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Check Out These Spring Deals On Range Hoods

mar. 7

I have been going on and on about the fact that we are now in the official month of spring. Not only am I thrilled to be looking forward to the summer heat, I love the fact that everything seems to be on sale right now.

Now is the time to look at completely renovating or simply upgrading the kitchen. Start with the range hood.

Have you replaced your old electric range with a gas range? Do you find yourself cooking more or less than you used to? Is your current range hood looking a little worse for wear?

Use the Promo Code to get up to 30% off of select range hoods. The discounts vary, so take your time checking them out.

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Tips On How To Celebrate May Day All Week

Photo: earthsky.org

Happy May Day!

Don’t you think today should be National holiday? That would be a great way to start this fabulous month of May! Full of the promise of warmth, sunshine, and blooms, there’s so much to love about May.

May Day has a long history tracing all the way back to Europe in the Middle Ages. If you could transport yourself back to that time and place, you’d see that every village had its own Maypole. Why May 1st? According to the science of astronomy, May 1st sits exactly midway between an equinox and a solstice. So, the festival celebrates the fact that the days are growing longer and warmer at this time of year.

How do you celebrate the merry month of May? I found this absolutely adorable (and no doubt delicious) recipe for Maypole Cake courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Photo: marthastewart.com

Find the recipe here.

Since we here at Range Hoods Inc are all about kitchens, you know I’m going to have to say something about that, too. Spring is a fabulous time to take a look at your kitchen and launch a refresh. Are you going to knock out a few walls and dive into a full-blown renovation? Or perhaps this room that doubles as the heart of the home just needs a new coat of paint. If you’re in need of new appliances, check out our sale on fabulous range hoods here.