Top Kitchen Renovation Tips for Beginners

This guest blog is written by Damian Wolf, an experienced DIYer and blogger.

It is commonly believed that if you wish to redecorate or refresh a room in your house or flat that you need to spend a lot of money. Yes, there are a lot of elements and items that cost a pretty penny, but did you know you can save quite a lot in other areas? In addition, a lot people are overlooking the fact that you can pull off a lot more with what you already have if you use your imagination. In order to avoid spending too much money, follow these tips on what to pay attention to; who knows, maybe you will think of something even more ideas along the way.


In order to successfully use the space at your disposal, plan ahead. You don’t want to end up in a cramped kitchen, where you will collide with your family members. On the other hand, you probably do not need a huge kitchen in which you can play football. Find a middle ground, and be sure that there is enough space to function properly. If you lack space, think smart and use every inch. Built-in elements and cabinets that go into the ceiling are good for storage that takes advantage of every free area you have available.


The kitchen is a place where you will be working, and therefore, your kitchen should have quality lighting. One source of light is often not enough, so installing more lighting is an excellent solution. Choose lights that are easy to mount at eye level and that have a low heat signature. Your kitchen will be a hot place anyway, so you will wish to reduce heating sources as much as possible. Also, choose lights that save energy, which means they will also save you money in the long run.

Power Sources

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances require sources of electricity. Be sure that there are enough power sources and that they are evenly spread out on a fuse system. Thus, if something happens, the whole kitchen won’t be left without power. And another tip: be sure to have a few plugs above your countertop, because you will be using blenders, mixers and other countertop appliances. Also, dishwashers require a water source, so don’t forget about this too.


A lot of people neglect this important category, so be sure that you are not among them. Buying a few smoke and gas leakage detectors is not something that will empty your wallet, but it can save lives in return. In addition, mind the electricity system, and never spare money here. Fuses must be in order, so they can serve their purpose.

Reuse or Replace?

If you are completely redecorating your kitchen, avoid using old elements. They have served their due, and maybe it is time to replace them. Follow local stores, if they have sales going on, or you can always hop to the Internet, and find something interesting there. However, if you wish to reuse your favourite cabinet, a simple paint job and lacquering will do the trick.

Air and Smells

Naturally, during the cooking process, the smells from frying food and the steam from boiling food cannot be avoided. But, they can be controlled. A quality air system will draw out all of the steam and smells, so you don’t need to bathe after each meal. Also, steam creates moisture on the walls of the kitchen, and this can weaken them; it may cause cracks, which can be much more expensive to resolve later on.


Spills, splashes and drips are common in the kitchen, so you will need quality flooring. Parquet may be a beautiful choice, but is out of the question, because wood does not do well in humid surroundings. Think of ceramic tiles, for these are easy to maintain and are available in huge variety of colours, patterns and sizes. Ask the salesman if they have rough surfaced tiles; they will provide better traction and will be less slippery when wet.

Personal Touch

To stamp your kitchen as your own, you will need something of your own design. For example, nice curtains and ceiling fixtures in your favourite colors will bring out your personality. Play with colors and designs to open up the space even more and to draw out distinctive impressions.

So, with everything said considered, you now need to think about what you wish to change in your kitchen, and just stick to the plan. You will see that rewards will be multiplied when you manage to combine something nice with something useful.

Author: Damian Wolf is a writer and passionate DIY hobbyist. He mostly writes about home DIY projects, and all topics in home improvement. Damian is also a tools collector, who uses Gasweld online tools shop add power tool pieces to his collection.

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