The Best Books For The Kitchen

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The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. It’s where we nourish our bodies with great food. It’s where we nourish our souls with the company of friends and family. Here’s one you might not have thought of. The kitchen is also where we nourish our minds.

Most kitchens are graced by the presence of books. But, the question is, what kind of books live there. If your kitchen looks anything like mine, you’ll have cookbooks piled up on the countertop, on top of the fridge, or maybe they’re lined up nicely on a bookshelf beside the microwave.

Tell me what your go-to cookbooks are? Here are some of the best three cookbooks that will have you back in the kitchen cooking up a storm:

  • Slow Cooker Revolution America’s Test Kitchen I love this reinvention of the slow cooker. This book has a variety of recipes made great by the fact that the authors have gone to great lengths to ensure that every dish is as flavorful as possible.
  • Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes Yotam Ottolenghi This Israel-born, London-residing chef knows a thing or two about getting the most out of vegetables.
  • Momofuku David Chang and Peter Meehan Looking for something a little different than the usual? This one’s for you. These restaurant recipes are easy to reproduce at home and are sure to impress.

As I suggested above, the kitchen is also the perfect place to feed the mind. Here are some of the best fiction and non-fiction books to read in the kitchen while you’re waiting for your fabulous meal to cook.

  • Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly Anthony Bourdain Written by a chef who’s been a fixture in the industry for decades, Bourdain reveals the alien world in which top chefs exist.
  • The Belly of Paris Emile Zola Set within the changing society of Paris in 1851, Zola introduces us to Florent Quenu who embarks on a journey to find himself and come to understand a Paris he no longer recognizes within a setting of food markets, restaurants and the wonderful cuisine of France.
  • Eat Cake Jeanne Ray If you ever wondered about the power of food to heal, this novel may be just what you need to convince you. The story details the ups and downs of a family, and how the mom deals with it all by baking treats.

Over to you: What are your favorite books for the kitchen?

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