should also analyze how you use your kitchen. Do you really need a 6 burner stove when you’re cooking for only a few people a few days of the week?

Create a spreadsheet on which you can record the specific appliances you want to purchase and how much each will cost. Add a line for labor costs as well. That last bit could cost you approximately one third of the total renovation cost. Finally, add a contingency fund line, usually about 10% of the total project. Hopefully, you’ll never have to dip into this. But, speaking from experience, and if you live in an older home, there are bound to be surprises behind the walls.

hiring the right people

You’ll need to think about whether you need to hire a designer to come up with the renovation blueprint along with a contractor. Or, perhaps you can find a contractor who can create the design template him or herself. The latter option could save thousands of dollars.

Seek out at least 3 quotes. If you’re lucky, your contractors will submit quotes that fall within the same ballpark. That will tell you how much a renovation should cost. If your quotes come back to you in a range, do a little more research. Ideally, beware of hiring the most expensive and the least expensive offers. A quote that falls somewhere in the middle should indicate the skill and integrity of the contractor.

paying for it

Regardless of whether or not you have the cash in the bank, it’s a good idea to qualify for financing from a bank. Look for a low interest rate and a flexible payment schedule.

Share with us your own renovation tips!



Choosing Range Hoods for Kitchen Size

Choosing a kitchen range hood is easy! Just follow the steps in our infographic to determine which size range hood you need for the size of your kitchen. Meanwhile, you can also browse our recent blog post 2015 Best Range Hoods as you shop for your kitchen remodel.

Choosing Range Hoods for Kitchen Size Infographic Image

Best Range Hoods Under Cabinet

Under cabinet range hoods are perfect for small kitchens, in which a wall mount range hood will not fit because of the cabinet design or because of space limitations. Under cabinet range hood models allow you to avoid removing an existing cabinet. You may also consider hiding the range hood within the cabinet above the stove.

If you are in the market for an under cabinet range hood, look through these bestselling models from Range Hoods Inc. Exploring under cabinet range hoods may give you the inspiration you need to make decisions for your kitchen remodeling project.


Cavaliere-Euro UC200-SS Under Cabinet Range Hood

Image 1

This stylish model from the Cavaliere-Euro series features a sleek design with a low profile that will not overwhelm the viewer. The soft push button control panel is subtle and the quiet system allows use that is not disruptive.

-Stainless steel (brushed finish)

-Three speed levels

-Aluminum grease filters

-280 CFM centrifugal blower

-Soft-touch push button control panel

-Two 35W halogen lights

-One-year limited factory warranty


Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS13-30 30”

Image 1

This second unit is also from Cavaliere range hoods. This model is larger and features elegant curves in the front. The touch sensitive electronic LCD control panel and brushed finish stainless steel make this powerful under cabinet range hood a modern choice for kitchen design.

-Stainless steel (brushed finish)

-Four speed levels

-Stainless steel baffle filter

-900 CFM centrifugal blower

-Touch sensitive electronic LCD control panel

-Two 35W halogen lights

-Heat sensor and remote control

-One-year limited factory warranty


Cavaliere AGIO 30” Under Cabinet Range Hood

Image 1

The top curves down in this innovative model from Cavaliere for a futuristic look that will feel right at home in your kitchen remodel. This range hood delivers the right amount of power for kitchen ventilation as well with 350 CFM at three different speed levels to choose from.

-Stainless steel (brushed finish)

-Three speed levels

-Aluminum grease filters

-350 CFM centrifugal blower

-Touch sensitive keypad with blue LED lights

-Two 1.5W LED lights

-One-year limited factory warranty


Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS15-36 36” Under-Cabinet Range Hood w/ Remote Control

Image 1

Beautiful curves frame the range hood on each side in the front. The two LED lights make it easy to read and adjust the settings on the touch sensitive keypad. Also, the 30 hours cleaning reminder helps with remembering to clean the baffle filters, which are dish-washer friendly.

-Stainless steel (brushed finish)

-Four speed levels

-Stainless steel baffle filter

-900 CFM centrifugal blower

-Touch sensitive keypad with blue LED lights

-Two 20W LED lights

-30 hours cleaning reminder

-One-year limited factory warranty


Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS37-30 30” Under Cabinet Range Hood

Image 1

The baffle filters in this under cabinet range hood give it a professional look and they are dishwasher-friendly. This hood delivers a lot of power for an experienced home chef. The touch sensitive keypad with blue LED lights gives the user complete control over the settings.

-Stainless steel (brushed finish)

-Four speed levels

-Stainless steel baffle filter

-900 CFM centrifugal blower

-Touch sensitive keypad with blue LED lights

-Two 20W LED lights

-30 hours cleaning reminder

-One-year limited factory warranty

Note, these models can function as ducted or ductless range hoods. They can be converted to ductless with a re-circulating kit that is oftentimes used in apartment homes in which ductwork cannot be installed.

If you have questions about these under cabinet range hoods model, call us at 1-800-914-9775. Our team is available seven days a week to assist you in choosing the range hood model for your kitchen design.

Top Kitchen Renovation Tips for Beginners

This guest blog is written by Damian Wolf, an experienced DIYer and blogger.

It is commonly believed that if you wish to redecorate or refresh a room in your house or flat that you need to spend a lot of money. Yes, there are a lot of elements and items that cost a pretty penny, but did you know you can save quite a lot in other areas? In addition, a lot people are overlooking the fact that you can pull off a lot more with what you already have if you use your imagination. In order to avoid spending too much money, follow these tips on what to pay attention to; who knows, maybe you will think of something even more ideas along the way.


In order to successfully use the space at your disposal, plan ahead. You don’t want to end up in a cramped kitchen, where you will collide with your family members. On the other hand, you probably do not need a huge kitchen in which you can play football. Find a middle ground, and be sure that there is enough space to function properly. If you lack space, think smart and use every inch. Built-in elements and cabinets that go into the ceiling are good for storage that takes advantage of every free area you have available.


The kitchen is a place where you will be working, and therefore, your kitchen should have quality lighting. One source of light is often not enough, so installing more lighting is an excellent solution. Choose lights that are easy to mount at eye level and that have a low heat signature. Your kitchen will be a hot place anyway, so you will wish to reduce heating sources as much as possible. Also, choose lights that save energy, which means they will also save you money in the long run.

Power Sources

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances require sources of electricity. Be sure that there are enough power sources and that they are evenly spread out on a fuse system. Thus, if something happens, the whole kitchen won’t be left without power. And another tip: be sure to have a few plugs above your countertop, because you will be using blenders, mixers and other countertop appliances. Also, dishwashers require a water source, so don’t forget about this too.


A lot of people neglect this important category, so be sure that you are not among them. Buying a few smoke and gas leakage detectors is not something that will empty your wallet, but it can save lives in return. In addition, mind the electricity system, and never spare money here. Fuses must be in order, so they can serve their purpose.

Reuse or Replace?

If you are completely redecorating your kitchen, avoid using old elements. They have served their due, and maybe it is time to replace them. Follow local stores, if they have sales going on, or you can always hop to the Internet, and find something interesting there. However, if you wish to reuse your favourite cabinet, a simple paint job and lacquering will do the trick.

Air and Smells

Naturally, during the cooking process, the smells from frying food and the steam from boiling food cannot be avoided. But, they can be controlled. A quality air system will draw out all of the steam and smells, so you don’t need to bathe after each meal. Also, steam creates moisture on the walls of the kitchen, and this can weaken them; it may cause cracks, which can be much more expensive to resolve later on.


Spills, splashes and drips are common in the kitchen, so you will need quality flooring. Parquet may be a beautiful choice, but is out of the question, because wood does not do well in humid surroundings. Think of ceramic tiles, for these are easy to maintain and are available in huge variety of colours, patterns and sizes. Ask the salesman if they have rough surfaced tiles; they will provide better traction and will be less slippery when wet.

Personal Touch

To stamp your kitchen as your own, you will need something of your own design. For example, nice curtains and ceiling fixtures in your favourite colors will bring out your personality. Play with colors and designs to open up the space even more and to draw out distinctive impressions.

So, with everything said considered, you now need to think about what you wish to change in your kitchen, and just stick to the plan. You will see that rewards will be multiplied when you manage to combine something nice with something useful.

Author: Damian Wolf is a writer and passionate DIY hobbyist. He mostly writes about home DIY projects, and all topics in home improvement. Damian is also a tools collector, who uses Gasweld online tools shop add power tool pieces to his collection.

Home Remodeling Discussion with Finecraft Contractors

Range Hoods Inc sat down with Finecraft Contractors, Inc. to discuss home remodeling trends. Finecraft Contractors is a general, independent contracting company. It has been in business for the past thirty years and renovates and builds homes in the Washington, D.C. area. Their projects have been featured in a variety of publications. Finecraft Contractors has proven their quality and service over and over in their award-winning projects.


Range Hoods Inc: What makes Finecraft stand out while being compared to other contracting companies?

Niko: “Because details matter most,” is the motto of our company and we take it very seriously. As customers become accustomed to their new homes and/or remodel, the small details become more and more noticeable.

When people sit down in their living rooms, or family rooms, and start looking closely at the space their contractor put together, if the care and dedication isn’t put into the details, then they will notice that, and they won’t feel happy with their home.

At Finecraft, we understand this; thus, we put care and attention to detail in every step of the process to ensure our customers can enjoy their new home to the fullest. We want them to think of their home as a comfortable and quality space. We don’t produce cookie cutter work; we care about the details that make people feel at home and happy with the remodel.

Range Hoods Inc: Please explain the steps of the remodeling process you use with clients?

Niko: This video explains the process: www.finecraftcontractors.com/about/home-remodel-estimates/.

The steps include an initial meeting with plans and an estimate, a pre-construction meeting and a schedule. We want the client to be in control and to feel free to make changes (when time allows). We want the client to be happy with the end product and to have creative control. Even beyond the project, we don’t completely disappear. We want them to know we’re here for them.

Range Hoods Inc: What does your company do to make families more comfortable during their remodel?

Niko: We put forth our best effort to keep the home livable. We don’t want to force families to leave during a remodel because we know it can be expensive to temporarily move out of the home. Other times, people don’t want to overstay their welcome if they’re staying with family. It can also be difficult to relocate with children.

During a kitchen remodel, we will often set up a temporary kitchen for the family on the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

We also try to make the family comfortable by closing up the doorways to the kitchen. This keeps the dust from going into the rest of the house and makes it seem like we’re not there. We like them to continue living in their space without having their lives interrupted.

Range Hoods Inc: What is the kitchen trend that people ask you for the most?

Niko: It really differs from project to project, and it depends on the style of the kitchen we’re working on. However, open kitchen is a big trend we’re seeing right now. In an open kitchen, the kitchen is integrated into the rest of the house instead of being closed off. This encourages people to spend time together while preparing meals and eating.

Learn more at www.finecraftcontractors.com.