Where to Mount a Range Hood

Where you mount the kitchen range hood depends upon the type of range hood you are purchasing and the type of range hood needed in your kitchen. Wall mount range hoods are mounted on a wall above a range that sits against a wall in the kitchen. On the other hand, some range hoods are mounted under the cabinet above the range (under cabinet range hoods) and other range hoods are mounted above a range on a kitchen island (island range hoods).

Wall mount range hoods are generally mounted 18 to 31 inches above the cooking surface. They frequently have a chimney to hide the duct work as well. The same is true for island range hoods, which are mounted from the ceiling and hang over the kitchen island. Under cabinet range hoods are mounted 21 to 27 inches above the cooking surface, depending upon the model’s specifications.

Look at the installation manual and specifications diagrams for the range hood units you are considering; also check the height of the chimney in comparison with the ceiling in your kitchen. If the chimney is too short, you can purchase a chimney extension for your wall mount range hood or island range hood.

Remember that the farther away from the range you mount the range hood, the more powerful it should be to compensate so that it still ventilates the air properly. CFMs are the units that measure the power of the range hood; CFM stands for cubic feet for minute and describes how much air the range hood is able to move.

However you mount the hood, be sure that the hood’s width covers the entire cooking surface with additional space on each side. Also be sure that the range hood covers all of the burners on the cooking surface. This will ensure that the range hood is able to ventilate air coming up from the cooking surface.

Choosing the duct work may also play a role in how you choose to mount the range hood. All types of range hoods ventilate air to the outside of the home through duct work, unless you are installing a ductless range hood. Wall mount range hoods have duct work leading from the hood, through the wall or ceiling and to the outside of the home. Under cabinet range hoods work in the same manner. Sometimes this duct work is hidden in a cabinet, instead of with a telescopic chimney. Longer duct work may be needed with an island range hood.

You may choose to install a ductless range hood with a re-circulating kit. These range hoods will re-circulate filtered air back into your kitchen. People sometimes choose this option to avoid installing duct work or because they cannot install duct work where they live. (Note that ductless range hoods are better than no range hood but are not as efficient as ducted range hoods.) These range hoods are mounted in the same fashion but do not use duct work.

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