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To Dim Or Not – Range Hood Lights

august 3

Every high quality range hood comes equipped with lights. It’s a good thing, too. Imagine whipping up a meal in the near dark. Typical kitchen lighting just doesn’t give off enough light to reach the stove area. Of course, if your stovetop is installed in the middle of a kitchen island, then you probably have the light problem beat. For most of us, though, that extra bit of a lighting is a huge help.

The lights installed on a range hood have a very specific purpose. They help to direct a sufficient level of light right onto the stovetop. If your kitchen is large and bright, you might find that you don’t need to use the light feature. In most kitchens, though, turning on the range hood light while cooking helps to brighten up the space. Some of our older range hoods did come with a dimming feature, but our new hoods won’t. We found that many people preferred the single option of a bright, white light. The single fixed setting also makes it easier to replace the bulb with an LED or other bulb of your choice.

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