How to Clean a Kitchen Range Hood

The job of a kitchen range hood is to vent unwanted air pollution in the kitchen to the outside of the home. This can be quite a dirty job, and as a result, range hoods need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the hood regularly ensures that it functions well, without grease blocking the filters and slowing down the fan. It also means it will be easier to clean between cleanings, because less grease and dirt will have built up in the inside and outside of the unit.

First, make sure the unit is powered off when you are cleaning it. You do not want to cause damage to the unit or injure yourself. Wait for the unit to cool down before proceeding.

The outside of your range hood may be covered in grease if it has not been cleaned in a long time. This is one reason to clean it regularly: so it looks good! Always use a non-abrasive cleaner, or a cleaner specifically made for use on stainless steel, on the exterior of the range hood. Never use an abrasive material to clean stainless steel; use non-abrasive rags or sponges. You can wipe down the exterior of the range hood using a stainless steel cleaner, green degreaser or warm soap and water. You can wipe away the cleaner with a water soaked non-abrasive material.

Note that you should never spray cleaning solution directly into the interior of the range hood. Always spray your cleaner on the cleaning sponge or rag. This will prevent cleaner from damaging interior components. Wipe the fan blades clean and wipe them dry. Use soap and water or a green degreaser to clean the inside of the range hood.

The filters for the range hood can be cleaned, but it depends on which type of filter you are using. If your filters are dishwasher-friendly, as some aluminum and baffle filters are, you can remove them from the range hood and run them through your dishwasher. Wait for the filters to dry and put them back in the range hood. Alternatively, you can soak the filters in a solution of water and degreaser or boiling water and baking soda. (Take care to slowly add baking soda to boiling water.) Rinse the filters and let them dry before putting them back in the hood.

Charcoal filters must be replaced; they cannot be cleaned. You can clean the metal case for the charcoal filters by soaking them, drying them and putting them back in the range hood with a new filter. Charcoal filters are generally used with range hoods that filter and re-circulate air without venting it to the outside.

Don’t forget to clean the light bulbs on your range hood. When the range hood is turned off and the light bulbs are cool, you can clean the light bulbs and the socket where the light bulb fits into the hood. Additionally, if your range hood has been in use for a long time and it vents air to the outside, it’s a good idea to check the state of the vent. If grease accumulates there it may prevent the hood from working properly. You may need to contact a professional for help with cleaning the vent. The better you care for your product, the better it will work for you. Plan to clean your range hood on a regular basis like you do with the rest of your kitchen.

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