This Is The Best Type Of Filter For Your Range Hood

August 7

There are really just two types of range hoods. There are chimney-style range hoods and filter-style range hoods.

The chimney-style range hoods do not require any sort of filter. They come with fans and plates that absorb steam, grease and odor and whisk it all away. However, that’s not to say that chimney-style range hoods never need to be cleaned. They do. Which pieces detach for easy cleaning depends entirely on the specific model. If you have a chimney-style range hood, consult your owner’s manual or contact our Support Team for help.

Filter-style range hoods do, as the description suggests, require a filter. There are particular kinds of filters that fit each range hood. But you don’t need to worry about choosing incorrectly. The right filters come with your range hood when you buy it. Some models use aluminum mesh filters while other models use stainless steel baffle filters. In each case, the filters are quick and easy to clean, and clear instructions are included in the owner’s manual.

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