The Internet of Things Range Hoods


The Internet of Things is an amazing concept. It basically boils down to outfitting appliances of various sorts with computers so that they become more functional, more convenient, and even more helpful. There are fridges with technology that allows them to sense what’s stored within, then suggest recipes that use those ingredients. There are vacuums that can be turned on or off when you’re not home by clicking a command on your smart phone. Now, the internet of things has been applied to range hoods.

The robots are not coming. They’re already here!

Sakura, a supplier of appliances based in Taiwan, is experimenting with internet-connected range hoods, water heaters, and other home-based appliances. Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Reversomatic, and other manufacturers have been experimenting with smart range hoods, too. So far, these range hoods are fully automatic. They’re embedded with heat and smoke sensors, and will cycle through low, medium, and high settings according to how much heat and smoke are being produced. Smart ranges run only when they’re needed, starting and stopping automatically, making them energy efficient, too. Some of them even come with an alarm that will sound if the food is smoking too much and is beginning to burn.

Over to you: Would a smart appliance make cooking more convenient?


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